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Monday, March 26, 2012

The King Absolves Editor Ray Hackett

Just who was that masked journalist?
Article Update: The King has received the word and honor of  Norwich Bulletin Editor Ray Hackett that he was not aware of The King's View, or has ever read this blog until this morning.  Regarding similiarties between our two articles - evidently, in this case, great minds think alike.  The King's men will be keeping a close eye on Ray Hackett going forward due to general mistrust of the paid media.

Furthermore, additional information has been learned about the Daria Novak plagiarism issue which has given The King pause.  We will research the matter fully before before updating this piece of the article.  To be determined at a later date.

Original Article: (SNIPS indicate removal of paragraphs no longer applicable):

You might be surprised to read that unlike some of my good friends, I do not stay tuned to the political world 24/7.  Fact is, most of my time is either spent working, slaving on the castle grounds, or playing servant to those around me (although I might get a stern look from some on that final point).

By yesterday afternoon, I had no fewer than nine emails directing me to a column by Ray Hackett, a big-time editor of the Norwich Bulletin.  When I glanced at the title: "On Politics: Delegates still 'for sale' after rule rejection." I didn't think much of it except that I was happy that the story of Linda McMahon's disgraceful antics and the corruption within the CTGOP was being published by yet another regional Connecticut newspaper.  It's interesting how slow the Connecticut media is, as its taken about a week since my article, CTGOP Referendum on Integrity Fails, Linda McMahon Resumes Convention Buy, opened a few eyes within the social-media blogosphere when it was published on Friday, March 16 (and my follow up on March 23, 2012).

I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods yesterday, when my phone rang.  "Hey King, this guy Ray Hackett took your article and splashed in a few extra facts and published it as his own without giving you credit. And Rick Green tweeted it and he didn't give you credit either." 

I laughed. And dismissed the conversation as someone just trying to bust my horns.

Then he said, "No really, go home and print down both articles and put them side by side and look for yourself."  He then read a few paragraphs, and indeed I was taken aback.

So I went home, checked twitter, and read, and reread both articles, and I have to agree that the similarities between my piece and Hackett's are striking

Obviously, the elevation of the CTGOP Corruption story had much to do with Niel Vidgor's article which made a huge splash on Friday and caught the attention of voters outside of the Connecticut political establishment.  You can't question the reach of ctpoliticalreport's impact as an online hub for Connecticut news.  And, as well read as The King's View is, I'm happy that its readership is limited to only those who are political junkies, and know where to look for it.  I'm also happy that this is an unpaid gig because it alleviates the pressure of being obligated to any candidate or political alliance  - one of the the main reasons the CTGOP is in this mess in the first place. (wink, wink).


It's funny because on Sunday morning, I tweeted high praise of both Rick Green and Ray Hackett for their insightful comments about the Shays-McMahon race.    Rick Green didn't retweet my initial column, but Daniella Altimari did when it first came out.  I should carefully point out that Ms. Altimari's tweet does not signify agreement with my column, as she always retweets opinions of conflicting viewpoints.


I probably would not have cared about this had I not been egged on by a few of my friends who've been adamant that I set the record straight.  But they also brought to my attention that there is one additional element of this story that needs to be discussed.  Ray Hackett went out of his way to pick on CT02 Congressional Candidate Daria Novak in his piece: Novak Banned on Blogging because she didn't footnote or properly cite a few sources on her blog (oh please, the travesty!).

If you want to hear Daria's show,
you'll need a special receiver
And I have to say, that Daria Novak is a nice lady, and she's extremely passionate about her beliefs, but the poor lady is dangling by a thread in a race that has her challenger Chris Coutu beating her by a wide margin - and the guy isn't even in Connecticut to campaign.  -SNIP-  Leave the poor woman alone.  Let her blog and talk into her Fisher-Price Microphone.  In a month or so, it will all be over.  Let her have her moment in the sun, and just get off her back. For God-sakes, please!


Readers - you pull down the articles, and you decide.  Whatever.



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Disclaimer: This entry and others will be modified/updated at a future date. All entries are for the sole purpose of entertainment. This article does not imply endorsement of the candidate mentioned above, nor has this article been solicited for publication by any political candidate, campaign, or PAC.


Anonymous said...

Does the King think Coutu is beating Daria Novak "by a wide margin" because Linda McMahon donated $1,000. to his campaign?

Anonymous said...

Consider that Ray Hackett writes for a newspaper dedicated to getting Chris elected. The Bulletin in Norwich published a large piece on his being deployed, to South Carolina. And why is he going? for 1st part of officer candidate school that everyone does at that level! Why did he have to go now? He left the duty to the last moment.

Chris is from the Norwich area, went to Norwich Tech. Family is there. The local paper touts his every small move. Too bad it is a primary paper in CT-2.
He and Linda McMahon have the same campaign firm. That should tell you something.

Would the paper be playing up that his campaign sending money (15 cents) to voters asking for delegates and contributions with a raffle, and signing the letter by wife and baby hand print if he was not hometown boy?

The Coutu campaign is using heart strings whenever they can and pushing a military connection out front whenever possible. Look below the surface. What does he stand for, other than the typical mantra?

CT Republicans are trying to hold onto every seat in Hartford. Is Chris fostering, supporting anyone for his General Assembly seat? No, he’s outta here, was the attitude.
He’s climbing, but perhaps not as ready as some assume.

You may be surprised at how many are turned off by the Coutu steamroller we’ve seen buzzing around RTCs this season.

Anonymous said...

Coutu is fostering and supporting Noah Enslow for his old seat "Anonymous" so you need to know what you're talking about before you shoot your mouth off.

I have yet to see any RTCs "turned off" by Chris Coutu with the possible exception of Brooklyn where the chair there is a Tea Party type and Daria Novak robot. The only people I know supporting Novak are the ones on the lunatic fringe.

Nancy Reagan said...

Coutu is serving his country, Daria is serving her insanity.
Reagan didnt apoint you Daria, you worked for the government like millions when he was President, plus I bet your resume was someone elses to. Psyco Lady

Anonymous said...

When asked, the Coutu gentlemen who came to talk with us about candidacy, gave a who cares type of reply when someone said, who is running for that General Assembly seat?

And what is a Tea Party type?
Condescending remarks are not helpful. Information is helpful. It was asked for, they didn't know any answer other than, well Chris is going to DC (and inferred so that's not his problem.)

The defending your candidate is expected. Berating another person who put herself out there where few others go is not representing your side well.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am a lifelong Conservative Republican, small business owner, and Connecticut native who strongly supports Daria Novak because she shares my concerns about the State and Federal Government overstepping their boundaries in attempts to control my business and my life, including what my family eats.

I have listened and asked questions of Coutu and Novak on multiple occasions. The only candidate, or their surrogates, that have articulated concrete steps and solutions to taking America back to where we were strong and stable is Novak and her campaign.

I have never been considered on the "lunatic fringe" before...I guess I have a new title to add to my credentials!!!

In the meantime, I will continue to support Novak and her campaign.