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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Legislative Action Alert: HB 5024 : Renamed: Bill to Eliminate Connecticut Republican Victories

It's all fun and games until somebody
loses an election - a Republican
somebody, of course
Well, my fellow Connecticut Republicans: So you think winning an election is hard work now in one of America's deepest, darkest, bluest states? 

Were you amused in January by New Haven Mayor John DiStefano's bold idea to allow illegal aliens the right to vote?

Did you enjoy watching Connecticut Democrats carve up our towns into uneven, illogical and nearly unwinnable districts for Republicans in nearly every place they could?  Did you get a laugh out of Professor Nathaniel Persily's feigned attempt at fairness during his court appointed redistricting special master charade?

Well if you loved all of THAT - then you're going to REALLY love THIS!

Currently awaiting approval in the Connecticut House of Representatives is:

(please click the link above and read the fine print)

I strongly recommend that you commit the bill number to memory because you're going to be hearing plenty about it very soon.  In summary, this bill would allow anyone to wander up to a polling place on Election Day and Register to Vote so they may participate in the election currently underway!  Attached to the Bill is the the archaic plan to introduce an online voting system which would fall under the control of Connecticut's Secretary of States Office  

Not suprisingly, the four activist Democrats sponsoring the Bill are:

REP. DONOVAN, 48th District

REP. SHARKEY, 88th District

SEN. WILLIAMS, 29th District

SEN. LOONEY,  11th District

The Governor's version of the Bill is located here.

Also of major concern to both voters and Town Registrars is the following language in the Bill:

"The bill requires Election Day registration applicants to declare under oath that they have not previously voted in the election and to provide the same information as people who apply for registration before this date. This means they must state under penalty of perjury (1) their name, bona fide street address, date of birth, and citizenship; (2) whether they are disenfranchised because of a criminal conviction; and (3) whether they were previously registered to vote in another town in this or any other state. They must present their birth certificate, driver’s license, or Social Security card to the admitting official for inspection.

If the applicant’s ID does not include proof of his or her residential address, he or she must submit a driver’s learner’s permit, utility bill due no later than 30 days after the election, or current college registration or fee statement that includes his or her name and current address. The bill allows college students to present their student photo ID in lieu of the identification required by law."

Not only does HB5024 permit people to vote on the same day, it also ensures that fraud can be committed without interference from pesky Town Registrars on Election Day.  This act permits people to vote even if they don't have a license or voter ID card - all they have to do is provide proof of residency - 30 days AFTER the election.  What? Yes, that's right - 30 days after the election?  Are you kidding me?

Recently, Governor Dannel Malloy held a conference call with statewide Registrars of Voters, which included representatives from two states who's Democrat political leanings favor this shenanigans. Currently in the United States there are nine states have some form of same day voter registration: Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Washington DC.  But thirteen states have ended the practice citing widespread fraud, and expense. 

And if you've wondered about the expense component; it is planned to shift cost associated with same day registration and online voting to each Connecticut town or city.  Your Secretary of State Denise Merrill recently said that, "[Towns and Cities should take on more of the financial burden associated with elections.]"  Right, as if the towns aren't struggling as it is to balance their own budgets.

It is reported that on principal members of the Registrar of Voters Association of Connecticut (ROVAC) stand against the idea of this same day voting scheme.  But the organization has not taken an activist stance to prevent its passage as of yet.  I would encourage you to contact both ROVAC and your own State Senator, and State Rep and express your disgust with this blatant attempt at fraud (which Democrats will try to sell as voter eligibility).  If you think this idea is a good one, you must be a Democrat because you won't find one Republican supporting such a scandalous plan.

According to the schedule, a PUBLIC HEARING is SCHEDULED for this
Friday, March 2, 2012, at 11:00 A.M. in Legislative Office Building, Room 2A
(You must sign up by 9 am if you wish to speak).

Even though this issue will impact every eligible voter in Connecticut, the Committee has "generously" offered a mere HOUR for public debate on the matter, along with other Bills included on the schedule.

nterested in seeing how advocates of this liberal initiative see this legislation, then look here. And also at this New York Times article which favors passage written by Harvard Liberal Professor Marion Just.
One way to ensure that Republicans never see majority status in Connecticut ever again is to sit on your tail and do NOTHING to try to stop this bill.  For if you do nothing, you'll see several close elections swing to the Democrats, and there won't be a snowballs chance in Hades of reversing the damage done given that those making the rules, and those who control the courts won't be in any rush to side with Republicans.

I'm hoping to see Chairman Jerry Labriola, Larry Cafero, and the rest of the gang all over this, and helping voters lead the charge against a clear case of STATE-MANDATED voter fraud.



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The King said...

I recognize that the article above is a bit rushed, and poorly assembled. Sorry about that, but with the public hearing only a day away, we don't have a lot of time to react. And I haven't seen much commentary in either the media or social media about it. Hopefully, people will pick this up and take action!

If anyone has additional information on HB5024, please post it here. This is one of those rare moments where Republicans of conflicting interests/campaigns and political alliances should be working together to defeat this bill. If the bill passes it won't matter which campaign you work on - you're job will be 10x tougher. Think of how groups like acorn and others could use this to their advantage.

The King calls on Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. to issue a statement condemning this Bill as outright fraud.

This is where a little leadership from House Minority Leader Larry Cafero can go a long way to helping towns avoid Voter Fraud en masse. Please call Larry and ask him to step up to the plate on this important issue.


The King said...

Ill assemble as much as I can:

The King said...

Article. The Prioblem with Same Day Voter Registration:

Anonymous said...

Vote early, vote often, vote from multiple IP addresses.

The King said...

CRLC to testify against the opposition of same day voter registration bill:

Anonymous said...


Thanks for getting the word out and creating awareness to this issue. You helped out more than you will ever know!

You should publish more of these legislative alerts in the future and forget about all the political posts about campaigns. Federal elections are a lost cause. The public needs to know more about what is going on at the state capital. This is what is important.



Anonymous said...

1) Cafero and McKinney are opposing this bill as-written, I believe.

2) Perhaps you need to look a little closer at the new state house districts. I defy you to show that the map got worse for fact it got appreciably better. No so much in the senate tho.

The King said...

Latest on this travesty