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Thursday, May 10, 2007

No baby, but the stars are aligned...

So as of this morning, we are about two days overdue as the "Baby Watch" continues...

As you know, I work with a significant number of Indian contractors, who are very interesting folks to work with (I probably should write a piece on that in itself - I will wait until after I attend the all day class my company has me scheduled for later this month at $500 a pop entitled "Working with India"), and several of them have recently had children over last year or so. Understanding the stress of the "waiting plight" for parents, one particular workmate sought to reassure me that everything is in good order and that the fact that the baby didn't come earlier than expected (or as thought) is actually a good thing. Apparently, I was told - last week was not a great week astrologically because "the stars were not bright enough", but this week and next week are great days. With days after this Sunday being the best.

I guess he and his friends had a situation last year, where they moved the induction dates for their babies arrival due to astrological warnings or star positions. I'm told this occurs frequently within the Indian culture. With all of this going on, it must create a logistical nightmare for hospitals in India on a regular basis. He did admit that the doctors do not think much of this practice, which I guess is a good thing since they deal with life and death where Ouija boards and crystal balls have no place - or at least better not if I ever end up over there laying on the operating table.

Well, I don't know much about astrology, and I have a hard time understanding what the scientific relevance of the brightness of stars, or their position in the sky relative to days of the year has to do with the birth of a child, but apparently in his world this has significant importance. Do children born on "bad days" have terrible lives? I guess so, he attributes birth defects to this happening. He tends to believe that Indians tend to look at this in retrospect - particularly when a child is born with a birth defect or breathing problem and astrological details suggest that a birth could have been postponed. Seems a bit like the reverse of Calvin's predestination. And sort of scary! Seems like adding guilt where none is required, and an excuse to ignore that its nothing more than statistical probability or perhaps even genetics.

Well, since in my case the stars are going to be shining brightly so I guess I'll just go with it. So we wait and wait, and can feel a sense of relief that last week was a crummy week to have a child and this week and next are just peachy.

Anything to keep the distractions from the anxiety of waiting! And no matter what we pray for a healthy baby no matter what the astrological consequences might be.

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