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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sign the Petition: Stop the Repeal of the Death Penalty

Gary "Coleman" Holder-Winfield is a
 big supporter of Hayes and Komisarjesky
 and people just like them
Connecticut Democrats led by the ever-arrogant, racially-motivated State Rep. Gary "Coleman" Holder-Winfield, and ultra-liberal Governor Dannel Malloy are working around the clock to disregard the will of the people of Connecticut and Repeal the Death Penalty.  This is a critical time as the Democrat-controlled Legislature seeks to put a new bill on Governor Malloy's desk during this upcoming legislative session.

Last year, the Repeal of the Death Penalty measure was defeated by a slim majority in the State Senate, 19-17, due in part because two Democrats:  Andrew Maynard of Stonington, and Edith Prague of Columbia broke ranks with their Party after meeting with Dr. William Petit, the sole survivor of the heinous slayings of his wife and two children during the 2007 Cheshire Home Invasion.

Andrew Maynard, now believing that the coast is clear, has committed to voting for the new repeal bill when the measure is reintroduced in 2012. The only reason he didn't support the Repeal Bill he claims was because the vote was "too close to the Komisarjevksy Trial". Republicans residing in the towns of Moosup to Groton and all parts in-between have a new challenge on their hands for the next election cycle - send this yellow coward packing.  I mean this guy doesn't even have the conviction to vote his conscious.  What kind of people would put this weak-minded fool in a leadership position?  If old pal Rob Simmons is looking to be relevant again - then helping to replace Maynard would be good start.

Edith Prague has not yet committed to supporting the new Repeal measure but in private her friends say that she claims she would consider supporting the measure this time around in exchange for a few minor changes.  This is sad if true; last year after voting against the Repeal, her own liberal allies in the Press came after her for saying what everyone in Connecticut was thinking about the murdering-pedophile Joshua Komisarjevsky.  It would be a shame if an outspoken woman like this suddenly supported Repeal for a few lousy political favors.  If Ms. Prague could see the reason to support the Death Penalty for these two SOBs, then what about the endless generations of the same type of evil-doers to come? 

At the end of the day, if both Coward Andrew Maynard and Edith Prague cave to peer pressure and presents, the ballot would move to a 50-50 split allowing Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman the opportunity to cast the deciding vote in favor of  murderers and rapists.  Then Governor Malloy can in turn cite Catholicism for his decision to pen it into law (funny how he doesn't invoke Catholicism as his rational for his supporting votes on other liberal social policy positions).

Despite what liberal activists think, Connecticut trends higher in polls with 67% of residents in favor of the Death Penalty.  Nationally, one Gallup Poll on the issue found that 64% of Americans are in favor of the Death Penalty in cases of murder.  Other polls show a larger majority for support of the Death Penalty for similar and even lesser crimes.

Clever Democrats will try to distance themselves (and their votes) from the convicted Petit Murderers by claiming that that new Repeal Bill would be prospective - meaning that it would not apply to Joshua Komisarjevski and Steven Hayes, but only to future convicted murderer-rapists, et al.  But every drooling anti-death activist, and half-way decent trial attorney knows that the very passage of a new Repeal Bill opens the door wide-open for a special circumstance appeal from which the wacky Jeremiah Donovans of the world will launch their bid to save Death Row inmates. 

Only a fool would believe that the word "prospective" would stop the anti-death penalty hyenas from selling their souls to the devil to get Hayes and Komisarjevsky free from Death Row - a spot that they earned by their own actions, not through the decision of a Jury. 

As this war heats up, there will be a lot of rhetoric flying around from so-called experts who will lie through their teeth about how the Death Penalty isn't a deterrent - trust me, there aren't too many Dead Murderers posing a threat to society these days.  And making sure these two get the injection of death they deserve is a personal passion of mine - moreover, we owe to future generations to make sure that anyone who commits such or even a much lesser set of crimes faces the same lethal punishment. 

Meanwhile join our cause, get involved, make calls to your legislator, and sign the petition:

I'll end this piece by quoting the sister-in-law of one of the victims of the 2007 home invasion, Jennifer-Hawke Petit, who wrote it best:

"The majority of Connecticut citizens are in favor of the death penalty. The death penalty as it stands now is broken and needs to be fixed. It is the only reasonable and just penalty for the most heinous murders. A vote for repeal is a vote for criminals and a vote against victims."
- Johanna Petit Chapman

Darn Right!  So join us!  Don't let twisted people like Gary Coleman Holder-Winfield tell you that you can't have justice, now or in the future. 



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Cheryl Williams said...

Mr. "King",

Not everyone in the African-American community agrees with Gary Holder-Winfield. His remarks do not represent everyone of color. Did you know that he gave a speech referencing Dr. Martin Luther King as his reason for wanting repeal of the death penalty? I'm personally angry that Dr. King's name is being used against the African-American community in this manner.

People of color suffer most from murder and violent inner city crimes, and now they want to take a way the punishment that make them think twice about committing them.

Cheryl Williams

Anonymous said...

Actually Holder-Winfield never used King as his reason. He was speaking at an event held on King day but has been very clear that Martin Luther King is not his reason for advocating for the repeal of the death penalty.