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Monday, May 7, 2012

Clear and Articulate Reason to Support Chris Shays; Convention Shenanigans

If you haven't already watched this video, please take a few minutes to listen to Peter Schiff make the single best case so far for supporting Christopher Shays at the upcoming Republican State Convention scheduled for later this month, and the Connecticut Republican Primary scheduled for August:

Most people out in the political peanut gallery are aware of what's at stake - it's not just a simple six year term that we're fighting for, but rather a lock of 24 to 36 years of Connecticut Senate Seat occupation should Chris Murphy see election to the U.S. Senate in November.  

The Politicos working for Linda McMahon hate to hear the Electability argument.  Every time that word in mentioned they shutter because deep down they know that everyone knows that Linda is so unpopular a candidate statewide that she can't possibly win.  Many RTCs and delegates who haven already taken payments and promises for favors in trade for support will tell you off the record that they feel trapped in their commitment.  Many are fearful about reneging on their obligation to Linda because of the threat of exposure of their own part in the pay-to-play scandal; and these folks are bright - they even admit that Linda's nomination would mean cascading doom for the entire Connecticut Republican ticket in 2012 (and even hurt Mitt Romney's chance of winning the State).  You see, it's so much easier to close your eyes, look away, and hope it all passes quickly -  instead of standing up and doing the right thing.

You'll notice that when you pose the electability question to those who've endorsed Linda, they very quickly launch into a drama-filled tirade, or try to change the subject and try to poke holes in Christopher Shays' 30 years in Government Service.  Very rarely will they offer you an issue-based counter-argument for supporting Linda over Chris Shays.  The reason for this is that many of them do not even know where Linda stands on basic issues; she's made sport out of masking her positions, and deflecting questions when posed to her. 

State Convention Shenanigans

It's pretty clear that things are not all peachy-keen in McMahon-land.  The more delegates think about it, the more willing they are to recognize the hazard of following their RTC leadership's fatal course in rubber-stamping Linda McMahon as the CTGOP's nominee.  In fact, its clearly come to the point where delegates are calling CTGOP headquarters and sending in emails about how some delegates are being intimidated within their own RTCs by McMahon's political henchmen.

For example, The King received a scanned document on Connecticut Republican Party letterhead which was sent to all state delegates as a part of their State Convention package that reads:

To:  Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr.
From: Robert H. Lutts, State Republican Party Administrator
Date: May 1, 2012
Re: Delegate Block Voting

Many questions have been asked regarding RTC delegate block voting.  I want to take this opportunity to address this issue.

Once delegates have been certified to the Town Clerk, the Republican Town Committee has no authority to direct a delegate's vote a the convention.  In other words, no delegate can be found or obligated to vote for any candidate pursuant to a RTC endorsement or otherwise, and said delegate shall be free to vote for the candidate of his or her choice.

Delegates also have the exclusive authority to chose their own alternative.

It's pretty clear to anyone who can read between the lines that there is a pretty big war going on inside the CTGOP regarding how this entire Convention is going to be conducted.  Block voting would have allowed RTC Chairman to undermine their own delegate's individual support for the candidate of their choice.  Can you imagine?  The very concept of trying to override a delegates personal choice goes against the very nature of our adhered to democratic principles! 

The King has also learned that the McMahon Campaign took issue with how roll-call votes are going to be recorded on the Convention Floor.  McMahon's team argued against recording individual delegate's first and last names, and for whom they were supporting during Convention voting.  Gee, you'd think you'd be loud and proud to stand up and scream your name and who you support for all too hear as a bold statement of conviction! No?  Well, perhaps if you have something to hide - like being on the take, or embroiled in some dirty scandal - then in that instance I guess you might want to keep your name and vote out of the limelight - if even for an instant.  (And don't bother denying it Corry, it's a damn shame!)

The bottom line is that since delegates are ELECTED OFFICIALS they should have some obligation to have their vote attached to their name as a matter of process transparency.

It's beginning to feel like 2010 all over again.

Big Story Coming Soon

Alas, there is still hope for the CTGOP Party faithful.  While Tom Scott and Linda's surrogates burn up the phone lines to keep antsy delegates from jumping from her sinking ship, The King is aware of a very big story about Linda McMahon that is finally close to breaking in the Connecticut Press.  It's believed that once published, it will reshape the political landscape and provide cover for delegates looking for legitimate cover to abandon Linda's suicide campaign run. Once exposed, several Party big whigs will also announce support for Chris Shays, too.  And we may seen a new alignment which may include some individuals previously tied to Linda.

Speaking of Tom Scott, rumor has it that he may have found an out in all of this silliness - post-State Convention, of course.  Scott is rumored to be considering another run for  State Senate.  Whether his association with Linda will be hurtful or helpful is still a big question, but with a few favors owed by his close friends - Suzio, Markley and others, he should be able to make a good run since he can count on their support.

Much more to come folks... stay tuned.



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Anonymous said...

Linda's minions convinced her to run to line their own pockets. They'll do anything to keep the money tree going.

Anonymous said...

Oh have I got some news on Mr. Scott...the one man wrecking crew that will single handed hurt Linda's campaign...King get in touch with me & we will talk.

Dopple - Ganger of Nancy Dinardo said...

Linda McMahon is running to gaurantee both CT US Senators are Democrats.

Dan said...

Why does Linda have to either buy or steal the nomination? What does it get her? More bad feelings, and a spiteful constituency? Connecticut's Republican Party needs to make sure that this doesn't blow up in our faces or it will lead to a mess for candidates trying to win at the state level.

Anonymous said...

Simple. Buy your town chair and vice chairs ticket to the bush dinner and get your rtc block vote.

Anonymous said...

Delegate are not "elected officials" they are selected, not elected per their local party rules.

The King said...

I bet to differ - as does the State of Connecticut. Delegates are in fact - Elected Officials. They are selected and voted upon by their RTCs who are charged with the responsibility of nominating and ELECTING delegates to the Convention. Thus the Delegates have been ELECTED and vote to determine the Republican Party's nominee. Once the list is certified by town offiicials, they are duly elected. Disagree, I would ask Jerry Labriola, Jr.

We recognize some see this whole things as just a big club and nothing more. And that's why you might also be seeing so much shananigans going on with the delegate form - post delegate certification.