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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Healy Turns Prescott Bush Awards Dinner into a Sham

I admit it.  This piece is a bit late, but still relevant when comes to exposing the endless list of problems at Connecticut Republican Party Headquarters due to the leadership (and I use that term loosely) of Christopher Healy.  With the election for State Chairman coming up in May, it's important that people have the facts about what kind of outfit that the Chris Healy/Catherine Marx team runs.  And here's a preview - this entry is mild compared to the bombshell coming next week.  Now you have something to look forward to.

As everyone knows, CTGOP held its annual Prescott Bush Awards dinner on Saturday, April 9th down in Stamford, Connecticut.  The keynote address was given by Speaker of the House, John Boehner - who this author very much respects and appreciates given the need for solid opposition against the Obama agenda in Washington.   His visit was almost the appearance that never was -  if it weren't for what liberal's have deemed a lack of backbone by President Obama which led to an avoidance of a Federal Government shutdown, and allowed Republicans to put a sizable dent in the Democrat Party's spending spree.  Obviously, it wasn't everything we wanted, but only fool would have expected much more with Barry at the helm.

Jayme Stevenson:
Another Healy lackey
and a liberal Republican
who is as dumb as a rock
I'm sure when both RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Speaker Boehner saw Fundraising Dinner in Connecticut on their calendars, they likely wanted to take a sick day.  You'll recall my post on the nasty email that Chris Healy wrote smearing then-candidate Priebus' character.  And considering the contrast to national election trends in Connecticut under the failed leadership of Chris Healy, Speaker Boehner probably came out of sympathy for our losing lot, but knowing there was some old money to be raked in via the $250 a plate event for Connecticut's dwindling Republican Party.  Let's face it, after Healy went 0-12 in last year's elections, Speaker Boehner's visit was the CTGOP's highlight of the year.

Speaker Boehner had a bite to eat, and then gave a speech lasting only 18-minutes, after which having taken in enough liberal Connecticut stench, and upon seeing Chris Healy's creepy face, had to immediately exit the building - probably to vomit in the parking lot.

In retrospect its was probably a good thing that The Speaker left or else he might have been publicly humiliated by one of the Connecticut GOPs so-called award winners - one of Darien's Selectmen, Jayme Stevenson.  Stevenson is a typical left-wing Connecticut Republican who runs against the grain of the Party by urging Republicans to abandon its conservative principles for those more in line with the Democrat Party.  After winning the 2011 Republican Woman Leadership Award, she said, "It is these very social issues that divide our party from within and create the tipping point for women to remain independent or affiliate with our more liberal friends."  

Can you imagine what Speaker Boehner would have thought if he had to suffer listening to such nonsense?   Think about it - Speaker Boehner and the Republicans in Congress were battling tooth and nail late into the wee hours to keep Planned Parenthood funding out of the Obama budget, and here this - embarrassing so-called Connecticut GOP award winner spews out a call for Connecticut Republicans to become social liberals? Whaaaaat?

She was further quoted as saying, "I am very proud to help further the Common Sense principals of our party and to lay the ground work for continued success in the future."  I don't know what continued success this liberal shrill is talking about, but perhaps she aught to go back and look at the election results from the last election to get a clue about what total failure looks like.  And from the reactions to her pathetic speech, it seems pretty apparent that she is the last person real Connecticut Republicans ever want to hear from again.  Dozens of people who listened to her lecture at the Dinner actually got up and walked out while she urged the GOP to abandon its conservative principles.

Why is this important?

Well, in the first place most people don't know the truth about the awards handed out at the Prescott Bush Dinner so let me let you in on a little secret.  The awards presented to both State Rep. Larry Cafero and Jayme Stevenson are illegitimate, nonsense awards.  The decision on who gets the awards were not voted on by a committee of State Central members, or by some democratic process to determine who is most deserving.  They weren't based on a measurement and evaluation of anyone's hard work or merit, or even by any meaningful process whatsoever.

