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Monday, July 9, 2007

Muslims stealing our Episcopalian leaders?

See this article from the Blog: The Deacon's Bench.

When it rains, it pours. Not only does the Episcopal Church struggle to keep its parishes and dioceses intact, while it withers away from Anglican Communion over the new age doctrines being introduced by ECUSA's left-wing leadership, but it looks as though at least one Episcopalian Rector has "taken off the collar" to weigh all options, and decide whether or not it's time to covert to the Muslim faith.

I have to agree with the Catholic author above in his commentary that Christianity and Islam have two very distinct approaches and have irreconcilable differences, particularly with regard to doctrines and history. Christianity is very direct in its claim that salvation comes through Christ alone. Islam is rooted in "golden rule" philosophies via Prophet Mohammad and is rooted in the Koran, and not the Word of God as found in the the One True Holy Bible. Having read both (required reading), neither are compatible. Salvation is through Christ - there are no substitutes in this category folks.

But with the confusion out of the Episcopal Church, and the heavy recruiting by Muslim clerics and followers, I can see where anyone can make the case that the ECUSA has fast lost its moral position (if not moved the point of endorsing immoral behavior in the case of Bishop Robinson and other matters found in the ECUSA's liberal agenda), and perhaps Islam tends to hold closer to moral precepts than new age Anglicanism. I'm sure that's hard for some to accept, but it actually may be true.

Interesting thoughts to ponder.


Allme, brutha said...

Wow, there were a bunch of comments here a few minutes ago, did something happen, or did you delete them?

The King said...

No, there are no additional comments on this post. But I did turn on moderation because there were posts on other stories that were inappropriate and disrespectful comments. People are free to disagree and debate freely, but not cast baseless insults at the author. You can do that kind of thing on your own blog.

Additionally, your other post was reject due to the entirely inaccurate comments in the second section dealing with racial issues. Your racial-charged comments were inappropriate for this forum. Please take that elsewhere.

The King said...

And let's not forget folks, Allme, Brutha runs a closed blog that is by invitation only. What's the point of having a blog if you keep it to your little group of readers, at least this blog allows for dissent (and open readership).

The audacity of some to misinterpret everything is astounding. Isn't it? But we understand the agenda all to well. Adios!