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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sushi Review: Zhang's Restaurant of Mystic (Connecticut)

Zhang's Restaurant is one of those secret little places that is worth the visit when venturing in and around downtown Mystic, Connecticut. For us mariners who are sushi addicts, we tend to frequent port towns, and need to know where the best places are for delicious sushi and sashimi - because when the body goes on "red alert" for sushi or sashimi fix - well, you've got to get there fast! (Those who are sushi addicts absolutely know what I mean).

Zhang's is another one of those Chinese-Japanese combo restaurants that I'm often suspect of because I find that its quite rare that such a combination restaurant does proper justice to either menu style. Yet, Zhang's manages to consistently please both myself and my company with outstanding Japanese and Chinese style meals. While I always head for the sushi, I've sampled a number of Chinese dishes that are just wonderful! The chicken, vegetables, steak, and noddles are perfectly prepared and have a unique taste of oils and spices that you almost never find in the usual generic Chinese restaurant.

What can I say about Zhang's Sushi? For three years that I've been eating there, the quality of the fish is first rate! Sushi goers understand that when you eat fresh sushi, you usually get a "mini-high" but only IF - THE FISH IS FRESH. Well, I can tell you that the sting that you get from Zhang's Sushi is consistent, and perfect every time. Salmon, Tuna, Eel, Whitefish, what have you ... not a mediocre piece in the serving. And even the presentation matches the quality.

The portion size is excellent (which makes me wish I could move the whole restaurant to West Hartford), and the prices range from $15-17 for Sushi Regular and Sushi Deluxe respectively - pretty much average. I usually get the Sushi Deluxe because its so delicious that you want two more pieces of what is being served. And Sushi Deluxe comes with the perfect spicy tuna roll, that is slightly crunchy on top and prepared so well that you will want to start with it, and save a few pieces at the end of the meal so you can walk away from the table with it as your last memory!

The average Chinese dish ranges from $10 - 18 depending upon what you select (obviously there are more expensive dishes depending upon what you desire). And another positive is that they are VERY family friendly. I have to say that the wait staff makes every effort to interact with your children and do everything they can to please. Moreover, Zhang's accommodates children by cutting regular portion meals in half and charging half price - even though its not presented as an option on the menu. And even those portions are "take-home" size.

Also, on the option of Sushi rolls, Zhang's has quite an assortment of handmade Sushi rolls that are to die for. There are so many options, that you'll need to find a reason to travel to Mystic just to try them.

The only problem with eating at Zhang's, is that once you eat their Sushi, it makes all of the restaurants up our way seem like they're serving grade "B" fish. When you set the bar that high for your palette, everything else is a tough sell!

So, I think I've popped about as much as I can for a Sushi Restaurant. What can I say, they deserve it. Oddly enough, Zhang's doesn't seem to have an online web page (that I can find) so I can't share the menu with you. But they are winners of many awards including Connecticut Magazine, Zagats (2004-2007), and others. So for folks, who don't feel like standing in a long line to dine at Mystic Pizza, you might want to venture down the street and give Zhang's a try.

Zhang's is located at 12 Water Street, Mystic (Groton side of the bridge next to Voodoo Lounge and Margarita's).

Bon Appetite!

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Kate said...

thanks for the review- we're going to check it out.