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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: The Look Ahead

The future is hard to see
Happy New Year! 

I hope everyone had the chance to get out and enjoy themselves with friends and family over the Christmas holiday, and found a nice place to raise a glass of sparkly and ring in the new year.  From The King's perspective, this past holiday season was clearly more about enjoying the moment and the people we really care about - I'd say, even more so than in previous years.  This holiday season served as a sort of escape from the reality of the hardships of our present day situations - which sad to say - we will all be returning to in a day or so.   So hopefully, you've all made the most of it, and take some great memories with you into 2012.

I'm not a socialite.  I can't stand crowds of people, or large public gatherings. It's just not my thing. There is nothing worse than a room full of unacquainted people wearing name tags, gawking at each other with phony smiles while offering each other their germ-covered hands. For me, there is something nauseating about a room full of strangers making small talk about nothing.  I'm past the age of wanting to meet new people and make new friends.  I guess I would make a horrific politician.  But I was finished from political consideration when I mentioned I don't believe in winning through patronage or collusion.

However, I do enjoy gathering with small group of people to chat, nurse a cocktail, and enjoy meaningful conversation.  Last night I was lucky to share the moment with a bunch of friends in West Hartford Town.  We watched the various bands on TV, and cheered the return of Dick Clark - who in The King's View is modern day heroic figure who sets the best example of personal perseverance to overcome disability from stroke  that the world has to offer - kudos to ABC for bringing him back every year.  God Bless Dick Clark.

So we frolicked and laughed over personal stories of daily lunacy.  We counted down with Mr. Clark, sort of missed the ball dropping (did they even show it?) and sang the one line of Auld Lang Syne that we all could remember - or knew. Then shortly after the celebrated stroke of midnight, a friend of mine burst my bubble of excitement. He grabbed me by the arm, and spoke into my ear in a serious tone: "Why are you so excited about 2012? You know, it's going to be **itty year. Ringing in 2013 will be something really worth celebrating!"  I sort of waived him off, but deep down I knew he was right. But at this moment, contemplating the act of mourning for our nation for additional 365 more days wasn't something I wanted to think about.  I took another sip from my drink.

Seems that most people agree that 2011 was a year that most of us would simply like to forget.  To describe last year as dismal is the ultimate understatement.  Unfortunately for us, watching a ball drop in Times Square, or flipping a page on a calendar won't automatically re-energize the national economy, or disperse the dark clouds that float above Catastrophic Connecticut.  In the final analysis, all the players are the same, most of our candidates are shallow and uninspiring, attitudes remain indifferent, and in all likelihood - things will likely worsen, not improve on the whole.

With that rather glum look on things, I thought I'd borrow Merlyn's crystal ball and try my hand at predicting the future.  Merlyn warned me that forecasting future events is always difficult because the future is constantly in motion; hence other magic and unforetold variables are always introduced at a later date which cannot be accounted for today. These predictions are only a snapshot in time given the current state of things, other factors not yet introduced into the equation will certainly alter future events as they appear today.

Remember, as is The King so is the Land. - Merlyn

(Note: Predictions made are not endorsements of support for any course of action, outcome, or person mentioned):

