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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brian K. Hill: Bush & McCain Basher & Deflector

I almost hate to give someone like alleged-U.S. Senate Candidate Brian K. Hill airtime on The King's View.  But considering that he's working as another one of Linda McMahon's surrogates (notice that he rarely speaks ill of her), it's worth having readers take the time to watch an example of Hill's repeated disgraceful mis-characterization of President George W. Bush and Arizona Senator John McCain.  This starts at the 1:00 minute mark when an audience member asks him about his vote for Barack Obama in 2008, and questions him about his misstatement about being a "life-long" Republican even though he abandoned the GOP in 2007. 

This video is credited to PalinSmith
Taken at Woodbury CT on March 3, 2012

"I've been a live long Republican except for the last couple years of the W Bush administration.  I switched to being Independent.... it should be on my website but it's not there.  So, I've been a Republican in name, and a Republican in faith for many years. Now, I didn't vote for Obama, I voted against McCain."

After putting his audience on the spot by asking for a show of hands as to who's been in the military (and who hasn't) - as if that somehow strengthens his argument for GOP-betrayal, Hill goes into a long-winded discussion about Army hospitals and post-traumatic stress syndrome.  Feeling the need to really sell his argument, he says, "... I've also had the unfortunate experience of watching friends commit suicide because they don't want to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. So any candidate who said he was going to expand our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.. seeing up close and personal ... seeing the toll it was taking on our military personnel, I was not going to vote for.  And I stand by that."

Hill then ends his diatribe by ripping our military and its poor standards despite the fact that many of its leaders, airman, soldiers, and marines have been serving our Country for many years: "We've got a lot of gang members in the military right now.  We've got a lot of people who are not physically, mentally or physically qualified to be there right now."  Well, thank you Dr. Hill for your unqualified diagnosis.

It's interesting to note that during the last U.S. Senate campaign cycle, Richard Blumenthal took a lot of heat for exaggerating his overseas service in Vietnam, and here we have a volunteer veteran who is full of criticism of our military, and two distinguished veterans, one being a Commander in Chief, and the other, a 5-year POW who sacrificed far more than Mr. Hill will ever know.  At least Mr. Blumenthal didn't stoop as low as bashing our military's standards or our Commander in Chief as his rationale for supporting Barack Obama.

As far as politics is concerned, Republicans should be dismayed that in comparison to the promised socialism of Barack Obama and his left-wing ideologues, that Mr. Hill could find no redeeming quality in our sitting Republican President, or in U.S. Senator and then-Presidential Candidate John McCain.  At this point, I'm not sure if Brian K. Hill has more so dishonored his position within the Republican Party (which he abandoned) or the uniform that he wore overseas.

I think Brian K. Hill will be hard pressed to find many RTC Chairman, RTC Members or Delegates who are willing to be publicly identified with him, and deliver their vote on his behalf at the upcoming Connecticut Republican State Convention.  Although perhaps he might find sympathy with a handful of peace-loving Ron Paulies who might have concealed their true allegiances through fraudulent representation to earn credentials to the Convention.  While the CTGOP has it problems, I'm proud to say there aren't too many Bush or McCain-bashers within our ranks.  So the small band of delegates that he plans to deliver to Linda at vote-switching time won't have been worth the payment.

The audience participant in video asks Mr. Hill why his vote for Barack Obama shouldn't automatically disqualify him for consideration as our U.S. Senator, well - the truth is... it already has.  If President George Bush and John McCain weren't good enough for you, then you're not good enough for Connecticut.

The simple fact is... it's all down-Hill from here.

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