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Monday, June 4, 2012

WWE Employee Violence Problem revisited

While Linda McMahon tries to distance herself from the so-called industry that finances her U.S. Senate runs; it's worth taking a look at how she and Vince McMahon have authorized their employees to behave in public (and on camera) when confronted with controversial questions about - steroid use, wrestling as a rehearsed violent drama, or anything else that Vince and Linda McMahon doesn't like.  It's very clear that defending their empire from the truth is their number one goal.

I write this out of fear for Journal Inquirer reporter Chris Powell who took Linda McMahon's WWE to task for it's violent nature, borderline pornographic imagery, and sexual innuendo.  Linda McMahon via the WWE public relations team responded inappropriately by threatening to sue the Journal Inquirer for exercising it's First Amendment rights.  This should raise alarm bells with all of you Tea Party Activists and Constitutionalists out there who no longer need to wonder exactly how much value Linda McMahon really places on Liberty and The Bill of Rights.  Answer: Not much!

While her surrogates try to rebrand the WWE is as simply family entertainment -  the biggest joke going in political history - the polls show that her product is probably not going to make the Family Institute of Connecticut's top shows for family hour viewing.  Family entertainment? Really?  Girls wrestling near naked, wrestlers cutting themselves with razors to give the visual effect of bloody brawls, screaming and yelling and punching each other is what Linda McMahon sees as "family entertainment"?  This may be so for thugs, and criminals, but not for normal, everyday families who don't want their children watching this garbage on their television sets.

I'm sure most of you recall the famous 20/20 interview which took place in December 1984 where McMahon employee David Schulz wacked ABC's John Stossel around for asking questions that could have hurt the McMahon franchise; the video below is just the thing to spark your memory.  I know this seems like old news, but there is solid evidence that this kind of behavior by WWE employees is ongoing and it continues to be discussed openly in multiple Pro-Wrestling forums that you can easily find around the Internet. It's curious that Connecticut Republicans don't seem to see anything disconcerting about the WWE and Connecticut Republican Party brand being mixed together (if not hijacked); while Linda's Team uses the same bullying tactics on competing campaigns or activists.  "If you don't vote for Linda, you'll never amount to anything in Connecticut Politics" is not just inside political baseball, it's a page from the WWE blackball playbook.  (At least the sexual harassment component hasn't reared its ugly head.)

Still, you have to wonder about the audacity of a 300 pound men slapping, threatening, and hurting television reporters and hosts while the camera is rolling.  As Pro Wrestling insiders will tell you - these guys don't do anything without permission from the McMahons.  If you thought the last two Republican State Conventions were fixed and dirty - wait until you take a look at how WWE employees are directed to behave toward dissenters or naysayers:

(See Schulz piece toward the end of the video
Caution: some foul language at the start of the video )

So while Connecticut's politicians publicly cheer on Linda McMahon quietly taking over the CTGOP, you have to wonder what impact her candidacy will have on the entire ticket.  At this point, we aren't hearing much from Christopher Shays who seem quite content to send out a few boring press releases, visit town greens, and march in a few parades close to home all the while - Linda blasts the airwaves with high tech TV and radio commercials.  All that's remaining on this road to oblivion is a singular commercial in the first week of August featuring Shays pointing to oversize ballot behind him with his thumb and uttering the words, "Hey, I'm still on the ballot."  The whole campaign reeks of Simmons II.

At this rate, it's going to be a long summer, and an even longer November.  And at the end of the day, the Connecticut Republican Party and it's weak-kneed leadership will only have itself to blame for allowing Linda McMahon to single-handedly turn over two U.S. Senate seats to Democrats for the next 30 years.

Note to Chris Powell: I wouldn't recommend conducting any face-to-face interviews at WWE shows without wearing a helmut and a good suit of armor.



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Truth be Told said...

"King", where is your Big Shot Chairman Jerry Labriola on all of this? He's not out there defending the Constitution either. He just sits on his ass and let's Linda McMahon make a mockery out of your Republican Party.

Or maybe Linda has Labriola by the balls too? Maybe he's the one getting paid. Why don't you look into that if you're done carrying water for the useless puppet.

Anonymous said...

You know the saying " don't pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel " and if you see an impending train wreck get out of the way! I think Congressman Shays is handling this correctly....every day there are more negative articles about McMahon and the WWE.....and now the JI has filed a complaint with the FEC....what amazes me is that these so called "business people " didn't see this coming.
The congressman has always conducted his campaigns with dignity....and I am confident the voters will not be fooled by the onslaught of slick ads touting this "new improved Linda" . In the end, we will have a Senator that we will be proud to have represent us and that Senator will be Congressman Shays!

The Village Idiot said...

Your Highness

Cafero, McKinney, Simmons, Fedele and more CTGOP players backed Shays so the CTGOP leadership you claim are to blame can only mean you blame Labriola. If so what was the guy to do, pull a Healy? Jerry played the roll of referee in a game between the New York Yankees and the New Britain Rock Cats (you decide who's who). Linda had the delegates in her pocket from day one. Tom Foley and Tom Scott will be forever blamed for backing McMahon and you Sire had better make sure you don't let anyone forget it come 2014.As for Shays,DC and John McCain will appoint him to a nice commission where he can live in Maryland and retire into obscurity. As for Labriola, he may just throw in the towel and go back to his Law practice having had an exciting couple of years hanging with the big boys from Greenwich and West Hartford bad boy Joe Visconti.

