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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tests that West Hartford Police may use to find the cartoon drawing maniac!

I wrote in one of my most recent posts that whoever drew up and mailed the cartoon that depicted (and I haven't seen it, so I'm going on the Courant's description) a student or teaching at a chalkboard with the Diary of Anne Frank stuffed in their mouth or something to that effect - to the opponents of the recent referendum (or in other words - folks who were on the side of raising taxes to support their agenda) who spoke at a recent West Hartford open session - was just plain dumb.

On the West Hartford Blog, a comment was made that the writers/contributors to the blog may need to be subpoenaed by police. First, I don't believe that anyone on the blog is guilty of sending the cartoon out. Most of the folks on the blog care about the town, and would rather argue the issues to death, and take cheap shots at each other through electronic medium instead of doing something as lowdown and childish as mailing a cartoon out to the speakers supporting taxes.

Second, there is no indication that anyone, by their words, is guilty of any crime whatsoever. And if Whdad is doing his job as "Blog Moderator", he's verifying who is who, since real emails are required before anyone can post. I can happily say that I reached out to Whdad months ago with my real name and information, just as sort of - courtesy. I also offered on three occasions to chat on the phone and provided him my name and number, etc. But he's probably too busy to take me up on the offer. I know he's seen the emails because on at least one occasion he responded with a promise to reach out. Sadly, I haven't heard from him. I can understand his hesitation, I'm sure he doesn't want wackjobs calling his home, or stopping by, so he keeps a low profile.

Third, let's use a little logic here. It would no further make sense to have a writer on West Hartford Blog investigated by police than it would to have:

1. The West Hartford Taxpayers Association crew
2. All members of the West Hartford Teacher's Union (perhaps they sent it to deflect from the debate)
3. Anyone who went to the Public Forum
4. Anyone in town with access to Channel 5 local television (which repeats the broadcast over and over).
5. Anyone who has friends or relatives with access to Channel 5. After all, they might have watched the broadcast on their friend's/relatives' television and scribbled down everyone's name and address.

Ok, so you get my point. Eventually, the guilty party will be located by WHPD and fined or arrested, or both. And that's the way it should be. And you know, that person will brag to the wrong person or group and they will be ratted out to the police. It never fails that someone "that clever" usually gets found.

Personally, I hope that this doesn't undermine public debate in this town. I honestly like to hear and see proponents of increasing taxes talk at the podium on Channel 5 - because their very presence galvanizes the fiscal responsibility folks and gets them to participate and vote where it counts.

In the meantime, if West Hartford Police decides to go the route of investigating all those above they may want to use one of the following tests to find the guilty party:

Four second drawing test
Clock drawing test
Pig drawing test
Personality Test
Crime Test

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