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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Komisarjevsky Must Die

If The King had his way, Lady Justice
would unleash her sword across the
neck of Komisarjevksy, who deserves
no less
In Connecticut, the world of politics became irrelevant this week.  Sure, Linda McMahon was out prancing around with her announcement of a second (doomed) entry into the Senate race, and other politicos took to the airwaves and public halls making their cases about how they had the perfect plan to save the world from Obama, Democrats, Hurricanes, and anything else deemed an enemy to mankind.

But all of this pretentious hoopla was eclipsed by the only thing that seems to really matter to residents of the Nutmeg State - the only thing on everyone's mind - the trial of murderer-rapist, Joshua Komisarjevsky.

I admit, I've been watching the trial from afar - via Twitter. I don't have the luxury of time to slink down to Courtroom 6A and watch the proceedings first hand. And I'm not sure that I could handle the stress of sitting there only a few feet from one of the most vile, and disgusting pieces of **** that Connecticut has ever produced.  I think I'd be at risk for getting arrested for cussing him out - or worse.  If not for what he is, but for how he acts in open court.

I've been reading the 140 character sound-bytes of reporters, wanna-be reporters, Petit supporters, and activists for and against the death penalty using the infamous #Komis hashtag.  Most days start off with reporters making small talk to pass the time, tweeting about bagels, participant's apparel choices (the tweeters are mostly women), long lines, and the unfair seating process.  Blah, blah, blah! By ten o'clock, most of the nonsense ceases and we get on with the business at hand.

Komisarjevsky's attorney, Jeremiah Donovan, is the chief antagonist of the proceedings.  He is here for two reasons - for the grand publicity of defending one of the most notorious villains in Connecticut's history, and to pursue his life-long ambition to end the death penalty.  Some also feel he's taken this case for the sport of trying to defend an admitted murderer-rapist from facing the death sentence that the rest of the world feels he so justly deserves. For Jeramiah - seeing Komisarjevsky get life in prison without parole would be a win and a half, and valued achievement.

It's to that end that he (and his cronies, Bussert and others) are hated and loathed by the majority in attendance in Room 6A, and by the majority in the Twitterverse-at-large.  People who know Donovan say he is exactly what you see, on and off the clock - a cocky, mean-spirited, hateful, derelict who is cheap, shrewd, and spiteful to the last.  His own colleagues within the legal community say he makes old Ebenezer Scrooge look charming and kind.  Donovan has no conscience and no heart.  He's a cold, empty vassal devout of feeling, and incapable of love, or humanity. By these references by those closest to him, it's no wonder that he leaped at the opportunity to take this case.  He's unmoved by the facts (and omissions), but motivated by the contest.  A rather shallow position given that he knowingly sits in the courtroom only 20 feet away from a father, a  sister, and a grandfather who lost all that they knew and loved - at the hands of his client.

Once you understand the man, it's easy to understand his strategy, and how natural it is for him to pursue his agenda.  It's his job to deflect, block, hinder, obstruct, confuse, disorientate, distract,  delay, object, and derail the process.  This means using every and any tool at his disposal to "win" the case.  It's not about justice or fairness (as he claims), those are just pawn words to throw out to give the illusion that he's passionate for his client's rights.  Phooey!  He'll say and do anything to make a spectacle, and as witnessed by all - sadly, even mock the Petit's and those in pursuit of real justice for the Petit-Hawke family during this trial.

The past three days we've seen evidence of his scheme.  First, he worked to deny Dr. Petit the right to attend court because the Jury might see him and feel unwarranted sympathy toward him as a victim in the case (after all, he's only a witness and the sole survivor who lost his wife, children, home, possessions, practice, passion, etc). Second, he complained that many in the audience are wearing these hypnotizing one inch Petit Foundation pins which allegedly garner support against his client (who by the way - murdered, raped, arsoned, burglarized, and did countless other things that can't be written here).  And third, he wanted to have all of the newspaper boxes removed up and down the streets of New Haven - believing they could influence the Jury's opinion.  Of course, and to his credit, Judge John Blue would take none of Donovan's antics seriously.

On Tuesday, Donovan hit a new low.  During his cross-examination of Dr. Petit, he verbally assaulted him with rapid fire questions, trying to cast doubt on his memory of events as they happened.  The audience gasped as Donovan bullied Petit on the stand.  Even if Dr. Petit had brain trauma affecting his memory because Komisarjevsky bashed his head repeatedly with a baseball bat - what evidence or contridiction was material to the assault, rape and murder in question? None.  It was nothing more than an opportunity for Donovan to get his licks in on poor Dr. Petit. Why Prosecutor Dearington didn't not object, I do not understand why.  But God Bless Dr. Petit for keeping his cool and recognizing the devil for what he is.  Dr. Petit didn't take the bait or allow Donovan to draw him into an emotional state.  Dr. Petit is by far, a much better man than I.

