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Thursday, February 2, 2012


According to God-like perfectionists, we are all RINOs.

Everyone has heard the term RINO which as you know is the acronym for the phrase "Republican in Name Only."  Funny thing about this term is that it seems to apply to nearly everyone who falls short of the select high standard of pure Republicanism which is set forth by those who extol all the perfect virtues, values, positions, and noble attributes of one who is a true Republican. Remember, it only takes one unacceptable thought or viewpoint to be cast down by the righteous

Of course, pure Republicanism is a very elite group indeed.  So much so, that I can only think of two, maybe three select individuals who might qualify for this high honor of perfection.  These most excellent individuals shall remain nameless here else they may seized upon by throngs of jealous naysayers who would seek to analyze their every utterance to find that one stance, that one weakness that would shatter their purity and reputation FOREVER.  And we mean FOREVER - for there is no redemption, no grace, no absolution, and no way back, once you descend from the heralded God-like station.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions about how HIS MAJESTY THE KING falls into the two categories stated above, I must admit openly and readily that I too fall short:


But I don't go off and sit and weep in the corner, or wander the streets with my face forlorn. Nay! I wear my designation as a Badge of Courage because I know that I am in such good company with so many fine people - people like you who are equally damaged and imperfect.

Let's examine just a few of our comrades in arms who are members of the RINO ARMY.   Here I'll present the individual and his or her crime(s).

Newt Gingrich:  For supporting the Individual National Healthcare mandate, Global Warming, Cap and Trade, and for serving his ex-wife with divorce papers at her hospital bedside as she recovered from cancer treatments (real family values).

Mitt Romney:  For being from Massachusetts, creating a socialized medicine scheme to cover 7% of the people in Massachusetts, and for not running illegal aliens out of Boston or burning down the homes of gay couples.

Rick Santorum:  For his hundreds of votes supporting spending packages to expand the size of the Federal Government (all for a good cause, of course)

Ron Paul:  For being Ron Paul who's not really a Republican anyway, but rather a full-fledged Libertarian-Isolationist who supports ignoring the drug cartels, al Queda, and moving us back to an 1850s foreign policy: "Don't know, Don't care".  All schools will be issued globes with the United States as the only land-mass surrounded entirely by water.

Jodi Rell:  Who is Connecticut's Queen of RINOism for having not called in the Connecticut National Guard even once to crush the Democrats' liberal onslaught of the State Budget and Economy.  And for every position she's ever taken on any issue, ever and ever. Amen.

John Rowland:  For going to Jail.  Real Republicans don't go to jail, they build jails, and put Democrats in jail.

Lowell Weicker:  For selling out Richard Nixon, and giving us the permanent income tax.

Tom Scott:  For running on the Independence Party ticket against Republican John Rowland (and getting your arse kicked), and for selling out to Linda McMahon for the almighty dollar. And for no longer being able to have legitimacy in the claim that you stand on principle now that you work for McMahon.

Tom Foley:  For being boring as hell.  And for not beating Dannel Malloy.  And for spending most of his life as a job-killer instead of a job creator.  Real Republicans don't buy companies and lay people off, they create jobs, and hire people.

Chris Shays:  For supporting Cap and Trade, gay rights, and not supporting the Second Amendment the way he is EXPECTED TO including the notion that ordinary citizens should be able to own tanks, warplanes, anti-aircraft batteries, their own naval armadas, and nuclear weapons.  What the hell is wrong with you, Shays?

Linda McMahon:  For giving money to Democrat candidates and the DNC, for buying RTCs, delegates, and anyone who will listen to her non-specific, empty dribble.  And for not having any positions on anything at all.  And for intentionally trying to be the nominee - to fill that empty space in your life, marriage, job et al, all the while, knowing you can't win - so as to ensure that a Democrat gets elected.

Brian Hill and Kie Westby:  For taking up space on the game board when both of you will be lucky enough to get 5% of the delegate count, combined.  Nice guys, but you both have to know that you are helping Linda McMahon achieve her goal of overcoming life inadequacy and helping Democrat Susan Murphy get elected to the U.S. Senate (see Linda McMahon above). And besides, neither of you could afford to purchase enough convention delegates if your lives depended on it.

Joe Markeley, Rob Simmons, Chris Coutu, Larry Cafero, and the entire Republican State House Caucus for signing a letter supporting Aniskovich for State Chairman and turning the State Party into a laughing stock, and for many of the same for going along with Linda McMahon's buying spree.  And for the 85 other Republican Leaders including RTC Candidates who took bribes, donations or what-have-you and sold out to Linda McMahon before the process even started (See Linda McMahon above)

And for many of the same who supported Governor Malloy's Jobs Bill which will allow for patronage at the highest state government level. Brilliant!

5th District Candidates Justin Bernier, Lisa Wilson-Foley, and Andrew Roraback for sending out annoying press releases bragging about how much money you have, or how better financial positioned you are than your fellow Republicans to win election, and MOREOVER - for making this a race about MONEY instead of about ISSUES!  All three of you should quit the race and go get jobs raising funds for the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  Even the Democrats aren't this self-absorbed and egotistical.  And stop running your campaigns against President Obama, you idiots!  You have real Democratic opponents right here in Connecticut!

