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Friday, March 30, 2012

Did Somebody Order a Pizza?

Most of the time, The King is a big defender of our boys in Grey.  Our Connecticut State Police Officers set the standard as the best State Police force in the Union - they work hard, they work long hours, and are always there when you need them.  Their professionalism on the job is first rate.  And I happen to be fortunate enough to know several of them on a personal level, and can tell you that they are just like you and I - but the burden of responsibility isn't something they stow away when they come home from a hellish day.  These guys and gals are on 24/7, and the stress is unbelievable.

As with any job, when thing go awry - it's usually caused by a foolish management decision which makes a public mess of things, and leaves the rank and file to take the heat for something that they had no involvement in.

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at this memo issued Lt. Anthony Schirillo of the Bethany State Police Barracks:

WTNH TV Channel 8 is credited with releasing this story and the memo above

Now, I'm all for the police - state or otherwise - issuing tickets when warranted - reckless driving, speeding, cell phone use, and the rest.  I have no problem there - if you're breaking the law then by all means you should get pinched.

But this memo takes the matter to a whole new level.  For the most part, state police patrolman serve in a public safety capacity - this includes helping disabled motorists, to making sure highways are quickly cleared of accidents and so forth.  They are not out trying to "get people" in order to receive personal citations of merit.  The memo above is reckless because it demands that State Police Officers change direction, and go out of their way to become antagonistic toward the public.

The King was pleased to see State Police Union boss, Andrew Matthews, tell the press "Troopers are expected to do their job...We will do our job, but we don't need to be told we need a certain number of tickets within a specified period of time."

Amen to that! Ticket blitzing is simply unnecessary.  And I'm sure Connecticut families which are already suffering in this Obama-Malloy economy aren't happy to see the suggestion that sticking them with a $275 ticket for a moving violation will result in a round of pizzas for the boys in Bethany from Lt. Tony Schirillo.

AWOL from this story is a comment from Governor Dannel Malloy.  The Governor is the head of Connecticut's Public Safety - we know he runs to the State Armory to wear a yellow helmut and play the role of Superhero at the first sign of high wind or snow.  So what of it Gov?  Can you confirm that the directive to step up ticketing Connecticut residents didn't come from your office?

The King is suspect at the origin of where this strategy truly originates from.  Democrats need income to support their expensive schemes from somewhere - and squeezing c-notes from morning commuters, or soccer moms heading to the game, is a perfect tactic to advance their agenda.

A word of two of outrage from our Republican leaders is certainly warranted.  Someone needs to look out for the people suffering in this State.  We need folks like Larry Cafero to stand with Andrew Mathews and the State Police to condemn this travesty.



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Anonymous said...

State police supervisor:
"We need all you cops to write 300 tickets this month and this is not a quota."

Insurance sales manager:
"We need all you agents to write 300 life insurance policies this month and this is not a quota."

When people like Paul Vance can no longer tell fact from fiction, it's time to retire. Has anyone checked this guy for dementia or Alzheimer's?