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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McMahon Staffer plays the Allah card...

If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I guess I wouldn't have believed it. 

After consulting with a few people about whether or not I should print this, I've opted to do so with the hope that a certain campaign will CLEAN UP THEIR ACTS moving forward!

I attended a political event a few days ago, and one of Linda McMahon's campaign staffers (no, I'm not going to print her name here) was asked what she thought of Brian K. Hill's entry into the U.S. Senate Race.  The McMahon staffer went on a sarcastic tirade about this and that (mostly making comments about Hill's "inexperience" - go figure on that one), and then in the end made the trite comment... "and he's [Hill] a Muslim anyway."  My jaw dropped to the floor. The other people standing around just sort of went silent.

Now, I honestly don't know if Brian K. Hill is a Muslim or not.  In truth, I've never had the chance to talk with him about his personal lifestyle choices or religious preference.  So if Brian is a Muslim - well good for him - I guess.  But I have to say it's a pretty low brow for one of Linda McMahon's paid staffers to make such a bizarre public comment.  I hear this comment made quite often about President Barack Obama, whom I have little love for - and I have to say it's a bit of an annoyance because there are a thousand and one other points you can make about Obama's policies that will help you win over most Republicans and Independents.  Furthermore, as I've written previously - the derogatory comments about Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith is equally disgraceful (especially when made by fellow Republicans).

I guess my point is that this person who berated Mr. Hill isn't a just another silly blogger, or a comedian, or night-time talk show host - no, she's a representative of Linda McMahon's campaign (and therefore, Linda herself).  If I were Linda I would make an effort to tell her employees to stop this kind of shameful campaigning.  There isn't any reason for it anyway - as she seems to be out in front - at least for now

Brian K. Hill's faith is his own business.  With apologies to him for bringing this out, I hope that smarter minds prevail and we can keep candidate's religion preference out of bounds for criticism or discussion.  Now to be very clear - I'm not saying that I have reason to believe that Linda McMahon is running around discouraging people from supporting Brian Hill because he's a Muslim - that would be pretty extreme.  And Linda is too smart a cookie for that (although I wouldn't put it past some of her campaign staff). But if she doesn't do something about this - she's likely to create another fire that she can't put out.

Let's keep the campaigns issue-focused if we can, people.  And let's make sure paid staffers keep their opinions to themselves.  "...And he's a Muslim anyway" doesn't belong in the conversation.  And let me also tell you this - if the staffer's name finds its way into the press, it's not coming from me.  And if it does become a story in the future, don't say I didn't warn you because the Connecticut media will be all over it like flies on honey.  Linda McMahon as a religious bigot won't win her any points in the Nutmeg State. 

Let's get our people to think twice before making personal comments like this, particularly in public.  Let's not make Chris Murphy's road to the Senate any easier!


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Anonymous said...

I like that you pointed out the fact that Linda as zero experience as an elected official yet her 'staffer" said Brian has no experience either. Don't these people think first? Guess not!

Anonymous said...

Hill is also a strong supporter of the clean convention resolution. This appears to be an isolated incident but the arrogance of Linda's staffers is well known. Linda might be King of The Hill but that does not give her staffers the right to act like spoiled trust fund babies bossing around country club staff. They are going to need everyone's prayers to win.