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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tea Party Faithful join with Social Conservatives to Celebrate 3-Year Anniversary!!

A great turnout by the Tea Party Faithful!

Last week, when The Hartford Courant, the official voice of the Democrat Party in Connecticut, all but declared Connecticut's Tea Party dead, organizers just smiled and continued their planning for what turned out to be a stellar three year anniversary celebration on the steps of CT's Supreme Court in Hartford.

Even The King was surprised at the solid turnout for a cloudy hum-drum Monday in Hartford - the crowd swelled to 185 people by the time the lunch hour rolled around; the event was a smashing success thanks to the CT Tea Party Patriots valiant efforts to organize the public event - particularly, the ladies of the movement who have done so much to build and maintain the organization over the last three years. 

Of course not everyone was happy to see the ragtag group of so-called dissenters mount a successful public display of unity.  As you know, critics of the Tea Party tend to come from two opposite corners of the political spectrum.  First you have liberal democrats of the looney Michael Moore variety - who hate the Tea Party as much as they hate Liberty itself; these folks would rather adhere to the mindless dribble of the destructive Occupy Wall Street crowd embraced by the White House, and advocates of social anarchy. 

And second, you have the establishment types within the Republican Party who see the Tea Party as a threat to the long standing order of things.  Meaning, a few select GOP leaders dictate all with the expectation that the sheeple quietly follow - even if it means blindly walking off a 2000 foot cliff to their doom (like we did in 2008 in the Presidential Race, and 2010 in the CT US Senate Race).  When the Tea Party's national movement began to front their own candidates ahead of pre-selected establishment types, the GOP leadership balked. The King's caveat on the issue of the Tea Party has always been that they run as Republicans and generally not against Republicans except to primary. Although I suppose there may be a few situations were doing so would be acceptable, even encouraged, but these are few and far between.

But Monday's event was more significant than just a reunion of old friends, it was the first time that we've seen a public alliance between Tea Party Patriots and Social Conservatives in Connecticut.  While not an 100% perfect glove fit for each other, the two groups have much in common, at least in this Blue State

1)  Social Conservatives and Tea Party members oppose big government controlling every aspect of our lives - whether social or fiscal;
2) both groups are ignored, shunned, and barely tolerated by Connecticut State Republican Leaders who don't do "Guns, Gays or God"';
3) both groups celebrate America's traditional Judeo-Christian values, and our Western Historic traditions including respecting our military, and supporting military action against foreign tyrants
4) both groups are seen as mere political obstacles to navigate, manipulate, court, or placate, instead of being treated respectfully by candidates as principled individuals who's values and ideals have merit, and are based upon reason.
5) Both groups are demonized and hated by the left-wing of this country, its media, and its politicians because both groups contain the activists that fuel Republican opposition and victories across the country (note to all: its not the rich moderate windbags who turn the tide, its the activists with pitchforks and rifles who make the difference!)
6) Unified, Social Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots could run the gamit and really begin to make in-roads, and impact races both local and statewide.

Detractors could probably provide a list of issues where both groups have differences, but at the end of the day - its far more important for these group sto put those aside and band together and work to dismantle the Democratic Machine that is choking Connecticut's Economy and turning this state into a safe haven for big spenders, social engineers, tax and spenders, violent criminals, illegal aliens, drug dealers, and cross-dressing pedophiles.  Surely, Tea Party Members and Social Conservatives must see the direct correlation between moral/social decay and its impact on economic factors which are compounding Connecticut's problems.  The two are not equally exclusive of each other.

As for the Rally itself, the group of speakers did a fantastic job without going overboard in their presentations.  Co-organizer Joe Visconti rallied the crowd early with his trademark bullhorn.

State Rep Bill Semanski (62 District: Granby, East Granby, Barkhamsted) led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, and U.S. Senate Candidates Peter Lumaj, and Brian K. Hill also spoke to the crowd. (Neither Linda McMahon or Christopher Shays were in attendance). 

There were a number of other Connecticut politicians who attended but most came for the purpose of jostling for Tea Party support, and for an opportunity to take advantage of the media coverage to suit their own purposes - election.  Among them was 5th Congressional Candidate Mark Greenberg, who was offered the opportunity to address the crowd by organizers but outright refused.  It's not often that a Congressional Candidate fighting for a respectable position in the race refuses to take the microphone and say few words to potential supporters.  Tea Party organizers found this behavior quite bizarre, particularly after watching him stalk media personal afterward to tell his own story.

Then there was Lisa Wilson-Foley who stood in the audience but appeared to be lost without her keeper - Campaign Manager Chris Healy.  She looked like a fish out of water - dazed and confused.  At one point she was seen standing down by the sidewalk as if waiting for the next Transit Bus to come by, and perhaps wondering if she had missed it.  It's a shame, because of all the candidate who attended, Wilson-Foley would have been one of the more interesting people to listen to on the topic of social conservatism given her uniquely moderate views.