The Village Idiot

The King said...

Let's get one thing straight... your assertion that I'm somehow blaming Chairman Labriola for this quandry is absurd. Whether you like it or not the fact remains that many of the 169 RTC Chairman, RTCs, State Central members, and delegates also share the blame for the current maddening state of affairs.

Accepting bribes (oh wait...donations for influence and votes)is what led us to a place where we have a Republican nominee who stands for NOTHING and who has foolishly declared war on the First Amendment, and the Press. Brilliant strategy. And is using the company that parents despise to do her dirty work while she acts aloof and unreachable.

She thinks she's going to set an example of the Press, but I guess she's about to learn a lesson in her ripe old age about how things REALLY work. Personally, I'm going to enjoy watching the Press ban together and give her the ass-whipping that she deserves over the next several months. They haven't even scratched the surface and she's given them the green light to make herself, her family, and her company into a collection of total jackasses that they truly are.

Mitt Romney didn't want anything to do with her before, and he doesn't want ANYTHING to do with her now. She a walking radiation plant on the verge of meltdown. Problem is that radiation travels and all those of you who created this monster are eventually going to feel the effects.

Linda McMahon is the same blonde idiot you saw on WWE programming just a few years ago. And unfortunately - her demise is OUR demise. When I mean OUR demise... I mean the taxpayers who will be stuck with Chris Murphy as our Senator for a quarter century.

As for Labriola, I refer you to the piece I wrote (and decided not to follow up on) a few weeks ago. I gave him the credit he deserved and the best his critics could come up with was that they didn't like the parking or copiers. These are the same petty idiots that conive in the corner with Chris Healy and kiss Linda's ass from day to night in exchange for her meager donation to their little RTC. Whoopie-doo. Don't they feel big getting a photo-op and bag of change from the "wrestling lady" - while the whole state laughs. Ha. And some of you worry about our brand because of lack of unity. Get a freaking clue!

The King said...

Time will tell how Jerry Labriola is assessed. If his win/loss ratio equals that of Healy then I guess you'll have to judge the merits of his tenure based on other criteria. As far as I'm concerned, he's done some good, and he's done some things I don't care for. But at least he's not a corrupt scumbag which is what half of the State GOP is clamouring for. And all some of you people can do is bitch about him playing music, drinking beer, and renting a nice car. He deserves something for dealing with so many schmucks day in and day out. If I were Labriola, I'd be as cocked as Healy.

Bottom line is that if we get our tails kicked-in in November, then it really won't matter. Whether Jerry hangs around to deal with all of you thieves for another round of crapola or retreats to private practice is a matter for him to decide. But whatever decision he makes, he can have a clear conscious about his own role in trying to turn the tide. At the end of the day, he can thank MANY of the 169 RTC Chairman, State Central Members and Party bosses including Tom Foley, Joe Markley, Mark Boughton and others fell head over heels in love with the idea that Linda's money is more important than qualification or electability.

Brian Hill was right about one thing... we are our own worst enemy. Linda as our nominee. Awful proud of ya'! We are the party of dumb. Now all that's left is for Esty to take the 5th District... and Chris Healy and Lisa Wilson-Phony are going to work their tails off to make sure that happens. Hell, we won't be able to even take advantage of a democrat implosion.

Someone please hand all the Republican Candidates a set of carving knives and save Esty the trouble.

2013-2014? Sure, I look forward to Tom Foley's commercials tearing apart his Republican competition from start to finish. Followed by his "charismatic" self starring off into space while he wipes the grey popoun from his mouth with a silk napkin.

I'd say gut the whole party, but that won't happen because there are too many people making a bundle off of the system of failure we have in place. Jerry or Jesus can't change that.

You want to help the Party? Donate $100 bucks to Tom Scott's opponent to work to ensure that he loses so we don't have to listen to that traitor run his mouth 24/7 and appear in photo-ops with Markley, Suzio, and the other little dipstick Sampson who doesn't know how to take "no" for answer when trying to date people half his age.

As for Chris Shays - great guy, serious guy, hard-working guy, bright guy. But he showed up to the game in 8th inning and wondering what to do about the 400-0 score. He's running a respectable campaign, that's true. It's that no one know who the hell he is outside of Fairfield County, and emails with hexagons and long arrows with cryptic messages on them are going to do squat for him. He's out of money, and out of gas. He needs the tooth fairy to bring him a treasure trove full of gold coins, because he's toastier than freaking toast.

Linda McMahon is like Don Quixote charging a windmill, and all we see out of Shays camp is Hexagons and arrows. Where's the campaign? Respectable? More like bloody Non-Existent.

OK. I'm done. Rant over.

The King said...

P.S. Don't whine and bitch to me about the spelling and grammatical errors. I wrote it one shot through; its not an essay contest. That's just another example of a small minded complaint of "substance" from you windbags more interested in what's petty and irrelevant and having long lost the whole damn plot.

Now go watch a reality TV show because the reality we are all living here in this state as Republicans is a living nightmare.

Anonymous said...

All her negatives are out. The press is dry heaving and Chris Powell's trap is a failure. Linda will win the nomination and peak before the election just like last time. PEAK MCMAHON!

PT Barnum said...

Republicans can continue to believe Linda can win its what they do best, believe in corruption. With no one nor anything stopping her but her inexperience in public service and War on morals with the WWE everyone please go back to sleep and Reality will wake you on November 7.