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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July/Fishing/Back to work

We managed to sneak in a great Independence Day despite the rain trickling down at about 3 p.m. and then disappearing and reappearing later in the early evening. By fireworks time, not only was it wet, but I was zonked out and probably couldn't have kept my eyes open even if they were being ignited in my backyard.

The morning was probably the best part of the day. At about 5 am, my dad and I seized the "free hours" and headed off to the shoreline for some fishing in the Sound. While we do this more for the purpose of spending some quality Dad to Son time, I did manage to catch a nice 30" bluefish. I'm sure it would have been good eating, but after declaring victory by making the catch, we happily returned the beautiful fish to the sea. But we put in four and a half hours of fishing and relaxing and just enjoyed the time. Unfortunately, these time with dad are too rare as it is, so we just make the best of the time we have.

I really enjoy the time fishing with Dad. It reminds me of earlier years when trips were more frequent to the shore to cast a line in the sea and then retreating back to our campsite to cook the spoils of our capture. Distinctly, I remember the steady hunt for flats by rowboat outside of Clinton/Westbrook, and the days of easy fishing off of Meigs Point Hammonasset Jetty for the waves of hundreds of snapper blues - who were easy game for a my cheap - single button casting - Zebco Fishing pole and spoon jig. Those were great days with Dad. Although I think that some of the more comical moments were watching my father do battle with Sandsharks, Eels, and Sea Robins. In any case, the whole fishing experience is something I'll need to remember to replicate with my kids when they get older.

(And a brief note to parents - while researching some pics for this entry - Zebco had a recall on children's fishing poles due to lead paint. So be careful if you buy one used or off of Ebay. See the press release here).

The afternoon was made up of family time, my dad and mom played host to my family and my brother's family and we had a nice picnic - burgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, potato salad and the rest. I was pretty beat from the fishing trip, so the best I could muster was to sit and watch some of the great series The Revolution on the History Channel while holding my new daughter. The younger daughter enjoys Grandma's and enjoys family gatherings so she can play with her older cousin.

So, it's early morning in West Hartford. I'm at the computer in a sort of tired daze, and getting ready to restart my week. I swear that driving home, yesterday evening, felt much like a Sunday with the though of going into the office and tackling complicated issues and matters again in the morn. I hope the next few days will be "light duty" from a mental standpoint with none of the usual crisis's popping up here and there. Plus I have to conserve my energy - we will be getting ready to host this weekend for my older daughter's second birthday!

Screaming kids and cranky adults will all be headed to West Hartford this weekend. Rain, Rain, stay away!

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