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Friday, February 10, 2012

Andrew Roraback: Man of Shame

Put Andrew the Dunce back in
the corner where he belongs
Although some say he may be the odds on favorite to steal the nomination at the Connecticut Republican State Convention because of long-time Connecticut political family ties, there are a couple things that voters in the 5th Congressional District should know about State Senator Andrew Roraback before they bow down to this Replican Republican - a few things that may turn you from Republican Red to Crimson Red with anger.

As most long-time readers know, The King has written extensively about the heinous Cheshire murders and my desired push for the execution of two of the most disgusting creatures to ever breathe Connecticut air - Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes.  For those who can't recall, both of these filthy SOBs, tortured or raped, and burned alive three innocent victims back in 2007; among them were a loving wife, and two beautiful children, all robbed of their futures by these sick, twisted monsters.  Over the last few years - with only a few liberal lunatics in dissent - the public has loyally supported the Petit-Hawke-Renn Family through thick and thin.  While we couldn't fully comprehend Dr. Petit's personal anguish, we shared his sorrow, and pain.  And we continue to share the sadness of his loss.

After two seemingly endless trials over the course of three years, and having shed many tears for the victims, separate juries finally convicted the assailants, and sentenced them both to death.  While liberal zealots cried revenge, honest people shouted justice!  Absolute Justice for the Petit women!

Yet in 2009, only two years after the gruesome Petit murders, State Senator Andrew Roraback broke ranks with the Public and The Republican Party and joined Democrats to support the Repeal of the Death Penalty.  Luckily, the measure failed at the Governor's Desk.  Roraback refers to his vote as a "matter of conscience."  Roraback's conscience apparently includes allowing rapist-murders to live out their lives in prison watching television, playing ping-pong, lifting weights, and eating junk food at constituent expense.  Roraback has pity for society's villains but not an ounce for murder victims, or their families.  What kind of man purports to be a Republican but would work night and day through his Judiciary Committee to undercut the very punishment sought by prosecutors, and supported by 87% of Connecticut residents from even being considered for murderers like Hayes and Komisarjevsky.  I'll tell you - an untrustworthy one!

And you have to find it a bit strange that both Senators Edith Prague and Andrew Roraback met privately with Dr. Petit prior to casting their votes.  After doing so, Democrat Edith was moved by Dr. Petit's story, and courageously switched her vote against repeal, while Andrew Roraback acted like he didn't give a damn about Dr. Petit or his story. Andrew Roraback is a Man of Shame! How a feminne guy like him gets re-elected each term to the State Senate by people in Litchfield County, I'll never know.

I'm sure Andy won himself a moment of admiration with his liberal friends that day, as he has on a few previous occasions - like when he supported gay marriage, and whenever he gets the opportunity to champion liberal causes - like Greenways and tax breaks for phony Green Energy schemes and such.  

Connecticut voters can do much better than to send a liberal like Andrew Roraback to Congress.  And besides, the last thing the Republican Party needs is another Olympia Snowe in their ranks holding the GOP hostage every time there's a close vote on an issue of importance.

If Roraback wants to support murderers, and pimp for gay activists, then let him do so in the Connecticut Legislature with his buddy Larry Cafero.  Let's leave the big Congressional job in Washington for someone who will go there, and act and vote like a real Republican, not some cheap, gutless imitation hellbent on supporting liberal causes, and crusading on behalf of murderers.

Just say "no" to Andrew Roraback - a liberal you can't trust.  But if you like Roraback, you might just as well cross party lines and vote for Chris Donovan - because there's not much difference between the two on issues that really matter to conservatives.



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Anonymous said...

Conventions don't "nominate" anyone "King" they endorse a candidate. The nominee will be decided by the primary by all registered Republicans in the 5th.

Sam I AM said...

What about Sam I AM ?

Cat in the Hat

Anonymous said...

This RINO should not be endorsed. It's time we took a stand against anti Republican registered Republicans. He waters down an already whimsical "we are fiscally conservative and socially liberal woss bags." His actions against the death penalty are deplorable. How can we trust this man to vote in a conservative congress. We need to make an example of him and force him out. NO MORE RINO's. Please refer to him as Andy RINOback from here on in. Other names are: Lisa Wilson Phony, Chris Cockatoo, and Justins Beenburnedbefore.

Anonymous said...

What is your hard-on for Cafero? He bucked Rell, fights Malloy at every turn, has consistently fought against tax hikes, is the only true leader we have and has the ability to articulate better than anyone else. Your obsession with him is obvious and smacks of sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

I agree. No more RINOS! Chris Cockatoo bragged on the radio that he has voted with the Democrats 70% of the time!!! Why do we want him in Washington??? I don't!!!

The King said...

I don't think I'm the one with the "hard-on" for Cafero. What's he got against conservatives? He told the press that [Connecticut] Republicans don't do "Guns, Gays or God". He also deliverd Malloy the pathetic jobs bill votes so he and his cronies can decide with union contractor gets the bid to whatever job comes through. He also signed on to supporting Anisovich.

Cafero is witty on WPLR but that's as far as he goes with helping to LEAD us out of this mess. What's his plan to make Republicans the majority in Connecticut again? Or is he just satisfied with cutting deals with Dems?

Anonymous said...

King. great job both in the piece and on your comments. You are right about all of them. Larry is just lip service and the GOP in the house and Senate has no balls to tell him to stick his appeasing the libtards.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2/11/12 12:30 AM: Sam Caligiuri taught us on his primary campaign literature that since he won the convention, that we had to show up on Primary Day to "vote for the Republican Nominee," so is Sam a liar?

Anonymous said...

Roraback stands out among the GOP candidates for the 5th CD. He has worked hard for his constituents for many years. And to criticize him for his opposition to the death penalty is ridiculous. The Republican party does not have a position on this issue. Furthermore, the Catholic Church has taken a strong position against the death penalty. Reasonable people disagree on the death penalty, and it's shameful that you are trying to make such a weighty subject into an election issue.

The King said...

Roraback stands out as a problem for Republicans on the death penalty issue. Most Republicans support the death penalty and so do most Americans (and shockingly so do most residents of liberal Connecticut.

You may not have gotten the memo - the Catholic Church does not dictate or have authority over American political policy. While The King holds his HOLINESS in esteem as leader of the Catholic Empire, he does not agree that Catholicism merits influence over Democracy or the political secular state.

The Roman Catholic Church is often at odds with the United States on many major issues, and remains a lukewarm friend on key issues even during the reign of Pope John Paul II. Sadly, the Church has also taken positions opposite American interests.

The question about whether people like Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes should be executed is not a moral one subject to any religious intersect. It is right for anyone, religious or not, to question whether its reasonable for rapists and murderers to be granted mercy for the horrendous crimes they've committed.

While the Church is welcome to stand with the poor, the outcast, and the refuge, it should not protect the pedophile, the rapist or murderer. I will stand with the real moral majority over Andrew Roraback any day of the week.