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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CTGOP Headquarters moving back to Hartford!!

Jerry Labriola will need a hand
moving all the boxes of money
he's raised this quarter
For those who don't know, this week is the Big Move of Connecticut Republican Party Headquarters to it's brand new location at 31 Pratt Street - 4th Floor in Hartford.

This is great news for everyone!  Not only will the CTGOP be re-located back to the capitol city where it belongs, the move will also save the Party a couple of hundred dollars a month on rent!

Jerry Labriola, Jr. and his team are to be congratulated for moving CTGOP Headquarters out of the bombed out, dirty, and embarrassing location in New Britain which former Chairman Chris Healy brought us to.   

Several State Central Members received complaints from volunteers about not wanting to work out of the New Britain location citing personal safety concerns due to have to having to park in a poorly lit parking area.  Some complained that the building was dirty and dingy.  And many felt that it never made sense to leave Hartford in the first place given the desire to be in closer proximity to State Legislative Offices, and Hartford firms where all the action takes place.

The King says Kudos to Chairman Jerry!  Moving CTGOP back to Hartford will give the Party new life and energy, and a positive boost that it so badly needs.  It's also close to Vaughn's - a great water-hole for after hours socializing!

NOTE:  Until a formal press release is sent out by the CTGOP, all communications, telephone operations, and party activities should continue as they do today. A formal announcement is expected soon!



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Anonymous said...

Hopefully a more welcoming place where Republicans can stop in to volunteer, brainstorm, use resources, and do op-research. Not like the COLD Shoulder atmosphere people have received in the past. We need to be open source about being successful and winning elections. We need good customer service that courts and welcomes people into the party, not the curt attitude of Gary "The Weeble" Schaffrick.

Anonymous said...

I hope that toothless twit Mike McGarry doesn't try to take credit for this? Before we know it, the rainbow and PR flag will the proudly hung above the CT GOP's.

Anonymous said...

I fart in the queens general direction. She really needs a romantic evening versus the dutch oven she's used to.

Anonymous said...

Very excited and I expect CT GOP to host multiple events downtown. I would like to see more social events and party building activities. You have to make it fun to keep people engaged. Dinner or lunch with Jerry should be a monthly event awarded to the RTC who has registered the most new Republicans.

Anonymous said...

This move is long overdue... driving to that hell hole in New Britain took the cake. And the place smelled like a sewer pit.

Although I'm worried that Pedro Segarra will have his goons work triple time on Pratt Street ticketing Republican cars. What's the plan for parking down there anyway?

Anonymous said...

There's no parking in this location except for reserved spots for Labriola and Cafferelli who seldom if ever come into the office anyway.

There's no room in this small office space to hold "multiple events downtown."

Wow, so being close to a bar is of major importance? If I were you "King" I'd think twice about giving "kudos" for that.

The King said...

Incorrect. We are told there are 7 spots available. You can't be a Debbie Downer about everything. There is plenty of FREE PARKING after 5pm anyway. And ANYTHING beats that dump in New Britain. Would you have brought a big donor to that rat-infested hole and asked them to drop 5K or more in donations? Being back in Hartford makes sense!

Elvis Conti said...

Hey King

The space is 2700 feet, not small like one coward anonymous poster said . Also I own part of the street,you can find two bricks with my name on them which I purchased in the 80's when they were doing the street over. Lastly I'm planning on putting on GOP Block Parties together in the summer with outside band. The City of Hartford accomodates that.So long New Britain and finding empty bottles of JD that Healy left hidden in unusual places, hope the landlord there doesn't take our deposit for that......

The Captain

Anonymous said...

CT GOP needle exchange program with the big elephant logo. Let's show some goodwill to our bretheren in the Hartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Every candidate for CT GOP Chair made the promise to move back to Hartford. Jerry keep his word. Congratulations for a job well done.