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Thursday, December 8, 2011

State Central Meeting Follow up, Brian K. Hill, Kie Westby take a stand for Ethics

Several of you have emailed to ask what happened with the three Resolutions when presented at the Connecticut Republican State Central Meeting last Tuesday.  Sometimes, we tend to forget that these meetings, and what happens in them aren't made public - as they should be.  This is another example CTGOPs image problem with its constituency - fear of transparency.

The meeting was well attended with several people turned away from dinner due to lack of seating availability. After much attention was spent recognizing past Republican Candidates, it was time for the motion to be presented.  Just as 9th District's Mark Pappa was about to present the Resolution, another State Central Member - Dennis Cleary rose from his seat and attempted to abruptly table the remainder of the meeting so that the Resolutions could not be presented.  Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. kindly asked Cleary to remove his motion so that, in fairness, the Resolutions could be presented to the State Central Committee.

Mark Pappa presented out the Resolutions in positive and respectful manner giving a brief explanation of their importance to the Party's image state-wide.  As expected, the Resolutions were tabled, and will be discussed and possibly amended or voted on at the next State Central Meeting in January (meeting date not yet scheduled). 

I've received several emails from sources who claim that Cleary is an operative working with others who wish to see the Resolutions squashed, and not debated at all. Some of whom are already on the take. Whether Mr. Cleary is on the take or has relatives working on campaigns as some have suggested is a matter of speculation.   If others have questions about this - I would respectfully ask that they contact Cleary directly.

We should note that before the resolutions were presented, two U.S. Senate Candidates spoke in favor of the adoption of them in front of the State Central audience:  Brian K. Hill of Windsor, and Kie Westby of Southbury.  Both men highlighted the importance of the CTGOP cleaning up its act, and underscored the negative image of our Party given the perception that delegates were bought and paid for in 2010.  Both Hill and Westby have made it clear that these kind of corrupt practices resonate well beyond the Convention Hall, and are represented in the vote tally on Election Day.
Brian Hill also took the issue a step further - by informing the media that he supports the resolutions.  The article that this appeared in the Hartford Courant is reprinted below (without permission but referenced accordingly):

Brian K. Hill: Republican Party Rules Change Proposal "A New Beginning for the CT GOP"


State Republicans won't take up a proposed rules change that seeks to discourage paid delegates from participating in the party's nominating convention for at least another month.
U.S. Sen. candidate Brian K. Hill weighed in on the plan this week, saying it could signal a new era of openness for the party and a fresh chance for "non-establishment candidates" such as himself.
"I agree that changes should be made to ensure a fair and open nomination process free of conflicts of interests,'' Hill told me in an email yesterday.
"It is essential to have public trust in what we do, and we cannot afford to take any chances with the integrity of the Nomination process,'' he added. "I'm also happy that our new CT GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr is setting high ethical standards to level the playing field for non-establishment candidates. Connecticut voters should take note that Republicans are trying to make sure that the 2012 party nominations are not party politics as usual. This is a new beginning for the CT GOP, and hopefully a new beginning for state politics."

The proposal would require delegates that are on a candidate's payroll to disclose the arrangement--perhaps by wearing a badge on the convention floor, under the terms of the proposed rules change. Supporters say it would help the party heal the wounds of the 2010 convention.
You have to applaud Mr. Hill for taking such a stand while others have  formally adopted a "wait and see" attitude.  For everyone's information, there are several candidates and Republican Leaders who were initially offered the opportunity to be leaders and join in as an early advocate, but declined out of fear of retribution by their friends and peers.  Incredibly pathetic. I will not publish those names today, but may consider doing so in the future. 

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