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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Petit Family Tragedy: A Cautionary Tale For Us All! Pray for Dr. Petit and his Family.

Like everyone else, we've been glued to our television set watching the horrific story unfolding in neighboring Cheshire, Connecticut about the Petit Family triple-murder, and we've found ourselves praying for the recovery of Dr. William Petit, who is recovering from an attack at the hands of the villains. It's been gut-wrenching to watch the footage, and one can't help and think about the safety and well-being of one's own family in this dangerous, and sick world.

I won't go into the gory details in this column about what's been learned, but you can read the story here if you've been somehow disengaged from current affairs. It's enough to keep you up at night. And simply cry out, "How can this be?"

I really can't bring myself to rant about such a tragic story. But its enough to acknowledge that it happened, and hope to God that swift and true justice is brought to the two cowards - nothing short of given a quick death sentence for such a brutal and hateful crime.

Mrs. Petit in many ways is a hero to the greater community. Her brave and fatal action of tipping off the bank teller may have resulted in the Police appearing on the scene just in time to apprehend the two villains. Had she not taken the risk, those sick SOBs may still be at large, and planning their next heinous crime wave.

If there is anything at all we can glean from this story it is to be focused. Protect your families and children. Take nothing for granted, and assume nothing. This is not a call for paranoia, but a call to be vigilant. Friends, take this incident as a cautionary tale. Please take the time to discuss it with your family.

Please pray for the souls of those who passed, and for Dr. Petit and his extended family. Obviously, Dr. Petit has the toughest road of all to travel. I cannot imagine the thoughts racing through this poor man's head as he sits in the hospital trying to put the pieces together. I pray that his Church and community help him and guide him, and God gives him strength in the coming days and years.

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