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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Zydeco under the Stars in West Hartford

One of the best local activities of the summer has got to be the Elizabeth Park Wednesday Night concert series (schedule here) which starts on June 27th and runs through August 29th. It's a great time for friends and family to bring lawn chairs, blankets, and dinner of choice and hang out, socialize, and even dance under the stars to the music of various bands from different genres. It is the best run, best attended music series in the region!

For the annual attendees, it's really a fun reunion of sorts, as each year, the same familiar faces tend to meet up with each other, and catch up on the latest news and gossip while listening to the sounds of some darn good amateur bands.

Most amazing is that the event is very typically "West Hartford" to the point where you just look around and giggle to yourself. The diversity on the green matches West Hartford's - often disregarded diversity of population. On one side of us, a group of well-dressed ladies were drinking $150 bottles of wine and enjoying select cheese carvings, to our right - another group of younger guys were sitting around drinking bud light and munching on ham sandwiches. And then a bus pulled up and out popped about twelve members of the senior community (we helped set up their chairs), and then you have the "who's who" in town - back at the edge of the rose garden hanging out at the tent sipping IPA and gabbing about the latest town scandals.

And of course, mixed in, there are the West Hartford families - with lots of children (including my own) running around, singing, dancing, and laughing! This is the blend that makes West Hartford a great community!

And no matter what music is playing (the bands range from Country to Symphonic), its always a great time. And it makes "hump day" a little easier for us working folks!

Last night was the always anticipated, always loved - "Zydeco Night" staring River City Slim & the Zydeco Hogs! The fast beat, and cheerful Louisiana style music made everyone get up and dance their hearts out in front of the stage! Even I got up to the stage with my laughing two year old daughter and did a little Zydeco shuffle. There's something about Zydeco that tends to bring out the positive vibes, and smiles everywhere - and last night was no different.

Thanks to the Elizabeth Park Committee and organizers for making this series possible! All of us appreciate all of the hard work and organization that it takes to make this wonderful element of West Hartford Life possible.

And if you live locally, and haven't been to a concert - you are missing out. Stop by next Wednesday around 6:30 pm, set up shop, and enjoy the atmosphere! Oh, in did I mention that its also - FREE.

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