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Monday, May 14, 2012

Captain Formica: 2nd Congressional District's Best Hope!

The folks in Congressional District 2 have a something to really cheer about this week.  Sunday's announcement that East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica is going to run for Congress is great news for all Republicans involved in statewide politics (except Daria Novak and her five supporters).  This is a guy who knows how to win, and is respected and admired not just in CT02 but in all corners of Connecticut politics.

A hero's welcome for Paul Formica!
When his district needed him, he rose to the occasion!
And unlike most of the CT Republican Congressional Field - Formica knows how to win!

When Chris Coutu created a mess of things last week by dropping out of the Congressional Race to run for Edith Prague's soon-to-be up for grabs State Senate Seat, things looked pretty bleak.  Paul Formica's name along with a handful of others was buzzing around the CTGOP rumor mill as everyone waited for the formal announcement.  Formica was one of the first names floated out of the box as the best possible choice given his winning background, but former candidates like Grassroots East stalwart Doug Dubitsky also remained a possibility.  The biggest concern being discussed was not the absence of a candidate but the fear of seeing a three or four way race emerge which would have been counter-productive to finding a viable alternative candidate strong enough to knock Daria Novak from contention.

And to be clear on this point, it's not that Daria Novak is a bad person or that her heart isn't in the right place, it's just that just like Linda McMahon - Daria is not electable!  Daria is a bright lady but lacks the temperament or personality for the job.  Make no mistake, Novak is a bright lady, but belongs working in a back office somewhere crunching numbers or researching policy information, and not in the Halls of Congress in the public light.  If elected, she would only end up being ignored for her fringe positions, and divisive rhetoric. 

Paul Formica is a sharp contrast to Daria Novak because he comes comes with the total package: he's energetic, articulate, and knowledgeable, plus he's a long time successful small business owner (of Flanders Fish Market which he started with his late wife Donna nearly 30 years ago).  He also doesn't come with any controversy or baggage like Novak does; he's extremely upbeat, and doesn't walk around with a dark cloud over his head muttering to himself about the Constitution all day long.

Oh, and did I mention that Paul Formica knows how to win?  But did I also tell you that he knows how to win BIG?  Back in November, First Selectman Formica didn't just take it by a handful of votes, but rather stomped his opponent by a margin of 3,580-622If I were Joe Courtney, I'd place myself on notice because the walk in the park scenario just vanished!  If there's a candidate who could knock Mr. Tax and Spend off his liberal pedestal - it just might be Mr. Formica!  A Formica candidacy means a whole new ball game, baby!  And elevates the Second Congressional District to be the one with the best hope of bringing a Congressional seat back home to the CTGOP!

With the State Convention only a week away, Paul Formica has a lot of work to do to win the nomination so let's hope that Second Congressional District leaders do their part to make this happen, and make certain that nothing goes awry.

Hold Fast! Captain Formica is here to save the day (and the District) after Coutu abandoned ship! But its ok! He's got his propellers locked in forward, engine in full, one-eye patch on, sword raised, and his crew ready to go  - because it's going to be one wild ride!  The Connecticut Media should put CT02 as a seat in play because Captain Formica doesn't typically lose a fight!  Arrrrhhh!

So move over Jack Aubrey! For its on to victory with Captain Formica!! Hip-Hip-Huzzah!



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The King said...

Oh my, the Daria brigade is all in an angry dither. Settle down. Take your rabies shots, and ... surrender. Daria's fluke win two years ago was a result of a three way race not some grand endorsement by the Party. The way to measure her appeal will be to see whether she exceeds her convention totals from 2010. For the time being, her funding is in the tank. Can't win on fumes, financial or political.

If Daria wants to help her party, she should run for state rep, and earn a spot on the ballot.

Not having Daria as our nominee is probably one of the few areas where The King and Ex-Chairman Healymeister probably agree.

Anonymous said...

Hi King,

Glad to see that Paul Formica might be electable where others running for the 2nd Congressional District may not be. That's all well and good, but there's a larger question that matters more. It turned out that Rob Simmons was electable and then he turned out to be a RINO and a pen pal of Jimmy Carter. Hardly helpful to fighting the Big Government Progressive crowd on Capitol Hill, was it? Is it? Please share information on Mr. Formica's positions with us so we can evaluate whether his winning gives us representation in the House that is only marginally better than Joe Courtney's. Thanks.

BTW: at this late date, Mr. Formica has a lot of work to do since most GOP voters in the 2nd District don't even know his name, let alone what he stands for, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! Novak and Dubinsky are all bloody done!
Bring out the straight-jacket, bring on the fun --
There's no chance in hell that either of those two should run.

So reach in your pockets, enemies and friends
And give our Paul alms; help him reach 'is fundraising ends
And forget about Daria, Dougie, or the rest
It's Cap'n Paul who'l rid us of Courtney, that liberal old pest.


Pirate Bluebreath

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Pirate Bluebreath. Dubitsky has no clue what he's doing and Daria is a proven liar an plagiarist.

Paul Formica is the only fighting chance we have to run a credible candidate against Joe Courtney.

Anonymous said...

From Paul's website, it looks like he thinks that federal issues are equal to local town our country like a main street?

Clear he does not have the vision required.

Paul needs to re-answer our country's financial horror story of spending $1.40 for every $1.00 we collect...its a train wreck waiting to pull into the station

Dan Reale said...

"Paul needs to re-answer our country's financial horror story of spending $1.40 for every $1.00 we collect...its a train wreck waiting to pull into the station

It appears that the Republicans will not unseat Courtney, ever. We need to look beyond the CTGOP to do that.

If no one (in the GOP) can be bothered to set their minimum gaurantees down under penalty of perjury (or at least consider anyone running from the beginning), then it's time for them to go home.