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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ben Ancona To Seek Republican Endorsement For 27th House District Seat

Ben Ancona announced that he is seeking the endorsement of the Newington Republican Party for the 27th House District.  Ancona, who is Chairman of the Newington Republican Town Committee and former Newington Town Attorney, said that if elected, he will bring the voice of reason back to the 27th District and pledged to oppose any policy that engenders a "government first, taxpayers-second mentality."  Ancona further stated that "boondoggles like the Hartford/New Britain busway must never again be supported."

The $600 million busway, which Governor Malloy and Sandy Nafis both support, is just one example of the frivolous spending that was funded by the largest tax increase in state history that's already breaking the backs of middle-class families.

"Such outrageous wasteful spending, coupled with higher taxes hurts Newington families and chases businesses and jobs right out of our state." said Ancona. "Should we really have passed the biggest tax increase in state history to pay for a busway that no one will ever use?" Ancona asked rhetorically.

Ancona expects to garner his party's endorsement on May 24th at a caucus in the Newington Town Hall.

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