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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tom Scott assails State Central Member on behalf of McMahon Camp

Ordinarily, I wouldn't get involved in petty squabbles between State Central Members and Political Campaigns.  It's expected that during our short Convention Season that arguments  will persist and tempers will flair between waring factions as each team works to secure their share of delegate votes.  It's expected that opposition camps will engage in policy interpretation, innuendo, and even name calling to a certain extent - some of it true, some a blatant lie, and the majority of it - a mix of fact and fiction melded together to cast their adversary in a negative political light.  Of course, most of rhetoric is aimed at either the candidates themselves or paid campaign staff - all fair game by the rules of political warfare

The drama that leads up to, and at the Convention is all inside baseball - of interest to delegates, party leaders, political hacks (like me), and media people who seek to gather any tasty morsel that may fall from the table of the feasting political hordes; the general public hardly takes notice of the proceedings, and they really don't care.  Fact is, most people look down on the whole convention process as a kind of sport for the well-connected, or well-to-do, and an unnecessary prelude to both the Primary, and General Election which is when real people get to participate.

Being a sounding board for the irate, betrayed, and maligned, my inbox is full of all kinds of complaints about the behavior about this campaign or that campaign.  Most of the stories are interesting, but I just don't have the time to research and publish stories outlining every wild CTGOP story that blips across my radar.  And there are also stories about Democrats that I hear about too - but these are much harder to verify because Democrats are more tight lipped (except at the bar) than Republicans. Republicans are far more willing to stab each other in the back out-loud probably because they have no fear of retribution by a union boss, or Party leader hiding in the shadows and monitoring their every word.

It probably doesn't surprise you that the majority of complaints I receive are about the antics of Linda McMahon's campaign team.  They are without a doubt, some of the dirtiest people ever assembled in Connecticut politics.  Every single day they seem to find a new false rumor to propagate, or find some innocent bystander to character assassinate - the poor sap's only crime being that they have a different opinion of the McMahon Campaign, or are merely supporting another Senatorial Candidate.  It's really amazing that the same people who - day in and day out - cry or send self-righteous emails demanding that Republicans must maintain civility or call for party unity are the same ones who participate in endless assaults against their Republican colleagues.  State Senator Joe Markley is the perfect example of this kind of hypocrisy.

Which leads me to the point of this post... tangible evidence that dirty politics are being perpetrated by McMahon, Inc.   (And at last I have permission to share an example publicly). This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on widespread by lovable Linda across our wonderful Blue State of Connecticut.

I can say that I've met Manchester RTC Chairman Matthew Galligan a handful of times in passing at political events.  He is a remarkable young man, full of pep, and energy who is always focused on trying to do the right thing.  I consider him a GOP-loyalist; committed to the classic list of positions that we all take a blood oath to defend.  He does a good job over in Manchester where races can be toughly contested, and Republicans will forever be (according to Demographics) a minority party.

Clearly distressed about the behavior of McMahon Employee Tom Scott, Mr. Galligan wrote the following letter (addresses and signatures scrubbed) to  infamous McMahon Campaign Manager Corry Bliss:

Also included in the attached memo, Mr. Galligan writes:

"The McMahon Campaign has called me no less than 10 times in the immediate days following my withdrawal - to include calls from Linda herself and Corry Bliss. To me, that smacks of a serious sense of alarm. To have such a formerly solid Linda supporter become so disillusioned with her campaign certainly must have sent them a message. I have no desire to speak with the McMahon Campaign after my interactions with Tom Scott. I've been told by my family for years that "you are judged by the company you keep." In my mind, that judgement is in and Linda McMahon will not have my vote at the GOP Senate Convention on 5/18."

Hmm? Inside baseball or bullying and intimidation by Mr. Scott and Team McMahon?  You  be the judge.  This must be the civility and party unity that some are so eager to demand.  And my friends, this is only a mild sample of what's REALLY going on. 



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Anonymous said...

Tom and Corey use threats and intimidation to scare delegates. They also temp them with the monetary apple, shower them with gifts, and buy a carving station the size of giants stadium. Tom Scott is a sniveling I fell off the may flower wanna be who doesn't even belong in the republican party. Dear Tom Scott, a retarded chimp could a convention with Linda McMahon's budget. You are nothing special and its time you go back to chasing buyers at open houses again.