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Friday, February 3, 2012

A couple of Linda McMahon Videos

Just in case you've forgotten, CNN's Anderson Cooper aired this interesting piece on Linda McMillions back in 2010...

Best line in the clip comes at the end... "proof perhaps that even the richest person in the world needs a message voters believe, not just a good act." So far, I think we can all agree that a message voters believe has been a huge gap in the McMahon strategy since she started running in 2009.  Her recent video Linda's Story is more of the same; voters aren't a slight bit interested in hearing her talk about herself.  They want to know what her plan is to get the economy turned around, and keep our enemies around the globe off our back.

The second video is from 1994 where Linda attended the College Democrat Convention (I'm not sure how often Republicans address Democrat forums, historically, or Democrats attend Republican forums, I guess its worth a study). The video is significant because it's a clear example of the the overall lack of conviction of ideology which Linda demonstrated in 1994, 2010, and continues to demonstrate on her road shows today. Everyone wants job growth - Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Libertarians, Constitutionalists... everyone.

Linda only started adapting Republican views when it became necessary to possess them. If you haven't had the chance, listen to Linda respond to just about any hot-button question from a constituent and you'll notice that she acknowledges the person, but almost never demonstrates passion about the matter one way or another - except when talking about the jobs issue. If nothing else, she is clearly a one-dimensional candidate. And since most Republicans don't want the Federal Government creating jobs, she doesn't have much of an appeal to our base on that issue either. We don't send people to Congress to create jobs, that's supposed to be done in the private sector.

I don't know about you, but I get a sick stomach when I see a Republican candidate standing in front of a Democratic podium. This video lends credibility to the rumor that Linda initially approached the Democratic Party about running for office on their ticket, but only became a Republican after they turned her down. There is nothing wrong with switching from one Party to another - but I will never buy the story that Linda McMahon had some great epiphany like Ronald Reagan did in the 1960s.



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