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Monday, September 26, 2011

CTGOP Fundraiser: Who supported it and who didn't!

CTGOP State Central
Members are a sad,
shameful bunch.
As promised, I'm going to list the names of the Connecticut Republican State Central Members who showed up and supported the critical fundraiser for CTGOP which was held Friday night in Avon, Connecticut.  I'm also going to list the names of the State Central Members who were no-shows for this all-important event.

But before I list the names, I feel a need to provide some context around this post because its apt to be called just another controversial rant by The King which will probably result the usual cry-babies (who hold these elected posts) whining in the attempt to deflect their accountability by crying "foul".  Let's provide a little transparency to problems that are preventing us from being a single, consolidated organization ready to battle the Democrats.

Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. won and all-important election this past June, earning the majority vote to become the next CTGOP Chairman.  The vote was fair, and the results were decisive enough to lack controversy - and it was expected that for the good of the Party, the CTGOP members would rally around Jerry and help to forge a new beginning for Connecticut's faltering Republican Party.

Being as it may, this thinking never crossed the minds of several State Central members who had already decided to put vendettas and selfish motives ahead of the concerns and needs of Connecticut Residents.  It's the agenda of certain members to not only skip out on helping the Party be successful, but to willfully sabotage Jerry's efforts to unify the Party.  It takes a sick mind to sit in the back of the room, and conspire with one another to block and hinder the new Chairman's efforts.  Without a doubt, Jerry should take this group of malcontents on directly, and ask them to either change their behavior, or resign.  If you didn't join State Central to physically get off your arse and help get Republicans elected, than you have no business being on the Committee.

Evidence of collusion against the Chairman is abundant.  Let's begin with the obvious.

With barely $40K in the bank, and struggling to keep the lights on at CTGOP headquarters, Jerry sought ideas and support from State Central members to find ways to help raise funds to pay operating expenses.  The result of his request for ideas brought little to no response.  Of the 78 members, who sit (and fill themselves with food, and network prior to meetings), no one could come up with a single idea on how to tackle the issue of expenses, and/or fundraising.  Some have the audacity to believe that generating new fundraising ideas is the sole responsibility of the "fundraising staff member" and no one else's.

After seeing Jerry's frustration with the collective brain-power of State Central members, two members of the Republican Party (unelected to any formal post) came up with the idea to throw the fundraiser "Good Luck Back" - food, beer, wine and music all for $50 bucks.  A simple idea that could yield a big pay day for CTGOP - while having a lot of fun.  At minimum, if everyone on State Central had done their part, and either donated a few dollars, or sold tickets to their friends, fellow RTC members, or Republican Clubs then the event would have been a far-greater success (rain not withstanding) than it was.

Jerry asked, if not pleaded with members to help out.  Instead of rallying to the Party's cause, most State Central Members simply dug their heels in and did nothing. And several downright worked to sabotage the event. 

First, few members actually purchased tickets. And some members refused to take up the gauntlet, and sell tickets, or talk about the event. Certain members were hand-delivered packages of tickets and asked to help, and (*snip* names omitted in final draft *snip*) these folks shamefully took the tickets and tossed them away.  Others were asked to make a few phone calls to help promote the event, and those people refused to make calls (or simply blew off the request and came up with a dozen excuses why they couldn't help).  So here we have 78 State Central Members bitching about unimportant gossip, and doing NOTHING to help save the CTGOP from financially dissolving into bankruptcy.  It's beyond pathetic, and its hurtful to not only the CTGOP but to Connecticut residents who wish to see some level of opposition to an under-challenged Democrat Party.  Everyone on State Central knows the financial problem, you would think people would ask: How can I help?  Instead, people run from the work!

And I have to say - it didn't help matters that Linda McMahon completely disregarded the fact that the CTGOP and our State Chairman had calendared this all important event two months in advance, and she decided she would run a competing event ON THE SAME NIGHT that the CTGOP held its all important fundraiser. 

Linda McMahon and her staff were well aware of the fundraiser because Linda was invited to attend.  There is no excuse whatsoever for her actions.  It was not merely a mistake, or an error in judgement, it is that she is NOT a team player, and in fact - she likely scheduled the opening of her campaign office with the intention of competing with the CTGOP; a form of a power-play for its members.  Again, Linda could have opened her campaign office on ANY day on the calendar but instead chose the same day that the CTGOP fundraiser was scheduled.  And Jerry Labriola should take note of McMahon's attempted sabotage of his event.  It's a disgrace. 

