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Monday, March 12, 2012

CT National Committee Person Race Heats Up?

We've started to see some internal jockeying within the CTGOP for the upcoming Connecticut National Committee Person race.  For those who don't know, the position is a liaison role between the Republican National Committee, and the Connecticut Republican Party. The position-holder is very influential within CTGOP politics. This role is currently held by both John Frey (Ridgefield) and Pat Longo (Wilton).  Both Mr. Frey and Ms. Longo have been fantastic ambassadors for the CTGOP during their tenures. 

Ms. Longo has set the standard for
Republican excellence

Sadly, after many years of service to her Party, Ms. Longo is retiring from the National Committee Person position.  It's a sad time for the CTGOP to see such a wonderful lady and stalwart Republican step down. Whoever is chosen to replace Ms. Longo will have big shoes to fill.

The attached letter is making it's rounds to various State Central Members as our first potential nominee for Connecticut National Committee Person. The letter is from Leora R. Levy of Greenwich, Connecticut. 

I'm not familiar with Ms. Levy personally, but I do know that she's contributed a handsome sum to Republicans over the years ($71,611 between 2008 and 2012 - wow! $27K between and 1990 and 2006) according to her online donations via, and more locally based on records at  Morevoer, it looks like she's spent a lot of her time helping Republicans in Fairfield County and elsewhere run for office, and get elected.  She's very active in the Community and well-liked.  It would be interested to hear what Pat Longo thinks of Ms. Levy, or any of the potential nominees because her opinion would well respected.

The King has also heard rumblings that CTGOP Vice Chair Themis Klarides may also seek the position, but many CTGOP insiders feel she already has enough on her plate as a State Rep, and barely has the time to serve as CTGOP Vice Chairman during Session.  We also hear that Republican Minority Leader Larry Cafero is behind the push of Ms. Klarides to seek nomination.  While Ms. Klarides is a nice lady, she would likely have to give up one of her two roles to be effective.  She's best to ignore the pressure from the power-play that Cafero is seeking.  He's best to focus on the real work of the people set before him at the LOB.

Here is Ms. Levy's letter to State Central Members.  The King and his Court will vet her more thoroughly at a later date (hopefully we won't find that she's donated to Democrats like Linda McMahon, or worse - voted for someone like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton in previous elections):


March 11, 2012

Dear State Central Member,

I am writing to introduce myself and express my interest in serving as our next Republican National Committeewoman from Connecticut. I was born in Havana, Cuba. My family fled Castro's Communist Revolution there, losing everything. (My father and my uncle had to avoid arrest by Castro who accused them of "stealing from the Cuban People" and then escape to the United States in a story similar to a Tom Clancy novel.) We came here with only the clothes we were wearing, our dignity, the ability to work hard and a love for America. I had to learn English and my dream was to become an American citizen. It was the proudest day of my young life when my sister and I were sworn in as American citizens. I was in 4th grade and I vividly remember the ceremony, saying the Pledge of Allegiance to my flag and my country in a judge's chambers and the pride and joy I felt (and still feel) at finally being an American.

My father worked hard and eventually built a large textile business. My mother and father taught me the value and the ethic of hard work. I attended public high school, studied diligently and was able to go to college after 11th grade. I graduated from Brown University and went to Wall Street where I was one of the few women commodity traders of that time. I have lived the American dream. I am blessed that my husband and I can afford for me to spend my time volunteering in the community and in the Republican Party. I have raised three Republican sons who are all in college now, two at Trinity College in Hartford and one at Colgate University.

I have become an activist Republican because I am worried about what I see happening to the country I love and to our state as well. My passion today is to save our country and our state from the slide to socialism. I fled one communist country, I fear what happens if this country continues the slide toward socialism. I have been active in Republican campaigns since 1980. In the last few years I have raised substantial money for the RNC as well as for congressional and presidential candidates. My husband, Steve, and I have been Team 100 (and now Regents) donors since 2004. We do this at great personal sacrifice but it is our priority. I am on the National Finance Committee of the RNC and also Mitt Romney's National Finance Committee. For many years, Connecticut has been perceived as a state where national candidates come to pick up checks and leave, but I think we have to also develop our Republican base here and showcase our state and local talent to national donors. Our serious, dedicated efforts here at home should not be lost to our national focus. This leads me to run for party office where I know I can make a difference for all of us, building on my range of friendships and familiarity with dedicated Republicans across America, and in our own backyard, in the service of Connecticut Republicans as well as the national party. I know that, as a National Committeewoman, I can do more to help our state and national candidates.

It is time that we focus on building our party in our state. Since Steve and I moved to Greenwich 24 years ago, as a young couple to raise our family, there has been a drastic change in our State Government as well as our representation in Washington. Twenty-four years ago five of the eight members of our Federal delegation were Republican and over that time we have had Republican governors. Now we have none. That is not going to change until we build our local party organizations and the farm team of candidates. Today with Democrat State Government controlling the Executive and Legislative branches as well as our entire Congressional and Senate delegation, the situation is devastating for our Party but most of all for our State. Connecticut is in a death-spiral of debt and entitlements. There are many state legislative and local races that go uncontested, without Republican candidates, or with our candidates desperately under resourced. I would like to work with you to change that. Our next National Committeewoman must be part of a team that believes in rebuilding the party from the grassroots up.