This week we've also seen Donovan's weak attempts to make the Chesire police and fire departments look like a bunch of bumbling half-witts who he would have us believe could have fought back 200 degree flames and rescued the family from their fate had they acted more quickly, or competently or what have you - Donovan is trying the whole shift-share blame tactic. And if that wasn't enough, Donovan has tried to manufacture this image of a ghostly third suspect being chased down by police, delaying the rescue. What rubbish!

Well enough about the beady-eyed, disheveled, rent-a-wreck attorney who took the case, let's move on to the real villain of these proceedings.

As long-time followers of the Hayes and Komisarjevsky cases, most of us have the  advantage of knowing much of the detail that has been presented out by the Prosecution in open court.  We know perhaps more than the members of the current Jury know, and have lived though the tears and sadness of what the the previous Jury members have seen and heard.  Bluntly put - we all know, Komisarjevsky is guilty as sin.  This perhaps is why so many people get bent out of shape about the notion of a guilt or innocence phase when Komisarjevsky's guilt is not in question, whatsoever.

Thus far we have heard a somewhat concocted story about how Komisarjevsky, in his mind, disagreed with Hayes about murdering the Petit woman and lighting the home on fire. Calling the 11 year old by her family nickname, getting her a glass of water - all part of a calculated charade to gain her trust, and place doubt in the mind of the Jury as to his extent of guilt. All of this would be an interesting, perhaps sympathetic story had we not learned (linking together pieces of testimony from the Hayes case) that it wasn't just Hayes' DNA (Hayes rape of Jennifer Petit) that they wanted removed from the home, but Komisarjevsky's as well - a detail I expect we will hear about today or Monday. 

The so-called taped confession that we've been hearing in court is nothing more than an age-old technique used by criminals to place blame on other criminals.  Komisarjevsky would have us believe that he was an innocent bystander just standing around with his hands in his pockets, incapable of decision, and at war with himself over the evil schemes of his co-conspirator Steven Hayes.  He claims he eventually spoke up when Hayes mentioned killing the family, "that's not going to happen." How quaint.  How ridiculous.  He knew full well that the recording he made would be played in court one day.  Everything, everything fatal he tells us is strictly the fault of Steven Hayes.  Yeah, we know you want to avoid the death penalty, Joshua - but its too late for that.

I'm still waiting for the part where he heroically fought Steven Hayes on the stairwell, trying to free the children from the burning flames. Yeah, well that's not going to happen, because it never did.  And we may never know the real truth about what happened minute by minute and by whom in that house that night.  But what we do know that three people were murdered in heinous fashion, and the two people responsible for the entire horrific scenario were Hayes and Komisarjevsky.  Period.  The details of the day have no relevance on the outcome; the details are for those merely trying to quench their thirst to solve a good mystery, which is far removed from those of us who seek justice for the Petit-Hawke family.

Komisarjevsky is nothing short of evil.  His diabolical scheming and perverted actions are perhaps the tip of the iceberg when you consider he likely helped orchestrate pouring gasoline on at least two living human beings who he intentionally tied to their beds, and then lighting them on fire as he tried to make his escape.  What story is there to really tell?  What legitimate defense can be made?  What? Splicing and dicing who did what when? Or hearing false testimony about how, in his pathetic little mind, he disagreed with doing this? Or listening to psychologists parse the inner workings of his mind because of a childhood gone wrong?  How thick does the **** have to become before we all realize that every inch of this tragedy was carefully planned and executed as intended.

Stay tuned folks, the worst is yet to come.  Donovan had the entire Hayes case to review and analyze so he could find holes to poke in immaterial inconsistencies, and a large group of anti-Death Penalty lawyers to help him plan out his next steps.  I expect he'll have a few tricks up his sleeve as he conjures a fictitious smoking gun, or pushes for mistrial and mistrial.

Joshua Komisarjevsky is a sexual predator and cold-blooded murderer.  We know it, his defense team knows it, and he knows it.

Putting him to death will be one of the greatest things the State of Connecticut will ever do.

We pray that Dr. William Petit, Hannah Chapman, and the whole Petit family stay strong.  You are in our thoughts and prayers, and we are with you every step of the way.



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