Although not a politician by trade, Peter Wolfgang, who heads the Family Institute Action of Connecticut gave an eloquent speech on the issue of President Obama's attempt to force Catholic Hospitals to provide contraception and birth control to patients which is in direct conflict with Church doctrine and teachings.  While The King disagrees with Mr. Wolfgang on a dozens key issues, he finds Wolfgang's positions well-stated and consistent. 

If Peter Wolfgang ever ran for office, voters, including The King could easily overlook some of his more stalwart positions in favor of putting a principled, dignified family man to represent the people's trust.  Even when Peter Wolfgang disagrees with you - he does so in a respectful manner.  Admittedly, he is a gem, and there are few among us like him.  Which is why certain members of the Press stay awake at night trying to find a kink in his armor.

There is one important note here.  Although Peter Wolfgang and a few FIC Staffers showed, it was very unfortunate that Leaders from the Catholic Church didn't participate or appear a the Rally entitled, "We are All Catholics Now."  A brief visit by even a few Nuns or Priests would have gone a long way to build solidarity between the Catholic Faithful and the Church.   This was also the case during last year's battle at the LOB on the Bathroom Bill when the Church showed at the 11th hour.  Maybe there is some work to be done there to engage them earlier and more frequently.  At least Pastor Rick, a Baptist Minister spoke came to provide support from a Religious perspective.
Lastly, we would be remiss not to mention the single unfortunate episode that occurred shortly after the Rally concluded involving our favorite pretend newsman William Landers.  As people witnessed, he engaged in a verbal confrontation with one of the organizers of the Tea Party Rally who out of respect for their hard work and dedication shall remain nameless.  Landers, as everyone knows, can't seem to decide whether he is a make-believe reporter, or quasi-Republican activist, of sorts.  The argument that ensued apparently had to do with him demanding an opportunity to address the Tea Party audience.  To our knowledge, he was the only person wearing press credentials who demanded a turn at the microphone - neither WTNH's Mark Davis, or The Hartford Courant's Daniella Altimari asked for mic time.

As the Program concluded, Landers threw a full flown temper-tantrum, wagging his fingers, and becoming loud enough for people to stop their conversations and turn their heads in his direction. One person heard the organizer ask, "...are you threatening me?"  The conversation ended abruptly with the organizer walking off annoyed, and leaving Landers alone to deal with his frenzied emotional state.  Fact is, there wasn't anything to argue about, the Rally had ended, and the everyone was preparing for a group photo shot.

The people at The Capitol or where-ever press credentials are issued must dole them out like candy if someone like this can get one.   If the set standard for journalism is creating a webpage, and wandering around with a hidden tape recorder in your pocket, or setting people up like they are appearing in an episode of Candid Camera, then by all means -  everyone including The King should be issued one, or perhaps two, or even three sets of credentials.  

Between shaking people (and organizations) down for cash in exchange for publishing positive "news articles" -  and his Pearl Harbor-style Gotcha reporting, it's not surprising that  anyone, anywhere runs for cover when he shows up on the scene.  His website links to malicious articles about non-public people outlining the most intimate details, unfounded and untrue, about their family and personal financial state.  Last month's episode alone should cause Tom Dudchik pause, and sever the link to Landers' fictional news site - Ameriborn News to CTCapitol Report 2012.  Or maybe Tom Dudchik doesn't care about who Landers maligns on his webpage.  It's interesting to note that Dudchik removed Authentic Connecticut Republican's link from CT Capitol Report 2011 for a much lesser violation (which I believe was use of colorful language in his minor criticism of Chris Depino's defense of Rosa DeLauro's absence during the fall flooding).  How about a little consistency Mr. Dudchik?

Well, regardless what you think about Mr. Landers' behavior, candidates and politicos have been warned to avoid the male version of Connie Chung and his hidden tape recorder.  "Just between me and you, right, Mrs. Gingrich?

We don't want end this on a sour note.  This Rally is just the beginning of the "street-activation" that's coming soon.  The Tea Party has big plans for the future, much of it includes holding the Connecticut media accountable for their actions, biases, and serving as the  communication vehicle for Connecticut Democrats.   

Great Job, Tea Party!  Keep up the pressure!



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Anonymous said...

It's true what you wrote about Landers carrying a hidden tape recorder. Don't trust him on the phone either. He bragged about taping phone conversations to a bunch of people. Don't trust his wife either

Honey Bunny said...

It takes a unique couple to charge guests $35 a head to attend their wedding. Your buddy Rob Simmons hosted the fiasco at his home.