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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey, Joe Buck! Fox Sports and ESPN! The Truth? You're not interested in the Truth?

Tonight's All-Star game is a great example of why either the game should be broadcast in silence, or without the lame commentary by Yankee-Hack turned Barry Bonds*-apologist, Joe Buck.

Joe and friends spent most of the evening failing all over themselves to kiss the arse of Barry Bonds* despite the fact that just about the entire world understands that Bonds* is the world's biggest cheater in major league sports.
Hey, Joe Buck, ESPN, and Fox, take a close look at the pictures posted above and to the right- we have ordinary Barry Bonds*, who played for Pittsburgh, who for some unknown reason (wink, wink) doesn't appear as large as his alter-ego - the Steroids- enriched San Francisco model, who managed to increase his hitting power, batting average and all other stats by nearly .130 since his alleged weigh gain. Pretty impressive.
And I bet the newer model Bonds* isn't fitting into his medium size t-shirts any longer. It must be all those Hulk-a-Mania shakes and the new workout program that Richard Simmons has him on, right? I mean how else could anyone transition from a "C" bench-level baseball player to an instant phenomena overnight? Going from a handful of homeruns to 770? Wow. That's focus.
Joe Buck, ESPN, and Fox - a shameful, pathetic performance tonight. Making excuses under the banner that "no one will every know the truth" is pathetic. Nice to know the kids watching can count on people like you in the public light to hold Barry the Cheater up on high as if nothing is wrong. Joe, you and your friends just take the cake.
The truth stands before you... and thanks to people like you who - if they really cared about the game and the young fans - could set the record straight over the Bonds* controversy and his phony record breaking achievements. By God, Babe Ruth must be turning over in his grave. And Hank Aaron is probably too embarrassed to stand up and say something. All of you, have no shame. No shame at all.


codesujal said...

"C" baseball player? He was a consistent member of the 30-30 club long before the steroids issues came up, even when he was skinny Barry.

I actually agree with your point, but calling him a C baseball player is awfully far from the truth.

Check out his stats. after his first few years, he was a damn good player, and had some great seasons with Bobby Bonilla, Van Slyke, and those scrappy Pirates teams in the early 90s/late 80s.

I do wish ESPN and Fox and company would stop apologizing for him... he made his choices, and he's not a hero. I think the story is too big to turn away from, though, since Aaron's record is among the biggest in sports.


The King said...

Bonds was never in contention for any HR records prior to steroid use. His stats show this. He was a fair player with a good year here or there. Even Jerry Remy had a good year too.

Moroever, I dislike Bonds for his attitude and off the field behavior. He's not a hero for cheating on and beating his wife. The fact that he's celebrated at all, is a crime.

And Bud Selig is a coward. The best he seems to do is to threaten to not attend the record breaking game. How lame is that.

ESPN is a shameful organization. The show Bonds on Bonds is pathetic. ESPN has lost a lot of credibility. But we all know that race plays a role in this. And ESPN would suffer a set back if they called Barry out, and everyone know this.