All Pro-Abortion Supporters:  For supporting a woman's right to abortion; a cardinal sin according to St. Peter and the gang.

All Pro-Life Supporters: For seeking Government mandated control over women's reproductive rights. And for ignoring individual liberty.

All Union Members:  True Republicans don't join Unions.

Bill O'Reilly:  For his asinine stance AGAINST the Death Penalty. 

Blah, Blah, Blah.  I guess by this standard - EVERYONE IS A RINO!

Get my drift?  Jack Kemp used to talk about this whole concept of the Big Tent where there's enough room for differing viewpoints on a variety of issues.  With the exception of those committing corruption or fraud (including buying or selling of delegates and votes, or endorsing such behavior) there is plenty of room for opposing viewpoints within the Party.  After we get done tearing each other to shreds, let's get on the same page and remember who we are really supposed to be fighting.

There is only one or two exceptions where Republicans don't have to grin and bare it, and get behind a bad candidate, but I'll leave that for now.  Just remember when you are about to throw around that annoying term RINO - don't forget to think about your own imperfections.  You might just want to move on, and find a better way to express yourself.  Else you just may turn off a large block of Republican voters who could make a huge difference in November.



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Chip Jones said...

Has The_King become "General Mongomery in retreat to the Conservative Dunkirk"?

MT said...

For someone so obviously intelligent and insightful, I am appalled that you are so off base as to what Ron Paul's actual position is. Isolationism is a far cry from non-interventionism, which is his actual stance. It also happens to be the same stance many Republicans, including Bush, ran and won on. Have we become so desensitized to the size and constant force of our military as to be so callous about the damage we do? Are we so afraid of everything that we can't stop bullying the world for two minutes and get our own house in order? For instance, protecting our own borders instead of foreign borders, which would certainly not translate to ignoring the drug cartels, by the way. How about getting our financial house in order, instead of bankrupting ourselves further, borrowing money to protect other countries and leaving ourselves wide open and vulnerable?

I'm not saying you have to support Ron Paul, but I would think that you, more than most, would at least know your candidates. Reagan, himself, said libertarianism is the heart and soul of conservatism. And Ron Paul was found to be THE MOST CONSERVATIVE out of 3,320 congressmen and senators since 1937.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video about our current foreign policy.

Hank Jenson said...

Hey King

How come we don't hear about Dino's (Democrat in name only) ? You know why? Because Dinos are Rinos


Anonymous said...

It's why are failing. Lack of strong leadership, message, and instead we have self serving, pandering, money grubbers who want to plane nice nice with the Democrats to keep their few little crumbs to themselves. We are a party of pussies and RINO is being kind.

Dan Reale said...

I respectfully dissent with the King on this one, but do understand the point he is attempting to make.

The fact is that the Republican party doesn't stand for anything here in CT at this point. That point is made. For heaven's sake, these people say "fiscally conservative" as if they'd even dare cut spending that's 50% BEYOND what we could ever afford to sustain (as in we could tax everyone for everything they take in and STILL be unable to meet long term and even current obligations) by more than ten percent with anything substantial.

The GOP branding would have us believe not only that conventions were fair, but that the nominee was Washington himself reincarnated, back here among us, ready to rock us like a hurricane and felling volumes of useless law with his cherry tree slaying axe - the axe being made out of lightning, forged by God himself and blessed with the tears of Reagan if you believe Romney.

Dan Reale said...

In support of my ealier comment, I submit the reactions to the timely, appropriate and very reasonable Dean/Visconti resolutions.

If the CTGOP can't even tolerate a threat to the ability to PRETEND it's not run by everyone seeking three pieces of silver from McMahon, there is not hope for the CTGOP...

Anonymous said...

Dan are you going to vote for Courtney again like you've done in the past?

Anonymous said...

All Pro-Life Supporters: For seeking Government mandated control over women's reproductive rights. And for ignoring individual liberty.

So according to the King- babies in the womb don't have the right to individual liberty of being born? (One persons rights over anothers)

*Some animals are created more equal than others*

King reveals his true self.

The King said...

I didn't say one way or the other. If you actually read the piece, I criticized the pro life and pro abortion sides.

As for the issue, it's true I do not have a litmus test that someone need pass to get my vote. If that offends you - good. Anyone who makes a decision of who they'll support for political office soley based on the abortion issue is - a fool. When people are working, and the unemployment rate is around 3% we get get outraged about side issues.

The King said...

MT, we just disagree. Sorry, I'm a hawk on foreign policy. It's not 1937.

I can't respond fully in the comment section, but whether you call it isolationism or non-interventionism - it's the same thing. We don't have the luxury to sit back and watch developments unfold. Bush's doctrine was not non-interventionism given Gulf War I. Also, we cannot abandon Israel which is the only legitimate democracy in the region.

If you don't see militant Islam as a threat, I can't help you see it. 9-11 was not us Bullying the world. That's nonsense talk.