The awards given out at the Prescott Bush awards are determined solely based on the single opinion of Chairman Christopher Healy, and no one else.  So basically, without any
consultation from Connecticut State Central members, State House Reps, State Senators, or anyone else - Healy takes it upon himself - as if he were some Lord, to pick a few of his friends or those who kissed his arse, and deliver them up an award.  Sort of smells a lot like the way he runs a State Republican Convention, doesn't it?  What an insult to those who threw down $250 a plate. No wonder people were running out of there like the place was on fire.

When you think about it, its not really a surprise that Healy chose to award and elevate a liberal ideologue. He put Stevenson up on a pedestal - so he - through her, could urge Connecticut Republicans to abandon their core conservative principles on issues.  Why else would he let her speak to the crowd and give her free reign to suggest abandoning things like  family values, individual liberty, and constitutional issues, or any other position that could be interpreted as conservative.

So I have to ask - RNC Chairman Priebus - are you really sure you want to send money to Connecticut to help a GOP Chairman like Chris Healy undermine the National Republican agenda, or to use the money to award people like Stevenson who work against us? It's no wonder why normal Connecticut Republicans feel so disenfranchised!

Chris Healy has been the Democrats best ally given his complete incompetence, and steady record as a failed leader.  And given the little award show of his, it doesn't take a genius to see what his agenda really is.  How much longer are we going to allow a saboteur like Chris Healy to drive Connecticut's GOP into the ground?  I guess we'll find out in May if the fix is really in.  Because no one with half-a-brain would let Healy return to the Chairmanship.  Chris Healy is nothing less than a disgrace.

And as for Larry Cafero, and Jayme Stevenson - you two can take your Healy Awards and shove them.  They aren't worth the plastic they were molded out of.  And now - everyone knows that too!   


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Friday, April 15, 2011

Connecticut's new Bysiewicz AG Standard

On Thursday I watched with amazement as the Connecticut General Assembly Judiciary Committee made yet another gaff in it's two-week long war on Connecticut residents.  It was astonishing to witness members pass SB6342 favorably out of committee in a 29-15 vote.  For those who don't know, SB6342 is affectionately referred to by most as the "Bysiewicz Bill" otherwise known in the official record as AN ACT CONCERNING THE QUALIFICATIONS FOR CANDIDATES SEEKING ELECTION TO THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL.

Under the new AG standard, even - say,
Susan Bysiewicz would be qualified.
And that's pretty scary
The bill is highly controversial because it dumbs-down the qualifications for those seeking the office of Attorney General here in Connecticut to the point where just about any book-smart test-taker who's current with their Connecticut Bar fee can now run.  As you'll recall, in the last election cycle - Susan Bysiewicz, was deemed unqualified to run for AG by the Connecticut Supreme Court because she hadn't actively practiced law for 10 years in Connecticut which was one of main requirements within the statute for those individuals seeking the AG office.

Now, to most normal people, one would think that the person who would serve as Connecticut's highest ranking attorney, representing Connecticut in lawsuits on the national stage, and who would be involved in litigation on important legal matters would at least have 10 years of active practice as an attorney.  Apparently the geniuses in the Judiciary Committee believe that having experience practicing law actively as an attorney is no longer a mandatory attribute for the suitor, since our representatives have decided it's far more important to place politics over merit by taking the first step toward making sure future candidates need only be card carrying members of the Connecticut Bar (not necessarily active) and reside in the nutmeg state for at least 10 years. (and as as a side note it was disclosed that the Connecticut Bar actually drafted the Bill's language). Let's face it - the Committee thinks the AG role is nothing more than a big-time management position disconnected from the work of its office.  Just another polico swiveling in their leather back chair up in Hartford.

