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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Unwanted Invasion: Sharia Law Conference in Hartford

Coming to America?
Pray not!
For most of us, Memorial Day weekend is a sacred time to honor those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their Country.  Since 1775, the rich tradition of the U.S. Armed Forces has served as a tool of Freedom- not just in the United States but around the world - ending tyranny, and toppling despots to foster Democracy, and to a lesser extent republicanism.  Memorial Day is a clear reminder that thousands of Americans have given their lives for Liberty on behalf of all people regardless of race, color, or religious persuasion.  This is a stark contrast to the selfish hordes of extremists set to occupy our Connecticut Capitol City this weekend; those who thumb their noses at American Exceptionalism and our Western way of life in favor of a establishing a single Islamic authority over all Muslim-Americans.

Unfortunately, Hartford is currently hosting the 37th Islamic Circle of North America (ICNAcarefully entitled Defending Religious Freedom: Understanding Shariah.  The underlying theme is the advancement of subversive Sharia Law in the United States, and includes all the workshops to empower their minions to recruit and convert the mindless, and the destitute to their extreme way of thinking.  It is ironic that such a conference, un-American in so many ways, is being held in Hartford, home of Connecticut's Founder Thomas Hooker - a Puritan who fled England to establish a Christian way of life free from tyranny, and corrupt Church orthodoxy.  To witness such an invasion by those who's thinking is contrary to free people is an outrage, and crime against civilized peoples.

One only has to look across the pond to merry old England to see the amount of damage that can be inflicted upon a western nation through the advancement of Sharia Law.  The United Kingdom is perfect example where a small foothold once established as a liberal courtesy has grown to wreck havoc on a once proud democratic society; extremists have turned the country's judicial system upside-down to the point where entire boroughs and neighborhoods stand outside of British law. In such places, an established sub- government exists (Sharia Muslim Council) which have indirect the authority to act, and my most reports have been able to supersede the UK's Government and laws (mostly by virtue of the UK Government turning a blind eye to it's rulings). 

Extremist Muslims love to talk about Religious Freedom except when it comes discussing the Judeo-Christian values which govern, and have contributed to our American Laws and Judicial process for over two centuries.  Muslim extremists have no interest in following Western Laws because they don't feel compelled to follow them.  Make no mistake, this not about the nice lady living next door who wears a Burka and says her prayers, it's about a real threat to our laws, traditions, and our way of life.  The religious freedom that Sharia demands is in direct conflict with civil liberties and basic freedoms which the U.S. Constitution affords all Americans.

Conservatives are sold on the horrors of Muslim Extremism including that of Sharia Law. Our politicians have long been on record pointing out its contradictions with American Constitutional Law and American Tradition.  Though its noteworthy that none of our nominated Connecticut politicians on either side of the aisle have to date been bold enough to take a public stand about this weekend's Sharia Conference.

Interestingly enough, the battle in the establishment of Sharia Law in America is the next true test of the legitimacy of so-called modern, American liberalism.  And I don't mean seeking their outrage over the banning of Lady Gaga from performing in public.  I want to know what feminists think about rolling back the clock to a point where women can be beaten for attending a book fair?  And what do liberal trial attorneys think about cutting off fingers as a punishment for petty theft?  Or far worse, what about honor killings that take the lives of women staying out too late at night? ICNA has made it very clear that Islam is above the law no matter what.  Where do liberals stand when it comes to acts of desecration and physical harm, or even murder in the name of Islam?  Any takers?  Or are you all hiding under rock waiting silently until the last plane leaves for Mecca? 

Hello?  Mister Opinionated, Mr. Never-Short-On-Words - Governor Dannel Malloy, are you out there?

Ah, yes.... Defending Religious Freedom? Sure, like evicting an entire congregation out of a Country for being ChristianThomas Hooker would roll over in his grave at the level of this hypocrisy.

No matter how Muslim Extremists want to package Sharia Law to the Hartford Media (note: the Hartford Courant's Editorial Board has been curiously silent on the visit), or to the National Press - it will be full of contradictions, and indignation about so-called misunderstandings of intent.  But there will be no talk of how Muslims plan to impose penalties for those who violate Sharia Law (like those linked to above), and no use of words like Infidel so-commonly uttered in Mosques to describe non-believers.  Instead, Convention Leaders will parade out terms like Islamaphobia, and try to make themselves out to be victims of religious and racial bigotry.  Luckily, most The King's View readers are smart enough not be be suckered into such baloney, and see this Convention for what it really is.

Here on this 2012 Memorial Day Weekend, instead of assimilating into American Culture and showing respect for America's fallen heroes, Muslims will turn inward - focused on themselves and their subversive cultural agenda - and working to undermine the very fabric of our nation which the rest of us will honor all weekend long.

And least I forget: God Bless those great American patriots who have given everything so that we can be free.  We are indebted to you and your families forever.



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jsrroger said...

People who are against the signing of this bill do not understand what
allowing Shariah into our court systems means. They should look at Europe and
the countries who have allowed this Islamic rule of law into their lives. It
isn't a matter of tolerance or acceptance of others - America has always
welcomed those coming in to our country seeking a better way of life. We live
side by side with those of varying cultures & religions. But we must draw
the line when they come and attempt to alter our system of laws. Shariah is not
compatible with our Constitution. To fully understand what it would mean to
accept another system of law & culture into our court system, you would have
to study the basics on Shariah. We must do our homework on this and not
jeopardize what has drawn millions to America for 235 years. We have a system of
laws based on the Constitution - not on a system of international laws.

Anonymous said...

King --- Sharia law is contrary to freedom-loving CITIZENS. How many people at the conference are on visa doing the dirty work of their foreign masters?

Anonymous said...

The american melting pot does not need this. Let muslims live by their own rules but do not sharia my life.

Mohamed Jerkwad ! said...

My Sharia Law, you're pretty little slaves I treat like whores, you're the only ones my whip loves more how I wish to break your mind ! La la la la la la, La La La La La La !

Anonymous said...

They don't spend much at local bars in Hartford. They're much better than the McMahon Mosque crowd whose mckoranic followers are provided KAOUD Rugs to pray to her at 12pm each day. Sheik Healy and his dwindling chris kaida think they are going to win back CT GOP. Not, the holy war has just begun for they are the infidels. Mullah Porky Jenkins who despises women will continue to be a liability and some say he likes to wear a birka during private time and smoke cigars from a hooka.