Mitt Romney will win the Republican Nomination, and unseat Barack Obama to become the 45th President of the United States. The margin of victory will be larger than expected
  • Linda McMahon will become the CTGOPs endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate but will lose to Christopher Shays in the Primary after Shay's receives the endorsements of Joseph Lieberman, Rob Simmons, and Lowell Weicker setting the stage for a permanent divide within the CTGOP.  The end of the road for McMahon will come after media revelations of payoffs to convention delegates and prominent Republican insiders are exposed, a shady personal business scandal is uncovered, and a morbid performance during her debate against Mr. Shays.
  • Another World Wrestling Entertainment employee working for Linda McMahon will pass away due to drug related use. Linda McMahon will distance herself from the death.
  • Based on integrity alone, G-Man Mike Clark should be the shoe-in candidate in the 5th Connecticut Congressional District, however at this point in time, Merlyn's crystal ball shows Andrew Roraback winning the Republican nomination.
  • Infighting and bad feelings within a broken Connecticut Republican Party will guarantee that Democrats capture all five Congressional seats, and the U.S. Senate Seat.
  • Jerry Labriola, Jr. will be unfairly blamed for the entire CTGOPs electoral failure, and will resign from the Chairmanship.  He will be replaced by a prominent Republican woman in Connecticut politics who currently holds political office. Labriola's leaving may be in 2012 or 2013.
  • Connecticut Democrats will pass an anti-Death Penalty Bill, and Governor Dan Malloy will sign it into law knowing that citizen outrage will be as short-lived as it was with the income tax.
  • Connecticut Democrats will follow Mayor John Destefano's media trial balloon and will pass legislation extending voting rights to undocumented residents.  The legislation will eventually be overturned by The Supreme Court.
  • Four major companies, and several minor companies will announce plans close up shop in Connecticut and move south and west for better business climates.
  • North Korea's new dictator Kim Jong un will engage in a murderous witch hunt of disloyal followers, and will be assassinated by his own military.
  • The Supreme Court will overturn Obamacare, but only in part, setting up further complications around a collapsing American health care system.
  • Iran will collapse from within, but implications will be disastrous and will give rise to an eventual takeover by religious zealots within the country.
  • Vladimir Putin will re-emerge as Russia's leader, and will start a mini-Cold War with the West
  • Great Britain's liberal policies in refusing to deal with Islamic Fundamentalism on its own soil will spell trouble, possibly dangerous calamity for the Summer Olympics.
Other Assorted Predictions:
  • The world will not end in 2012 as predicted by the Mayans, but to many it will seem like it has - particularly after Connecticut taxes are filed on March 17th.
If you see these items combined,
you'll likely find Joe Markely close behind
  • The three giant spaceships detected by SETI will not arrive in December 2012 as reported, they will turn-around upon hearing that we are out of Dylythium Crystals. As a result, Joe Markley will have to seek an alternative route back home. He'll be seen on moonlit night, on a hilltop in Southington trying to communicate with aliens using a Speak-n-Spell, record player, round saw blade, coffee can, coat hanger, and wires. As with most things - he will fail.
  • CTGOP will close it's doors in New Britain due to bankruptcy, and erect tents where Hartford's Occupy Movement once stood. The result will be a stand-off between Tea Party members and the Police which eventually turns bloody. The majority of the Party including its Chairman remains neutral watching events unfold on television.  The Police win.  After the event, the Chairman sends a hand-written note by carrier pigeon to the Hartford Courant expressing outrage - and demanding the Party be reimbursed by HPD for the damaged tents.
  • CBS will air a special 9 week Survivor Show beginning in September which will be shot in an Al Queda training camp in sunny Saudi Arabia and feature contestants:  Larry Cafero, Tom Foley, Daria Novak, Peter Schiff, Bill Aniskovich, Joe Visconti, Doug Hageman, Tom Scott, and Chris Healy against Pedro Segarra, Chris Donovan, Nancy DiNardo, Rosa DeLauro, Jim Himes, Martin Looney, John Destefano, Beth Bye, and Bruce Zalaski (free on bond).  Spoiler alert: The winner will be the audience. As scripted, none of the contestants survive except Joe Visconti who steals a camel after killing two terroritsts with his guitar, and makes way for the Peninsula. But he is ultimately disqualified for leaving the compound.
  • Kevin Rennie will write at least 4 columns that include taking a cheap shot at former Governor John G. Rowland. (Yeah, I know. Not really comic, but likely true)
  • Mark Boughton will be arrested for shoplifting a bright yellow suit, boots, and a big yellow hat from L.L. Bean.  He will try to put the blame on a monkey named "George" who is nowhere to be found when authorities arrive.  Rick Green will be the first to publish the story because he'll be hiding in the bushes outside of Danbury Fair Mall on the day of the crime. But he will later recant the story not trusting the credibility of the evidence, telling friends, "I can't believe my own eyes."
Simmons discusses evidence of a
cover-up with special agent Scully
in his new TV Series
  • Rob Simmons will land a part in the upcoming Reality Television Show: X Files: The CTGOP Convention.  Simmons will play himself (unbeknownst to him) working along side special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully looking for a connection between the 2010 Connecticut Republican Convention, a government cover-up, and an alien conspiracy involving Linda McMahon, and George Soros. In the opening sequence, Simmons asks Mulder: "If coincidences are coincidences, why do they feel so damn contrived?"
  • And last but not least - Chris Healy will run another Republican's campaign into the ground which will spawn the global conspiracy theory that he is truly a Democratic operative being paid by Nancy DiNardo.  Healy will move to Utah and embrace Mormonism.  He will also have several guest appearances on the Simmons X-Files show; he'll play the mirror role of original Smoking Man and following Rob Simmons around and offering him bits of cryptic advice throughout the series to throw him off in his quest for the truth.
Believe all of what you read at your own peril.  The Truth is out there!



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Disclaimer: This entry and others will be modified/updated at a future date.  All entries are for the sole purpose of entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Funniest post yet! I would pay $500 to watch that Survivor show. Not one of those people would find the hidden immunity idol if it were tapped to their freaken foreheads.

Anonymous said...

CT GOP needs strong leadership and a major house cleaning. Too much hoarding of worthless assets.

Anonymous said...

Well it was bound to happen,The King has lost his crown (mind).No bad deed goes unrewarded. While Viscont's guitar would gently weep for Labriola if Merlins Crystal Ball sees true I doubt Visconti and Labriola wouldn't burn the whole damn Party to the ground before they let it fracture at the convention.

The King said...

Good attempt at humor. Might as well have a laugh and a cocktail as the Titantic keeps taking on water. And the band played on...

Anonymous said...

I thought the King was a huge Labriola supporter and a Joe Markley fan? What happened to that.

Anonymous said...

Some are predicting Republicans take the Senate but lose the House. Any thought's from TKV?

The King said...

It's true that Democrats have led in a number of polls over the last few months. The Republican controlled Congress has a 16% approval rating, which is obviously a big concern, but the election is 11 months away. Rassmussen's latest poll taken the last week of December shows Republicans up by 5 (

The GOP Nominee is going to have an impact on Congressional contest in swing districts. No doubt incumbent Republicans will need to campaign on Obama's first term failed policies and make the case to constituents that had they not been in office, the economy would have been much worse.

Right now, I don't see a scenario where Democrats take back the House given the unpopularity of the National Healthcare initiative and other policies which Democrats would have to carry on their backs. The King's View is that Obama has made it a harder job for Democrats to take back the House given the extreme nature of his liberal agenda.