It's hard to image why our Representatives would make such a shortsighted move.  What's even more remarkable is that people like Republican State Senator John Kissel (S-07) also voted in favor of this lunacy.  Sadly, I watched him stumble through his unintelligible remarks which hardly seemed to support his decision.  His whining about having reservations about SB6342 didn't seem to get in the way of his casting a Yea vote.   Looking timid and foolish, Kissel mumbled into the microphone that lessening the standard would offer the opportunity for a larger pool of candidates from which voters would have to choose from - yeah dumb, dumb - unqualified candidates like Susan Bysiewicz. I wondered to myself - is this the same John Kissel who voted against Marijuana decriminalization and abolishing the death penalty?  You could see disgust in the eyes of a few of his colleagues who had the foresight to vote No including Republican John Hetherington (H-125), and Democrat Arthur O'Neill (H-069) - who switched his vote at the last minute recognizing the negative impact of passing such a watered-down standard - that's if any standard exists in this bill at all.

Has Rep. John Kissel lost his mind?
Where is the sensible guy from last week?
What Representative Kissel and his friends have done in effect is reduce the Connecticut Attorney General's post to just another political position.  Now any fool who took the bar exam and has lived in Connecticut for 10 years can climb the political ladder and seek to become the next CT AG.

As Deputy Republican Leader Themis Klarides (H-114) pointed out [paraphrasing]: we all know people people who go to law school, pass the bar, then spend most of their lives working in other general legal capacities or who don't even practice law would now be qualified for AG. And she's right - like those who engage in non-profit work, or in some other paper-pushing corporate setting - wholly disconnected from actual litigation or providing legal opinions, or worse - those who spend a lifetime in politics growing their name recognition for a chance to run for higher office.  Sooner rather than later under this new criteria, that AG race is going to amount to being nothing more than another political popularity contest.  And you know what's worse than that - after she gets crushed by Chris Murphy in the Democrat Senatorial Primary, we could once again see that dumb-as-a-rock Susan Bysiewicz make another run for AG now that the bar has been lowered so even she could step over it.

If our General Assembly really had an interest in establishing the highest qualifications for the Connecticut Attorney General's position - do you know what they would do?  They would get out of their dusty chambers and take the time to go visit some of Connecticut's best law firms and ask partners what standards and qualifications they use to hire their attorneys.  I bet the bar just might be a tad bit higher than the new Bysiewicz standard that our state politicians find so appealing.

I really hope people are keeping track of each and every vote taken by those on both sides of the aisle.  Sometimes I think the effort to win a Republican majority in the Statehouse is an attainable goal, but it doesn't help when our own members make just as many asinine decisions as those on the other side.  With Connecticut taking a hard left turn, the prospect of a merit-less left-wing activist sitting in the AG's office, publishing legal opinions is hardly appealing. You think about that.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Support for Virtue Online! Help Preserve Anglican Orthodoxy

As of late, most of my posts have been steadily been about politics, although this blog is supposed to cover - politics, culture and religion.  Peruse my archives and you'll see I've more to say on hundreds of topics which, without a doubt, are poorly categorized (perhaps a project to be tackled at a later date) but may be of some interest to new readers. 

It won't surprise readers that not only has Connecticut been the base of operations for liberal politics (DeLauro, Dodd, Larson, Murphy, Malloy, etc) but its also been at the forefront of modern liberalization of the Anglican Church (the Diocese of Connecticut is a member of the World-Wide Anglican Communion which is led by Archbishop of Canterbury). The Archbishop's local stooges - Rt. Rev. Dr. Ian T. Douglas, assisted by two far left-wing lunatics - Bishops Suffragans, the Rt. Rev. James E. Curry, and the Rt. Rev. Dr. Laura Ahrens;activists on behalf of former Bishop Andrew Smith - have been a strong advocates for homosexual activism within the Church, and have led efforts to change the Book of Common Prayer to include inclusive language, as well as championing all sorts of Un-Christian teachings within the Diocese.  Recently, James Curry spoke at a Connecticut Judiciary Committee hearing, in favor of abolishing the death penalty, which on most days is seen as a encroachment on the separation of Church and State by liberal ACLU activists.  When it comes to Curry's outspoken service in Satan's name, there are few more disgraceful then he.

