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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Godspeed Gary Schaffrick

As this information appears to be public, The King's Army wishes CTGOP's State Treasurer and Workhorse Gary Schaffrick best wishes and Godspeed as he undergoes a series of Krystexxa treatments for his ongoing battle with Gout.  Gary is set to begin his campaign against this painful ailment on June 12, and will undergo treatments over the course of 24 weeks which will hopefully result with him becoming pain-free and feeling renewed.

If you know anyone who's had to deal with such a debilitating condition such as Gout and other Chronic Pain diseases, or Cancer treatments, then you have some insight into what it's like to suffer immense physical pain throughout the day, sleepless evenings; and the struggles of fatigue and mental anguish resulting from an endless cycle of relentless torture.  We pray that all this ends positively for Mr. Schaffrick in six months time.

While I can't get into too much personal detail here, you have to understand that Mr. Schaffrick - although being in league with some of those in opposing internal political alliances from that of The King - has a big heart, and has set a high standard for compassion when it comes to helping others in his life.  He is due some blessing for at least one particular act of kindness that will have life-long repercussions for at least one young person he holds dear.  (Sorry for being cryptic, but it's not my place to reveal this here without permission - just accept that it is so).

The King would ask that all the usual complainers and whiners within our political circles take notice.  And instead of criticizing him for what he hasn't done (to your satisfaction), give him your support and offer him the same kindness that he shows others.  The treatment that Mr. Schaffrick is about to undergo is mentally and physically tiring, and will be a largely frustrating ordeal.  Perhaps a few of you will have the courage to reach out to him by phone or note to see what you can do to offer support or help. 

Sure, he's a proud man.  We all are.  It's part of being a guy - which is why we'd rather spend $50 in gasoline driving around in a circle instead of stopping to ask for directions.  But sometimes, although unsolicited, it's appreciated to get a pat on the back, or a kind word of encouragement when you're going through a time of trial. So please keep that in mind over the next several months when you make the false assumption that "he knows how I feel."

For those of you who think this post is somewhat out of character for The King.  Well, it's not.  It's just that you buggers just don't know me at all. :)

Good luck, Gary.  Fare-thee-well!



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Katheryn Brown said...

Prayers and God Bless Gary Schaffrick.


Katheryn Brown said...

Prayers and best Wishes Gary Schaffrick.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Good luck, Gary. We love you!!