On so many levels, the lack of support, and the attendance of some State Central Members at Linda's event is an absolute embarrassment to the Party. These people have clearly made a mockery out of the public who have trusted, and elected State Central Representatives to their posts.

It's understood that Avon isn't located dead center in Connecticut.  And we also understand that you wouldn't expect State Central members who reside in the far-corners of the State to travel two-hours to make the event.  But, we would expect those members who are within only 45, 30, or even 20 minutes to have made the effort to show up and support the CTGOP. 

And don't get cranky with me for exposing a core problem with this Party - which is the unprecedented level of laziness, and an overall lack of collaboration and team work.  Registered Republicans in Connecticut are sick to death of State Central, to the point where the organization has no real value.  They are tired of seeing so many long-time, bottom feeders who win their privileged seat at the decision table through cronyism and popularity contests.  Never has the State Republican Party been as ineffectual and useless as it is today.  Even our Connecticut media just about feels sorry for us because we can barely muster enough unity to put up a good fight.

So who did bother to show up and support this critical event?  Are you ready?  Only FIVE elected State Central Committee Members bothered to show up.  These good folks are:

Corey Brinson, District 1: Hartford
Christian Hoheb, District 5, Farmington
Richard Tutuijian, District 8: Barkhamstead
Lisa Wilson-Foley , District 8: Simsbury (Candidate, CT-5)
Adam Grippo, District 13: Cheshire

Also special recognition of the following individuals who came to support/or speak at this event:

Hon. Christopher Shays, Bridgeport (likely US Senate Candidate)
Martha Dean, Avon (former Atty Gen Candidate)
Mike Clark, Farmington (Candidate, CT-5)
Justin Clark, West Hartford (CTGOP Party Legal Counsel)
Mark Greenberg, Avon (Candidate, CT-5)
Brian K. Hill, Windsor (US Senate Candidate)
Hon. Jason McCoy, Vernon (US Senate Candidate)
Daria Novak, Madison (Candidate, CT-2)
Herb Shephardson, West Hartford (former CTGOP Party Chairman)
Ron Wilcox, Fairfield (State Coordinator Tea Party Patriots)
Art Mocabee, Bristol (Congressional Coordinator)

And now for the list of those who didn't attend:

Barbara Ruhe, District 1, Wethersfield
Sonya Dean, District 2, Windsor
Michael McGarry, District 2, Hartford
Christopher Davis, District 3, Ellington
Kevin McCann, District 3, South Windsor
Gerald Dierman, District 4, Manchester
Jen Harvey, District 4, Bolton
Allen Hoffman, District 5, West Hartford
Erin Stewart, District 6, New Britain
Scott Veley, District 6, Kensington
Eric Remington, District 7, Suffield
William Ballard, District 7, Enfield
Mark Pappa, District 8, Newington
Enzo Faienza, District 8, Cromwell
Albert Calandro, Jr. District 9, West Haven
Melissa Papntones, District 9, New Haven
Matthew Corcoran, District 10, Hamden
Marlene Napolitano, District 11, New Haven
Tom Banish, District 12, Madison
Cindy Cartier, District 12, Guilford
Jim Belote, District 13, Meriden
Richard Dowin, District 14, Milford
Doris Knight, District 14, Orange
Katherine Ernsky, District 15, Naugatuck
Jeffery Santopietro, District 15, Waterbury
Doug Hageman, District 16, Marion
Dennis Cleary, District 16, Wolcott
Chuck Pyne, District 17, Woodbridge
Patricia Fers, District 17, Ansonia
Jane Dauphinais, District 18, Groton
Paul Madonna, District 18, Griswold
Jonathan Gilman, District 19, Gilman
Diane Generous, District 19, Baltic
Michael Doyle, District 20, New London
Margaret Jane DeRisio, District 20, Old Lyme
Christopher Silhavey, District 21, Stratford
Gary DeFilippo, District 21, Shelton
Carl Massaro, Jr., District 22, Trumbull
Linda Grace, District 22, Bridgeport
Michael Garrett, District 23, Bridgeport
Joseph Borges, Jr., District 23, Bridgeport
Arthur Mannion, District 24, Danbury
Mayor Mark Boughton, District 24, Danbury
Art Scialabba, District 25, Norwalk (and CTGOP Party Secretary!!)
Laurie Williamson, District 25, Darien
Timothy Wetmore, District 26, Westport
Alex Karsanidi, Sr. District 25, Ridgefield
Eva Maldonado, District 27, Stamford
Michael Jachimczyk, District 27, Stamford
Stanley Morten, District 28, Fairfield
Robert Hall, District 28, Newtown
Michael Struzik, District 29, Danielson
Luther Thurlow, District 29, Canterbury
Virginia Landgrebe, District 30, New Milford
John Morris, District 30, Norfolk
Tim Bobroske, Disrict 31, Harwington
Gary Schaffrick, District 31, Bristol (and CTGOP Party Treasurer!!)
Ronald Pizzarelli, District 32, Roxbury
Kie Westby, District 32, Southbury
Neil Nichols, District 33, Essex
Cindy Varricchio, District 33, Portland
Michael Vitali, District 34, Wallingford
Arthur DeSorbo, District 34, East Haven
Wild Bill Jenkins, District 35, Chaplin
William Faletti, Jr., District 35, Ashford
Edwin Greenberg, District 36, Stamford
Edward Dadakis, District 36, Greenwich
Rep. John Frey (Delegate)
Pat Longo (Delegate)
Rep. Themis Klarides (CTGOP Vice Chairman)

