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Monday, May 14, 2012

Doug Dubitsky Enters the CT02 Race

Here we go folks!  Another three-way barn burner on the way.  I told you that things were going to heat up!

For those who haven't seen this yet, here's Doug Dubitsky's letter of intention to run for Congress in the Second Congressional District.  Is it Convention Week or it is Convention Week??  Wow!!

Any takers for a third, or forth candidate?  Those guys down in the Second District can't let the Fifth Congressional District have all the fun!



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Kim Fasano said...


I guess that puts an end to any conspiracy theories about the CT GOP trying to meddle in the 2nd District Race. Certainly they wouldn't have asked TWO candidates to run to eliminate Daria. Would they?

Anonymous said...

Dubitsky is an ambulance chaser. Don't we have enough of them on the Hill?

Dan Reale said...

Anonymous -

Doug's one of the few good attorneys out there fighting for the right causes (no ambulance chaser by any stretch of the imagination).

A good asset to the race, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Both new entrants are exemplory.

Anonymous said...

First, I can wonder who does decide candidates in this Republican process. Is the Convention of town delegates real or a game? If it’s some game, lots of us don’t want to play.
“…is no way that we can allow Daria Novak be the Party Nominee to challenge Courtney in November."
Seems that there is a short memory and not reflective of their effort in 2010. The central planning in the CT GOP is growing scarier by the year. If any of them attended debates they’d have seen Novak best Dubitsky as well as the ill-prepared Peckinpaugh.

Then I wonder if CT GOP is a group of RINOS who cannot abide someone who is a conservative. Many Town Committees and groups of voters around the 2nd District know that Daria Novak can mount a strong offense on Joe Courtney’s Democrat path, marching us away from the balance of power and limits of our federal government.
This looks like a fear of what rude people label “Tea party-type” voters. Republican is a large tent. We have room for big ideas. The biggest should be adherence to our Constitution.

Some pokes used in the piece are odd. Anyone can check the Plum Book and see that Novak had a Schedule C appointment under President Reagan. She worked at the State Department between 1979 and 1989. Funding should not be an issue since the CT -2 District fight funds should be available to the other federal candidate use. Chris cannot use them in the state race. Donations were made to win the 2nd District seat.

Other possible candidates that can be dug up at the drop of Chris’s hat?
This is so similar to suddenly drafting Peckinpaugh in May last time. Both Sean Sullivan (who is leaving the area for a new job appointment) and Janet Peckinpaugh have lost this race already. Doug Dubitsky never made it that far. What is this push to supplant a candidate who has shown knowledge and ability on national topics, and dedication to what are supposed to be Republican values.?

It looks as if our CT GOP inner circle is afraid to show support for someone with wide conservative appeal.

Anonymous said...

Both new entrants have no chance of defeating Joe Courtney.