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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Connecticut Democrats Defy State Residents

Dark clouds over Connecticut
It's a dark morning in Connecticut.

For those who are just having their first cup of morning Joe, you'll need a second cup to believe this news:   Last night you went to bed trusting that Connecticut's State politicians would earnestly do the right thing, and vote to protect your interests.  Yet in the wee hours of the night - 2 am to be precise, Connecticut Democrats stabbed you in the back by voting 20-16 to Repeal the Death Penalty

This is surprising news particularly when only last week, a trusted, well-publicized poll showed that 62% of Connecticut Residents support the Death Penalty in Connecticut - and for good reason.  It is not because we are hateful, blood-thirsty barbarians that need to be re-educated in our antiquated thinking as the high-minded, liberal elite would have you believe - no, its because WE THE PEOPLE believe in a thing called JUSTICE - a concept foreign to Democrats when it comes to everything except issues involving race.

What are you to do with an entire Democrat Party apparatus that completely ignores the will of the people?  All of you folks who get down on your hands and knees and pray to the Party of Obama and Malloy - the party of obstinance, the party of pure arrogance.  If you haven't grasped the fact yet, let's review - Democrats do not care what people think.  They drink the cool-aid of liberal theology and refuse to deviate from their backward agenda.  It's a sickness that's become a way of life in Connecticut - pedophiles in the bathroom, busways to nowhere, legalizing drugs, taking more and more money out of the working man's paycheck for their empty schemes and to payoff their union buddies, and now - repealing the Death Penalty - anyone else see the obvious trend?

My heart goes out to the Petit Family, who worked night and day courageously to fight to keep Capitol Punishment on the books. After what these wonderful folks have been through, they could have simply moved away from this hell-hole and no one would have blamed them one bit. Instead, the Petit's have become our steadfast Champions, standing out front and leading on this issue - as their wounds are freshly reopened every time they relive the horrific nightmare to advance the cause of JUSTICE.  

It's unfortunate that many Democrats refused to even meet with them to discuss their position.  Of course they refused - what did you expect - that Democrats would have the courage to look them in the eye?  That Democrats would have the courage to meet with victims of henious crimes, who very actions will likely, over the long haul, reverse two jury's death sentences?  It sends a clear message to all of us - Democrats do not care about victims.  Democrats do not care what people think.

If Connecticut Republicans cannot get their acts together and make hay of this act of public treason, preceded by years of steady abuse by Democrats, then they never will.  If there was ever a case to be made by Republicans to take back the State Senate and State House, it's right now!  Please do not screw this up by taking the minimalist approach.  Find strong Republicans candidates and run them.  The Democrats have given you the gift of public outrage - use it!

The Death Penalty repeal will eventually move to the Governor's Desk.  And Dannel is all too eager to sign it so he can brag about repealing the Death Penalty to all his friends in Washington, and all those who think it's a good idea that he run for President some-day.  Malloy and the Democrat leadership will tell you that Komisarjevsky and Hayes and all the rest of the murderers on Death Row will be exempt from this bill's passage, and every trial lawyer worth his salt will laugh, and tell you that the Equal Protection Clause - the 5th Amendement is an easy out for Chesire's murdering thugs.  It's interesting how Democrats flock to the Constitution when it suits them.

And twenty years from now when Komisarjevsky and Hayes are lifting weights and playing pool in-between arts and crafts classes instead shoveling coal in Hell, Democrats like Malloy and Donovan will be all to willing to say they "take a Mulligan" on this one because they didn't know.  Liars!  They know damn well; they are experts in public deception!

Lastly, The King notes disappointingly that our State Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. did not engage himself and at least - issue a press release of some kind urging voters to contact their State Senators to vote against Repeal (sorry, I call them as I see them).  I know the Chairman believes "selling Prescott Bush tickets" to be his number one priority, but I have to disagree - first and foremost - being our champion on public policy is your first priority.  Let's get the CTGOP Website to become more than just a bulletin board for fundraising.  If The King can draft a few columns every week, you can draft a few paragraphs and set the standard for opposition on some of the most important issues of the day.

Thanks to the State Republicans who fought hard on this issue. But the battle isn't over.  Please don't take the easy route of letting things lie as they may.  It's ok to be angry, its ok to show some emotion.  It's fitting to let the public see your outrage.  And it reminds some of us out in the trenches that we are not truly alone.



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Anonymous said...

Several thoughts on this passage:
1. If is illegal, wrong for humans to kill others, why is it okay for the state to kill people?
2. Death penalty is not a deterrent.
3. Life in near solitary without possibility of parole seems worse than death (to me).
4. The cost of Death Row inmates is higher than life in prison.
5. The chance of conviction error, later corrected, is possible with life in prison.

So why do we as a culture need to kill people who are horrible criminals? The court system is not infallible, and locked away forever seems safe enough for society.

And surprise, I am a Republican.

Anonymous said...

This is why we must overcome the powers of the nothing Atreau.

The King said...

King's Response:

1. Your premise is distorted. It is illegal for residents to commit murder against other residents. Capital Punishment is a part of nearly every culture in the world and accepted as a punishment for disgusting acts of murder. OUr culture/state doesn't "kill people" for just henious crimes, but only for those murders that meet the threshold as outlined in the current state law. If it were up to me, we would use it more frequently for other murders. Our criminal justice system is too lenient.

2. The death penalty is most certainly a deterrent. The argument that it isn't is frivoluous. As someone who worked in the judicial system for a while, I can attest to the stories from cons that they cited that they didn't go further in their crimes was because they didn't want to face the death penalty. Second, the ripple effect of the death penalty threat was carefully outlined in testimony by prosecutors and others during the hearings. Even as leverage against other criminals involved in murders by a group, the death penalty is a useful tool. The State Senate just took a powerful tool away from prosecutors, and every criminal knows it.

3. I think sitting in your solitary confinement cell for a few years contemplating in anxiety the end of your life is a better punishment.

4. The cost of Death Row is more expensive. Then by all means, release them into the general prison population, I would pay a fee to allow Hayes and Komisarjevsky to be released into the general prison population, Let's see how long they last - a week? A day? After raping and murdering three innocent women - including 2 minors? Second, if the process is too expensive its because its been made to be that way so that people like you can complain that its too costly as an argument to do away with it. I'm for a easier path to Capitol Punishment to reduce costs, and deliver justice on behalf of victims and their families.

5. Conviction error? What conviction error? There have been no death penalty conviction errors in Connecticut which anyone can substantiate. Those who have been put to death deserve it. If you want to go back to the Witchcraft trials of the middle to late 1600s, you're on your own. In the modern age, there have been no mistakes.

We need to make people accountable for their crimes. People like Komisarjevsky and Hayes should die - today. Why do we have people in our culture that think the rights of murderer-rapists are far more important than victims and families? I want to live in a society where someone knows that if they go on a kiling spree, they'll end up dead - not reading magaziine and going about their business with a roof over their head and full bellies for life. Over time, lifers actually become conditioned to accept their fate, it becomes less of a punishment for them according to prison pyschologists. Not the punishment we are looking for.

You being a Republican is meaningless. It just means you're soft on crime, and you buy into liberal arguments.

Anonymous said...

The cost of death row is higher because of all the appeals. There is no question about the Cheshire murders. There is zero chance of wrongful conviction. Let them fry.

Dr Lobotomy said...

How do you spell LOBOTOMIES? Not cruel but unusual !