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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Connecticut Tea Party Plans 3rd Anniversary Rally

Connecticut Democrats
have had a long history of
treading on Nutmeggers
Looks like The Hartford Courant's quasi-pronouncement that the Connecticut Tea Party is sort-of dead was a bit premature (yes, I know they didn't write that word-for-word, but they think it).   Well, the good news is that's nonsense - at least according to organizers who are planning a big 3rd Anniversary Rally on Monday, February 27 on the steps of the Connecticut Supreme Court in Hartford-town.

Personally, I'm not in complete alignment with The Tea Party, per se, but I respect and appreciate the positive impact they've had on a national level.  In Connecticut, the impact has been minimal mostly due to what can be considered - organizational challenges between rival leaders of various factions.  Grassroots organization can be very effective, that is -  until someone or something attempts to hijack it for their own personal gain and advantage.  Nonetheless, we are fortunate that many tea party newcomers have stuck around; many are active leaders on political campaigns, and several have battled the establishment-types to win seats on RTCs around the State.  Congrats to all of you!

The aforementioned article refers to two people - Joe Markley and Len Suzio who were at one point considered darlings of the Connecticut Tea Party.  Suzio was elected largely due to efforts of Tea Party members who made calls and walked the streets of Meriden to get the vote out on his behalf.  But unfortunately, given that both men have been recently bought and paid for by the Linda McMahon for Senate campaign - any positive feelings toward them by Tea Party members have long since abated. 

The very thought of Joe Markley holding a Gadsden Flag is revolting to the core.  He's a sell out.  The fact that he would fight to have a U.S. Senate seat decided by a group of paid-off delegates in a closed State Convention is a disgrace.  Real Patriots don't work to eliminate voices from being heard, nor do they try to block respectable individuals from earning 15% of the vote so they can't automatically qualify for the primary.  The very idea of helping to formulate backroom deals to disenfranchise voters is unpatriotic - to say the least.

What Markley and Suzio laugh-off as "just politics" with old chum and McMahon hitman Tom Scott, the rest of us see as corruption and patronage.   Deep down they know the truth about their actions which is why all of them are fighting tooth and nail against the notion that paid employees of candidates should wear identification at the Convention. Go figure! Their words and actions speak to their guilt.  Here's the kicker - if you ask either  Markley or Suzio why Linda McMahon is allegedly more qualified than Shays, Westby, or Hill - they sputter incoherently.  Or they read the carefully crafted bullet points off her tri-fold pamphlet - "proven jobs creator" and "not a career politician".  Good grief!  From the looks of it, the McMahon-Markley-Scott Syndicate doesn't really have a Plan A or a Plan B.  It's the 2010 campaign all over again. 

Maybe Markely and Suzio aught to find the Straight-Talk Express that U.S. Senator John McCain used to reference during his Presidential Bid; more time spent riding that Busway might be useful to get both men to clear their heads and their consciences - if they still have one, that is.  And before Linda McMahon gets up on her soap box claiming she's going to clean up Washington, maybe she should first begin by cleaning up her own act starting with her campaign tactics.  Frankly folks, there isn't enough detergent available to remove the dirt and scum from that operation.

The good news is that while many people have folded their tents and gone home, there is still a ragtag group of people who care about ethics, liberty, values, and less government.  If you can try and break away from your busy lives for a few moments, please stop by and show solidarity with our Tea Party brethren.  Demonized by the Press for their conviction, they are really some of the finest people we have in our ranks, and they would like to see a few extra smiling faces as they celebrate their third anniversary. 

Here is the official press release:


On February 27, 2009 approx. 125 patriots rallied for the first time in Connecticut in front of the State Capitol to voice our concerns over government spending and the loss of freedom. On that day the Connecticut Tea Party was born! And since that day we have never wavered from demanding that federal, state and local governments adhere to their constitutional foundations, be fiscally responsible, and support free markets.

Three years later, however, we find our government continuing to spend massive amounts of money, bankrupting us and our children, and also engaging in persistent and vicious attacks on our nation's first liberty - religious freedom. In light of the recent attacks on the Catholic Church, tea party patriots would agree with David French and Glenn Beck (see links below) when they say that "We're all Catholics now!"

Yes, we are all "Catholics" now, and the 2012 election will be the most important in our lifetime. We either return to the founding principles and values that define our great country, or we continue down this path of government infringement and loss of freedom in every area of our lives.

So please join us on Monday, February 27, for an "impromptu" rally in CELEBRATION of the Connecticut Tea Party and in SOLIDARITY with our Catholic brothers and sisters. Bring your family and friends, your flags, bells, signs and voices. Our 2012 season begins now!

Help us send a message that the Connecticut Tea Party is alive and well, that we remain vigilant watchdogs of our government, and that we will work tirelessly to defend our freedoms.

DAY: Monday, February 27
TIME: 11 AM to 1 PM
PLACE: Connecticut Supreme Court, front steps, 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford (across from the State Capitol)
RADIO STATIONS TO CALL: WDRC 1360 AM (1-888-574-2723), WTIC 1080 AM (1-800-966-9842).


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Hair on Fire said...

The one thing Tea Partiers can hope is that the fools who think the movement is dead continue along that thought process. What better way to defeat an opponent than by sneaking up on him?

Burning Manifestos said...

We are as dead as Freddy Kruger!!!

Anonymous said...

"We the people" are the TEA Party last I checked; we haven't died. Many of us have moved onto RTCs adn into other Party organizations. We can influence the system from within now. The problem is that the CT Republican Party would rather support lousy candidates they approve and can control than run real ones with the know how to get the job done. In 2010 the state party urged people not to support or donate to certain candidates. Many of the old guard continue this practice in 2012. It's a losing strategy.

We must learn that a Lincoln Republican, with a conservative philosophy, can win in CT. We certainly can't do worse than we are now! People won't come out to vote for a Republican light, a "look-a-like," if the candidate has a history with the Democrats, or talks, votes or acts like one. We saw that with Peckinpaugh and we will see it with Lisa Wilson-Foley.

When candidates like Chris Coutu go on the radio and say they are proud to vote with the Democrats in Hartford 70% of the time, well, it is time for him to join their Party! We need candidates with the backbone to stand up to the liberals in CT so they are prepared to stand up to those in Washington.

The intra-party bashing and undermining going on in the Republican Party is wrong; it is incestuous; and it is going to cost us another election unless it stops right now. Support candidates who are offering solutions, campaigning on the issues, and those not out to destroy other Republicans in the process.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking the truth about Markley, Scott, and Mc Mahon. Suzio joining them is just sad. What a shame ! I can tell you this, many people of Connecticut will not be joining them in supporting the chameleon candidate, Linda McMahon!