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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Connecticut: Murderer's Haven

I'm not going to write a long post this dreary morning, but just one that states the obvious.   Last night, Connecticut's Democratic-controlled House ignored the will of the people by repealing the Death Penalty, by a vote of 86-62.

The King doesn't have a remedy for the deep sour feeling that those of you with a working moral compass may feel this morning.  I don't even have a quick and easy alternative plan that will somehow rescue Connecticut from the criminal vote that took place last evening.  Last night's vote isn't something that can be overturned by a judge (particularly our liberal judges), or negotiated away behind closed doors.  I wish I could offer proponents of a working death penalty some hope, but I have none to give.  Like many of you, I only feel despair.

What is worse is that the betrayers of the public trust feel no threat to their posh positions.  State Republicans missed the opportunity to take the issue public and rally support before the votes in both chambers were takenThe King's view is that this is because our resources are already stretched thin during this campaign season, and everyone is focused on the 2012 Election Cycle, that the battle was lost before the first shot was even fired.  And history shows that the State Party is capable of doing only one or two things at a time, and not particularly well. The second truth is that many of our CTGOP Officials never believed in the death penalty cause to begin with; you could tell by their luke-warm reaction at the very start. And because they knew this all too well, Democrats knew this was a perfect time to strike - and they did - with a knife straight through our hearts.

So where do we go from here? 

Well, since the State Party doesn't care about social issues, and doesn't want to get embroiled in so-called controversial topics, I guess we go back to talking about taxes.  Our side will parade out graphs and charts and make circular talk on the only issue we dare care to broach - because from our Republican electors view, filthy rich Republicans are the only people who matter because they are the ones that make useful contributions to re-election coffers; which are, of course, used to help us make our usual strong second place showing.

Well, there is a band-aid to help you get over the hump - a sort of quick fix.  You can always turn on C-SPAN, or watch Fox News to get a glimpse of what real Republicanism looks like in other states or at the national level.  You might even catch a glimpse of a few real Republican Candidates, if you're lucky.

We can still dream, can't we? 

Have a better day.



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