My criticism of the Anglican Communion is that they have watched this heretical activity unfold for well over a decade - and done nothing.  Much like our political climate, conservatives have always made the mistake of playing nice with the enemy:  Negotiate, Capitulate, and Surrender.  Liberals expect conservatives to take the high road (or any other road) while they keep a steady march toward their end-game.  Once ground is lost, it is rarely regained.  The Episcopal Church story is the single best example of how liberals scheme, infiltrate, take over and destroy a traditional institution.  Twenty years ago, conservatives wanted to give them a seat at the table to give the impression of being warm, fuzzy, and open.  Now there aren't many conservatives left in the Episcopal Church - those who are openly conservative are threatened with ridicule, and excommunication.  Many conservatives who remain (often too old to jump churches) simply grit their teeth, and shrink in their seats while they die a slow spiritual death - powerless to do anything about it.  Remember, it's a one way street - the liberal way, or you get railroaded out.

Conservatives remaining in the Anglican Community have their hands full.  Many of the local parishes (very late in the game) are trying to separate out from under jurisdiction of the Diocese of Connecticut, and other Dioceses; many are facing legal suits over the ownership of their buildings and their parishioners - which they can't afford.  As we have seen, liberals would rather shut down a conservative Anglican Church rather than simply cut its loses with dissatisfied parishioners.  If that doesn't show you the resolve of the enemy, then nothing else will. 

There is good news, but not much.  There are jurisdictions where a more conservative-legal bent is siding with the renegade conservative churches.  Connecticut is unfortunately not one of these jurisdictions, and has shown itself to be in lockstep with liberal activism every step of the way.  Many Churches, including the Bishop Seabury Church and others have lost financial to the onslaught of funded-bias meant to destroy Anglican Orthodoxy and its tenements.  It is a high crime that will hopefully end with a road to perdition for some of the most evil individuals to ever step foot in a Church, let alone run one.

On the side of Christ and the Righteous, there have been few voices as loud, as strong, or as accurate as David Virtue.  David has been involved in calling attention to church-run heresy for over fifteen years through his online webpage and other publications.  He's helped coordinate resistance to the monsterous actions of the far left, and given traditional Christians a venue to be informed, speak, report news, organize, and pray.

If you haven't frequented , I strongly recommend reading it.  David sent the following letter out his distribution. Its more than a plea for money, its a call to arms in the service of Christ against a relentless foe:

Dear VOL friend and supporter,

Liquid Modernity. In his new book, Zygmunt Bauman examines how we, as a culture, have moved away from a ”heavy” and “solid” hardware-focused modernity to a “light” and ”liquid”, software-based modernity.

The same might also be said for The Episcopal Church and much of the Anglican Communion today. We have moved from the solidity of the ancient Book of Common Prayer and a fixed Biblical (hardware-focused) understanding of human sexuality to multiple soft sexualities, designed to meet every form of sexual preference and need.

The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada have rolled over to the cultural zeitgeist with devastating consequences. Thousands of Episcopalians and Anglicans are fleeing their parishes in the face of strong-arm liberalism and revisionism that strangles orthodoxy coupled with a faith they no longer recognize. It is a Tsunami-like tragedy few could have foretold. Families, parishes and whole dioceses have left TEC. More may yet follow as the silken ecclesiastical chord of conformity slowly chokes them to death.

The Anglican world, however, has its center of gravity in the Global South, and VOL is the only source the Global South accepts as totally reliable. VOL is playing an important role of returning Anglicanism to its Scriptural foundation.

Is there any hope here? Yes. Across North America there are green shoots of Anglican renewal, revival and reformation taking place. Barely a month goes by when a conference cannot be found taking place in states like South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Texas and California.

God is doing a new thing wherein His Holy Spirit will not be kept down or silent. Jesus, when confronted by the Pharisees who wanted to rebuke the disciples, said, “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

VOL has been crying out about the state of The Episcopal Church for over 15 years. During this time new Anglican jurisdictions have formed. A new day of renewal and reformation has begun.

