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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Soccer: Credit to AC Milan for winning the Champions League Trophy!

Well, congrats AC Milan. You are the Champions of Europe!

You managed to defeat Liverpool FC by a score of 2-1 yesterday in fancy style. Despite calls for your removal from the tournament due to your involvement in the match fixing scandal, you ignored the controversy and won the game on the pitch. And like it or not, the game is not won in committee meetings or courts, but on the pitch - and no one can take that away from you.

As for Liverpool FC, their play was inexcusable. Gerrard, Crouch (who was added too late in the game btw), and the gang lacked focus and looked like children ready for a nap. The fact is that Liverpool FC has looked pathetic for weeks now, including lackluster efforts during the final weeks of English Premier League play that made people question whether or not they were even engaged at all.

Maybe next year, Liverpool. But be prepared to finish what you start. This is yet another sad end to an otherwise promising season. This is another win for Serie A to rub in the face of the EPL.

Now that the soccer season is officially, over - and as losers often do - Liverpool FC will have the chance to think about what could have been, all summer long. And in when play resumes in the late summer/fall we will see if Liverpool FC has learned anything from all of this.

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