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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Death Penalty and the CTGOP

"Failure is not an option... if you run away from the fight!"
On Wednesday, the Death Penalty Repeal Bill heads to the Connecticut House of Representatives for a final vote.  Sadly, there isn't much hope that the Bill will be defeated as House Democrats are all to eager to pass what theses sick enemies of civilization call historic legislation.  And of course, Governor Malloy is excited about adding this to his list of accomplishments for his first term of office.

It's twisted to think that we live in a State where elected officials are openly enthusiastic about saving the lives of murderers and murderer-rapists.  And it's worse to see those who pretend to keep watch over so-many Connecticut Churches and Synagogues march and protest in defense of pure evil.   Now, there isn't much we can do about how Democrats plan to vote on Wednesday, or trying to suddenly change the mindset of the left-leaning clergy among us.  I suppose we could call Democrats dirty names, or demand that parishioners abandon certain halls of worship - but none of that would do much good at this late point in the game.

In truth, my outrage can't really be directed against those who play their liberal roles to a perfect tee. Since they were four, these creatures took an an oath of loyalty to protect murderers, advance socialism, and liberalize our society from top to bottom.  They can't help themselves; like zombies - they are lost, soulless creatures who would follow the Devil into Hell without blinking an eye.

My anger lies with those who claim to be on our side - the so-called Connecticut Republican Party from which we've seen little to no public opposition against Death Penalty Repeal. (Of course, they did show up to vote - how quaint).  It's the expectation of many of us real Republicans that its Government's first responsibility to keep us safe from threats foreign and domestic, and to ensure that those guilty of heinous crimes against members of our society face the punishment they deserve - which includes receiving the death penalty in certain cases. If our Republican Leaders refuse to stand up and fight on our behalf to ensure our public safety - who will? 

Where are our principled leaders?  They showed more outrage over the Busway then the potential threat of eight villains be taken off of death row, and the fact that victims of future murderers will never see true justice! 

The simple fact is our alleged-State Republican Chairman, Jerry Labriola, Jr. failed us. He intentionally sat quietly on the sidelines during this critical public debate:  he issued no press releases, no statements of outrage, no rallying call for public activism, nope - all we heard was Labriola's spineless silence.  Even with 62% of the public demanding retention of the Death Penalty, Labriola did nothingHe did nothing!  Nancy DiNardo must be laughing to know her opposition leader is a wussy; afraid to stand up like a man and represent his own Republican base.  Labriola is the only CTGOP Leader in our Party's history to run-away from a fight - with the public on his side!!  Even the Cowardly Lion would have shown more courage.

Where did it all go so wrong?

Two weeks ago at a Republican Dinner in Bolton, when he was asked why he appears so disengaged on issues of importance; Labriola told the group of Republicans that he cut a deal with legislative leaders that he would remain quiet so as not to appear to be trampling on their agenda in the same manner that his predecessor [Chris Healy] did.  So, my friends, Jerry Labriola is nothing more than a Paper Tiger.  I'm sure that when the Petits where being shut-out from meeting with members of the Democratic caucus, left saddened and teary-eyed, and Labriola said nothing, they must have been impressed to see Labriola take the time to send out a press release asking people to purchase $250 Prescott Bush tickets.  Talk about inappropriate!

The truth is that Jerry Labriola is symbolic of the very problem with the Connecticut Republican Party - pure apathy and surrender.  So we've gone from barely putting up a fight to completely walking away from it - for what? In hopes that we might pick up a few sympathy votes for looking so pathetic on the field of battle?

Look, I don't care what people think about Labriola.  Let McKinney and Cafero pull his strings like the hapless marionette he's become.  Go ahead, Labriola - listen to your advisers who'll tell you this will pass, or that it's not important (just like they did on the Ethics Resolutions).  But there are those of us who aren't going to forgive or forget your act of betrayal.  See, we've been fighting side-by-side with Dr. Petit and Johanna Chapman, and the rest of the Petit family, and all the other good people who have fought hard to see steady prosecution and delivery of a death sentence for Steven Hayes, and Joshua Komisarjevsky.  And we've been fighting like hell to make sure that other families will have the right to the same justice the next time a bunch of thugs break into some poor family's home and .... commit horrific crimes like they did in Cheshire. 

Where the hell were you? 

Begging for money?  Selling tickets?  To what end?  Why would anyone give you a dollar if you won't even bother to stand up and represent their interests or values?

And what about our U.S. Senate Candidates, or many of our Congressional Candidates (save John Decker, Mike Clark, and even Lisa Wilson-Foley, the only three who made strong public statements in support of keeping the death penalty) - where the hell were the rest?  I guess simply running for Federal Office, and not helping to speak up in our Chairman's silence?  What the hell kind of Party do we have here?  No passion, no energy, no conviction!   We are a timid shadow of our former selves. What about Tom Foley, the guy who wants to run for Governor in 2014?  Could he be bothered to speak out against this injustice? Nope. Not a word. 

What exactly is this brand of ours that has so many entrenched establishment types so worried is being tarnished by debate, or criticism of so many un-Republican-like candidates in our midst?  Voters are so confused that they no longer even know what we stand for.  Being merely the party of fiscal restraint certainly hasn't given us the mileage to make big gains.

The CTGOP needs a lot less people like the play-it-safe types like John McKinney, Larry Cafero, and Jerry Labriola, and a few more people with guts like many of those in the Tea Party who care enough to speak out when they see something is wrong.  Make fun of them all you like - those few voices are the only ones you ever hear challenge the status quo given this collection of old, tired collaborators that we are stuck with.  Back deal making has been a boon for Democrats for the last 40 years in Connecticut.  

As for Jerry Labriola, Jr. if this is what we can expect, then by all means.. Just Go away, Jerry.  Just please... go away.   Your silence helped breathe life into Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky.  Congrats on a job well done.  We want a Chairman who's a reformer, a shaker, and a fearless activist who can lead us forward.  Not someone talking orders from those who have a record of underachievement, and mediocrity. 

Oh, and on Wednesday afternoon, while you're basking in the shadow of our future President Mitt Romney, please make sure you don't forget to brag about how on-top of everything you are.  That's if McKinney and Cafero loosen your leash to allow you to get close to him. But be reminded that just down the street in the Legislative Office Building, our foes are voting to undermine our law enforcement agents, judicial system and our long-standing values.  But you have a back-slapping good time on the podium. Please.

As for Wedneday's Repeal vote, we'll be watching how many Republicans break away from the Party (under George Gallo) and vote with the Democrats (or are AWOL)  just like those who voted for decriminalizing Marijuana, and Malloy's Jobs Bill, and the rest of the onsie, twosie votes that make us all look stupid when it comes to CTGOP brand and consistency.

I AM (disgusted),


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Anonymous said...

I honestly can't see Jerry having anything intelligent to say about the issue regardless. He is a horrible chairman.

Baby Pegasus said...

No wonder Republicans around the country laugh at us!! No leadership and no politicians willing to take a stand on the big issues. Where are our Senate hopefuls drumming up support for the death penalty? I mean if we can't even win the fight on this social issue...we have no shot with any of the other ones!!

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with you, but in this case you're spot on. The State GOP laid down on this issue and law enforcement and the State's Attorney's Office has lost a valuable tool when seeking conviction of capital fellons. Whether it's Chairman Labriola's fault or someone else's, I honestly don't know. But it's a collective failure that Republicans will be left to explain to voters in the fall.

It's going to be burden to lay the whole blame on Democrats when State Republicans did so little to combat the effort to repeal the bill.