VOL is documenting every step of it. We travel to every plausible conference we can. We monitor The Episcopal Church by attending their press conferences and asking the hard questions. No stone is left unturned in an effort to find the truth and bring it to light.

But we need your help. VOL has over 4 million readers from 160 countries. They visit VOL’s website daily to read the latest news. A large number are in the Global South and cannot support us. You in North America and Europe can. Your support keeps them informed.

VOL’s budget is trivial when compared to modern newsrooms. We have reporters, a web master, a copy-editor and more to support. We can only do it with your help.

Please support VOL - your anti-propaganda news service. You can make a tax-deductible donation by check or through your credit card or donation at PAYPAL ( It is easy and quick, just hit the link and pick your option.

If you would prefer to send a snail mail check you can do so here:

1236 Waterford Rd.,
West Chester, PA 19380

We are the mouse that roars day-in and day-out exposing the soft underbelly of TEC’s heterodox views. Please help us continue making it happen. Thank you.

Every blessing.

It's worth supporting the good work of Vitueonline.  There is hardly been a more consistent voice in the Anglican Communion over the last 15 years.  Let's make sure they continue for another Fifteen!


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Connecticut Democrats and their Transgendered Bathroom Bill

Just when you thought there was one place you could go to find peace - free from family, friends, and bloody politics. But alas - oh no - not even the bathroom is to be spared from the sickness of extreme left-wing Degenerates that control Connecticut's Legislature.

It's a sad day when Moderates and
 Republicans allow perverts to control
 the agenda
It's not like your Democratic Legislators don't have enough to do.  I mean, expanding Connecticut debt to spend ratio is a full-time job in itself - isn't it?  And isn't their big priority to find new ways to extort money from the public through new taxes on gas, coupons, and yoga classes as part of their War on Capitalism. Or developing a layout for their new highway toll system, or implementing their $11 million Bus to Nowhere scheme, or finding ways to save horrid creatures like Stephen Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky from the penalty of death they so rightfully deserve.  Aren't they engaged in enough madness for one term?

Well hold on to your seats folks, it gets worse.  Much worse. 

If you haven't heard Bill 6599 masquerading under the pretentious title - An Act Concerning Discrimination contains provisions to make people who claim to be transgendered, a protected group under the law.  Not only does this go well beyond acceptable or moral principles usually defined under civil rights legislation, it is basically nothing less than state-sponsored perversion.  It is an abomination that the State of Connecticut would even take up this filth for consideration on taxpayer time. 

A major concern for parents and women is that the bill, for example, has a provision which permits cross-dressed freaks the right to go into, and make use of the woman's bathroom. It's a pretty disgusting scenario if you think about it. But that's not all, the legislation serves to protect cross-dressed freaks from so-called discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, this madness extends to our schools, and despite last minute efforts to seek amendment by the Family Institute of Connecticut - children attending classes Kindergarten through 5th Grade will also be exposed to teachers who go from being Mr. Smith to suddenly showing up as Mrs. Smith overnight.  Again, this is state-sponsored perversion.

Now how they are going to administer this in places like gym dressing rooms, saunas, sports facilities, and all other scenarios where under normal circumstances men and woman are separated for privacy reasons is beyond me. But my prediction is that this is legislation, if signed into law, is going to create chaos for businesses, organizations, schools, and courtrooms everywhere.  The descrimination lawsuits are going to mount, and the ACLU and their friends are going to have a field day in Connecticut. It really makes you wonder if legislators ever consider the ramifications of their actions - even in extreme cases like this.