Our state and local party efforts need to be promoted with Republican donors regionally and nationally. I can help, because I know many of these people and have worked with them for the RNC and on various campaigns. I have worked hard over the years to build strong relationships with colleagues across the state and nation. They know I am here because I believe in the country that saved my family, that provided us the opportunity to live the American dream. They can attest to my proven record as a donor and activist over thirty years.

My civic and philanthropic activities are also a major part of my life. These include my present role as Co-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bruce Museum where I have been an active member and fundraiser since 1997 and a trustee since 2002. Several years ago, I chaired a campaign which raised over $900,000 to relocate and build a new animal shelter in Greenwich. It was a public-private partnership between the Bruce Museum and the Town of Greenwich. The campaign was called Shelter Our Strays. Our goal was to raise $750,000 in five years, we raised over $900,000 in two years. I still chair the SOS committee which oversees a fund to support the shelter. (And, when you get to know my family, you’ll meet the dogs, too!). I have also been active in philanthropy related to the faith of our family as well as in our sons' schools.

Let me share one story I am proud of. Two years ago, my cousin who was a sergeant in the Army stationed in Afghanistan (his third tour, he had served two tours in Iraq) asked me if I could help to furnish the first MTBI (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury) clinic our military had built at Bagram Air Force Base. It was going to take six months for the military to provide those at the clinic with basics like towels, pillows, blankets, toiletries, hangars etc., so when I learned of the need I did what volunteers do, I organized 33 of my friends as well as some national companies and local merchants and we furnished the first two clinics in six weeks. We provided the basics listed above but also four comfortable arm chairs and ottomans, two Nintendo's with games for entertainment and physical therapy, a big screen TV (quite a challenge to ship), Bose noise-cancelling headphones (very important for soldiers suffering with concussions and post traumatic stress disorder at a noisy air force base), small appliances, (even a popcorn machine) and artwork created by local students in their "Support the Troops" Club. In fact, the kids in that club decided to continue the project and furnish additional clinics. We sent many other items as well. Everything was donated, even the packaging for shipping the items by one of our local shipping stores.

Since this had to happen so quickly, it was not a 501(c)(3), everyone just pitched in, donating and shipping the items with no expectation of personal benefit, only the satisfaction of knowing that we just did what had to be done. It was a special day when the officer in charge of the clinic came to Greenwich to meet many of us at a small reception in my home on an anniversary trip through New England with his wife.

What I try to do is what we all do, in our own ways, in our neighborhoods and across our nation. I hope you will honor me with the opportunity to work with you as a National Committeewoman to do what needs to be done for our party, to work with Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. and Vice Chairman Themis Karides here in Connecticut, and Chairman Reince Priebus at the RNC, to rebuild the Republican Party at all levels. We need Republican leadership in Washington and Hartford, but we also need it in each of the 169 towns of Connecticut. Just as you are there to help build the future, to do what needs to be done, so am I.

I look forward to meeting you. I will be calling you soon to personally ask for your support and your confidence to represent Connecticut on the RNC. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone.



Warmest regards,

Leora R. Levy

Good luck to all the nominees, whoever may run. 



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Anonymous said...

You're right, Frey and Longo have represented CTGOP well. I've seen both in action.

I hadn't heard Longo was stepping down as National Committeewoman. Perhaps she'd reconsider?

Anonymous said...

She's on Mitt Romney's National Finance committee.

That disqualifies her right there.

If she doesn't see that Mitt Romney is a Statist then she is blind.

The King said...

What Committee should she be on then? Not that retarded Ron Paul I hope. That would disqualify her from being a Republican I suppose.

Anonymous said...

So the only two candidates running are Mitt Romney and Ron Paul?

I did not know that./sarc

I do know that Mitt Romney is a scintilla to the Right of Obama on economic issues.

And Ron Paul is a scintilla to the Right of Obama on foreign policy issues.

Thank goodness there are other candidates running for the presidency this year.

At least I think there are?

The King said...

Well at least I have the courage to say that I'm supporting Mitt. Do you want to make a case for your candidate, or do you want keep me guessing?

Anonymous said...

Who knows what Longo is doing. She's told many people she's not running. She's one of those who if she's okay with the person who succeeds her, she'll step aside BUT if she doesn't like the person who is interested in replacing her, she'll get back in the race expecting to win just to block that person.

Therefore I will not support Longo if she decides to get back in, just because she doesn't like Levy. Levy is not the Pat Longo anointed replacement in Longo's mind so she'll get back in. I think Levy has a long row to hoe with they way Longo operates. Laurie Williamson is tossing her name around but I wouldn't support her either. Longo's anointed replacement is Themis who is a good choice but being Longo's "approved" replacement will backfire on Themis so who knows, maybe Levy has a chance.

Martha Dean said...

Two thumbs up for Leora Levy.

Joe Bentivegna said...

I like Leora Levy. Great Republican. I would endorse her except I am sure it would cost her votes.