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Thursday, March 22, 2012

TRIFECTA: Three Degenerate Bills Pass Committee

The Connecticut LOB is located in
an alternate universe where right is
wrong and wrong is right
Wednesday was a gloomy day for Republicans in Connecticut. And that's putting it mildly.

First, the Judiciary Committee passed H.B. 5389 AN ACT CONCERNING THE PALLIATIVE USE OF MARIJUANA, which The King warned everyone about last month. The Bill easily passed Judiciary by a margin of 35-8 (vote tally here). The real crying shame about the passage of this bill, is that only seven Republicans voted against the measure which clearly shows that Connecticut Republicans continue to suffer from an identity crisis inconsistent with the National Republican Party and its membership.

For the record, the following Republicans voted in favor of passing out marijuana to anyone who can find a burned out, 60s-raised, Tye-died physician willing to produce a doctor's note:

Andrew Roraback, S30
Themis Klarides, T. 114 (CTGOP Party Vice-Chair)
David Labriola, 131
John Kissel, S07
John Hetherington, 125
Christie Carpino, 032 (Sponsor)
Debra Lee Hovey, 112
T.R. Rowe, 123
Robert Sampson, 080

If you see any of the fools above whining about drug problems in schools, drug-related violence, or looking with a blank stare as they try to fathom the ever-increasing issue of substance abuse - then you can remind them about their foolish vote to make marijuana legally more available to Connecticut households. If they try to tell you that there is no connection between their vote, and their contribution to expanding the drug problem in Connecticut, you can tell them to go smoke another doobie, and face the fact that they are compounding the problem, and what's worse - they are sending the wrong message to the youth of Connecticut which is Smoking Pot is OK if you really, really want to. Nice! By the way, the whole medical component of the Marijuana argument is ridiculous cover - and could only have merit back in the 70s when the strength of today's pain medications were a fraction of what's on the market now; plus they're readily available at any CVS in the State providing you have a script.

The eight brave, dissenting voices are:

Paul Doyle, S09 (Democrat)
Al Aldinolfi, 103
Michael McLachlan, S24
Arthur O'Neill, 069
John Shaban, 135
Bill Simanski, 062
Richard Smith, 108
Jason Welch, S31

Note to Themis Klarides: You can forget your aspiriations for RNC Committee Person because the Republican National Committee doesn't do marijuana!


By far the worst vote today came regarding Connecticut Democrats never-ending quest to repeal the Death Penalty under the guise of S.B. 280 AN ACT REVISING THE PENALTY FOR CAPITAL FELONIES. Oddly enough, the passage of the Bill out of the Judiciary Committee comes at a time when a
Quinnipiac Poll shows that Connecticut Residents support the Death Penalty by a wide-margin of 67 in favor and only 28 against. The poll actually indicates a new high for Death Penalty support in Connecticut which means that there wasn't a cooling off period as Connecticut Democrats had hoped for post-Komisarjevksy-Hayes verdicts. If anything, the public is more determined then ever to see these two meet their maker for the heinous crimes they committed on the Petit family.

Democrats tend to only care about polling data that favors their barbaric causes, so you can imagine how quickly today's poll was disregarded by liberals sitting on the Committee. The
vote tally was a sobering 24 in favor of repeal to 17 against repeal. Even Andrew Roraback, who was clobbered in this blog and has since taken a weekly beating at the hands of his chief rival CT05 Congressional wanna-be Lisa Wilson-Phony (Foley) (a.k.a scarecrow lady), voted against repeal.

I'm not sure whether or not Roraback's early release demands were met, or not but regardless, he voted with his Republican colleagues on what was basically a party-line vote. If he votes the same way when it goes for up a general vote in both chambers then that will effectively end his controversy over the Death Penalty, and close the issue - for it's not what you did last year, it's what you did yesterday.

The concern that has pro-law enforcement/ pro-justice system lawyers and others talking is that if this bill were to be voted on in the General Assembly and passed, then the chances that either sick bastards Joshua Komisarjevsky or Steven Hayes would face the Death Penalty is slim to none. Despite rhetoric by Governor Dannel Malloy and his liberal buddies that, if passed, this Bill wouldn't apply to the Petit murderer's grandfathered sentencing - every activist judge and liberal trial lawyer will be looking for an opportunity to challenge on behalf of Death Row inmates using an
Equal Protection Law argument (5th Amendment "due process") to find a way to get Hayes, Komisarjevsky, and anyone else off death row.

Make no mistake, Dannel Malloy said he'd sign a bill to repeal of the death penalty if it came to his desk. Don't think for a minute that the Governor's Office isn't knee deep involved in the whole orchestration of the Democrats legislative agenda. The deal to advance this bill right now and get it passed is no coincidence - with two years left in his term, Governor Malloy is looking to make short work of this item, and praying that the people of Connecticut forget the whole thing by the time 2014 rolls around. Sadly, if the income tax battle taught us anything, it's that the public has a short memory, and moreover tends to become more accepting of bad ideas over time.

Today's real headline should have read: "Connecticut
Democrats take first step to overturn Hayes-Komisarjevsky
sentencing." because that's been their plan all-along.


I also warned you about H.B. 5024 AN ACT CONCERNING VOTING RIGHTS which also passed it's committee 11-4 on a Party Line vote. Without going into too much detail, the level of fraud that municipalities can expect will be unprecedented - mostly favoring Democrat Candidates (which to any genius reading might explain why Dems are head-over-heels in love with the idea, and Republicans are cringing at the very thought - might be something do with how well Democrats have perfected voter fraud over the years, ex. Acorn, or Chicago Style Politics, not sure). And if that wasn't bad enough, the entire cost of administration and hardware for checking for duplicate voter registrations via online computer terminals, and the staff to support this fraudulent bill will be handed down to all 169 towns - which, as we all know, can barely balance their budgets as it is.

So there you have it. Connecticut's Grand Old Party, took a grand old beating today. If you are disgusted, you should be. And I hate to tell you this, but if you look at the docket, you'll find all kinds of expensive and perverse pieces of legislation that will likely be looked at and passed by Connecticut's one party authoritarian structure. It's going to get worse before it gets better, that's if - there's any chance of it ever getting better at all.

Lastly, has anyone seen Democrat State Representative and U.S. Senate hopeful William Tong?  He failed to show up to cast a vote at either the Death Penalty, or the Pro-Marijuana hearings - not that he would have been on the side of the righteous.  Rumor is that Tong was last seen on Dennis House's Face the State show.  If anyone sees Mr. Tong wandering aimlessly in Hartford Keeney Park feeding pigeons, contact Speaker Chris Donovan. 
 All Points Bulletin: "Dawg Gone, Tong Gone!"

Have a better day!



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Anonymous said...

Same day voter registration is a union bosses wet dream.

Brandon said...


I just got into the office and read that Tong got a wopping 4 percent in todays Q Poll. When commuting to work I swear I saw him or a guy that looksjust like him with a briefcase in hand standing on the railing of the Buckeley Bridge. I honked to get his attention but he just turned his head away from the river and looked at me with a thousand yard. Glazed stare. Not sure what happened cause I was running late. Btw did brian K Hill do any better? Hope I don't see him on the railroad overpass on my ride home tonight.

Randy said...

Does anyone know how much the cost will be for towns and cities to administer the fraudulent Same Day Voter Bill?

And Hartford won't cover the cost of a Republican Primary, but they will rush to make sure Democrats can vote 5 times in an election. Anyone else see the hypocricy?