Pretty disappointing group if you look at the list of those who traveled afar to attend, and those who couldn't be bothered to travel 15 minutes to make an appearance.  That's assuming they actually ever considered attending.

You have to really wonder just what's in store at the next State Republican Convention.  Will Chris Healy continue to steal Labriola's thunder by holding his own media press conferences like he did at Linda McMahon's Senate run announcement?  Or will he run a shadow convention out of a back room somewhere in basement of the Convention Center?  And will these same so-called representatives of their districts have their delegate votes for sale just like they did during our last convention? 

Will backroom deals prevail?  Will candidates be allowed to speak?  Or maybe we'll be lucky and not raise enough funds to open a convention - at this rate, the later seems most likely.  With this same group of 78 wandering around, you have to really wonder what kind of controls Jerry will need to put in place to keep the convention ethical.

There will be other fundraising opportunities that will emerge in different parts of the State.  State Central members get an embarrassing "F Grade" on this one.  Do you think maybe there might be a few of you that could take the Chairman's message to heart, and ask how you can help?  Or should we just save our energy and the few bucks we have and close up shop and say forget it?  Will a few real activists, please stand up?! 

Lastly, will at least those elected Officers of the CTGOP please support your Chairman and Party?  It's pretty pitiful when the Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer are no-shows at a CTGOP event. But, you guys already know that, don't you?



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The King said...

Errors and Omissions:

Jane Dauphinais, District 18, Groton purchased a ticket to the fundraiser.

Pat Longo was in the hospital. Please pray for her recovery.

John Frey is working on his own CTGOP fundraiser. Details should be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

I can only state why I did not go. Chris Shays was featured as a keynote speaker- Mr Democrat light. Why would I go support these chumps who have never fought for anybody? I wouldn't. More conservative candiates and sepakers would have produced a better outcome. Looks like Doug has left the King cold after the king threw his support behind the mighty Hagamen. When will you guys learn that if you elect these same people you always have you will get the same outcome-not a whole lot of change has happened despite all the bloviating has it?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Traditionally the state party doesn't compete with local town committees for the finite number of Republican donor dollars out there between July and mid-November in odd numbered years as those years, like this one, are municipal election cycles.

Currently CT has no Constitutional Officers, nor any member of Congress or the U.S. Senate.

However thanks to the efforts of our Town Committees, Republicans do control about 100 cities & towns including some rather unlikely ones where by registration, the GOP is seriously outnumbered such as:
and it looks likely that we'll be adding Waterbury to the list this November too.

We should be offering help and/or doing whatever we can do that we're asked to, to help our municipal candidates.
We should not competing with them for funds.

The state party's been in debt before, and while that's not a desirable situation it would be preferable to our competing over donor dollars with those that have proven to have a better track record than we (the state party) do as it regards winning elections.

Anonymous said...

"I can only state why I did not go. Chris Shays was featured as a keynote speaker"

Actually he wasn't. Why don't you get your facts straight before you start making excuses.

I love how hageman is saying to not compete with fudnraising for town committees. Well Doug, you are on my town committee and you don't do jack sh!t!

Anonymous said...

The only ads I had seen for this event featured Chris Shays so it was a logical conclusion that he was the keynote speaker- that is not an excuse that was an error on the part of people promoting this fundraiser- speaking for myself that was what turned me off from going.That and the CT GOP never endorses anybody I actually think is worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this "ad" you speak if because if you look at the tickets and flyer from ctgop he is listed on neither.