I'm dismayed to report that HB6599 passed out of Committee on a 24-17 vote. For the record, the following derelicts supported this perverse bill (name/chamber/district):  E. Coleman (Sen-02), G. Fox (Rep-146), P. Doyle (Sen-09), G. Holder-Winfield (Rep-094), J. Albis (Rep-094), D. Baram (Rep-015), B. Bye (Sen-05), C. Clemons (Rep-124), P. Dillon (Rep-092), M. Flexer (Rep-044), T. Gerrantana (Sen-06), B. Godfrey (Rep-110), E. Gomes (Sen-23), A. Grogins (Rep-129), G. Hamm (Rep-034), E. Hewett (Rep-039), D. Hovey (Rep-112), T. Klairides (Rep-114), E. Meyer (Sen-12), B. Morris (Rep-140), M. Olson (Rep-046), K. Roldan (Rep-004), J. Serra (Rep-033), J. Taborsak (Rep-109).

Four people didn't think this vote was important enough to participate in or were afraid to go on record: J. Berger (Rep-073),  M. Gonzalez (Rep-003), A. Roraback (Sen-30), W. Tong (Rep-147).

And the following individuals are credited with voting against state-sponsored perversion: J. Kissel (Sen-07), J. Hetherington (Rep-125), A. Adinolfi (Rep-103), C. Caprino (Rep-032), M. Fritz (Rep-090), D. Labriola (Rep-131), M. McLachlan (Sen-24), A. O'Neill (Rep-069), T. Rowe, (Rep-123), R. Sampson (Rep-080), J. Shaban (Rep-135), B. Simanski (Rep-062), R. Smith (Rep-108), J. Welch (Sen-31).

The next stop for this bill is the floor of the Statehouse for open debate, and then a final vote. And it may not surprise you to learn that, of course, Govenor Dannel Malloy is a big proponent of "transgendered rights."  Just like the tax increase bills, and bill to abolish the death penalty, Malloy eager awaits his opportunity to permit cross-dressing men into woman's bathroom's all over Connecticut.  You can't make this stuff up!

As an aside, you have to wonder how many of the alleged religious figures who came out for the photo-op at the Capitol this week in support of abolishing the Death Penalty also came out to support gay and transgendered rights?  I bet likely all of them - since the Churches no longer preach the literal Word of God anyway, and the Holy Bible is seen as nothing more than an ancient artifact with no bearing on the present; just another paperweight on the desk. Funny how politicians crow about the Separation of Church and State when it comes to banning Nativity Scenes on public grounds, but when it comes to supporting their left-wing causes - they roll out the red carpet for their preferred preachers.  Let's face it, the white collar in Connecticut is an activism license used to brainwash parishioners into liberal thinking through guilt indoctrination.  But maybe that's a different essay for another day.  We'll see.

I want to warn you that this filthy bill has a lot more to it.  I recommend reading the Family Institute of Connecticut Action Alert page to see the frightening detail, or if you have the patience - simply read the bill itself.  It's hard to imagine that we keep talking about this bill as a first step in a litany of even more perverse pieces of legislation to follow.

I'm not one to usually urge people to call their elected officials.  I tend to believe that the time for calling is before the election takes place - and that the calls should be made to fellow voters. I believe that the die is  cast the minute the votes are counted, and you get what you got.  But in this rare case, it may be important for those among us to place a call mired in outrage and passion about this issue.

If you're so inclined, make calls to the following numbers and let them know how you feel as a parent, as a voter, and as a person who just believes in common decency:

House Democrats 1-800-842-8267

House Republicans 1-800-842-8270

Senate Democrats 1-800-842-1420

Senate Republicans 1-800-842-1421

And while your at it, why don't you call Chairman Chris Healy's office and leave him a message.  Ask him what he's doing as Chairman of the Republican Party to oppose this disgusting bill.  Healy's office (860) 826-7378.  Maybe if you're lucky you'll get to talk to Catherine Marx instead.

Tell them The King sent you (on the other hand, don't - they might hang up on you). 

I know it's times like these that you want to abandon all hope, and throw in the towel - and that's just what the opposition wants.  Remember, its their intention to cause us to fight on multiple fronts at the same time - to drain our energy, and break our will.  Don't dare allow them to succeed!  Never surrender!



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