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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ready to burst! Baby watch is on!

Yep, we are getting close. Closer than ever.

It's still hard to imagine that the target date is May 8th. I keep having reoccurring dreams that I have to rush her to the hospital, and of course - this means me rushing from work and traveling 20 miles to make this happen, and then trying to figure out where to bring my daughter.

To pass the time, last night we did some meal stockpiling by hitting Trader Joe's. If you haven't been to Trader Joe's - well I recommend taking a look at some of the prepared meals that they have, and their prices are pretty good on general items. It's one of those places that you probably wouldn't shop at every week, but once in a while its a welcome change of pace to regular grocery stores - particularly in West Hartford - where the grocery stores really are incredibly mediocre. We have a Waldbaums - which is a dirty pit, and a regular Stop & Shop that is too small to be useful to a large community. We used to have an Adams, which was pretty good, but that closed down a few years ago. And there is a Big Y, but its in a shaddy part of town. Plenty of choices, but the only thing that West Hartford is really missing is a Super Stop & Shop.

But back to the the baby watch...

For some reason, we've been avoiding all discussion of the baby's name. This is either because we are convinced that we have the name down, or my wife is going to "pearl harbor" me with a name when the young one arrives. I hope its the former and not the latter.

I'm sure whatever we pick will fit nicely, and years from now we won't be hated for picking a "weird" name. That much I'm certain of.

And most of the projects that need to be done to "get ready" are complete. Now we are just waiting for the little one to arrive! So the question is -- when?!

Also, a sad note - Manchester United lost yesterday to A.C. Milan. This is really unfortunate to see a mediocre team like Milan advance, and a spectacular team like United to loose out - and to lose by such a large margin. We now look forward to the Champions League final between Liverpool and Milan which will be play in a couple of weeks.

Liverpool is the odds on favorite to win, securing for them the title "Champions of Europe" once again. Go Liverpool!

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