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Friday, May 18, 2012

13 Questions that Lisa Wilson-Foley Must Answer / Comment on Dr. Petit's email

Here we are on the cusp of yet another CTGOP Convention.   As Republican Delegates gather their thoughts, and try to find their scruples, we thought we'd pass along one of the many emails that The King's View has received over the past 48 hours.  This particular email stuck out because the questions posed to Lisa Wilson-Foley might be just as relevant during the Primary and in the General Election (should she make it that far) as they will be this afternoon/evening when delegates decide who will be the formal nominee on behalf of 5th Congressional District Republicans.

I'm told an email was sent to various campaigns and outlets, so its possible that this information may be duplicated somewhere already, or distributed during the course of the day by other means, and venues.

The email was drafted by Mr. Philip R. Dunn, who is a member of the Farmington RTC, and was a staunch supporter of Mike Clark's candidacy until Mike took the high road earlier this week, placing Party before ego, and withdrawing his name from consideration based on a realistic appraisal of the state of his campaign.  I appreciate Mr. Dunn's willingness to allow me to share his name; he is also a delegate to the State Convention and offered that if anyone would like clarity on the questions he is asking below, he would be more that willing to discuss them in detail. 

Dunn writes: "There seems to be a “fear factor” relative to going after her [Lisa Wilson-Foley] which escapes me as the questions I have are not only fair game, but they MUST be answered before she can ever become our standard bearer and suffer the slings and arrows the Dems will toss her way in a general election."

Aptly put.  All too often we don't vet our own candidates, and wind up stuck with person who ends up dead in the water by the Fall because of a scandal that insiders knew about, but kept secret in order to propel their buddy across the nomination finish line.  This might be one the reasons that the CTGOP does so poorly in General Elections.  As Dunn sums up, if we don't vet our own, surely our enemies across the aisle will be more than happy to in October.

Here are the questions/documents that must be produced:

1.    Provide information regarding the identity of “Apple’s Ownership” that had a twenty (20) year relationship with Mr. Rowland as alleged in Mr. Foley’s statement.

2.    Provide a list of all owners of Apple Health Care, Inc. stock for the last twenty years.

3.    Identify any labor contracts that Apple Health Care, Inc. negotiated with Mr. Rowland’s assistance and further identify all union negotiators involved in any such negotiations.

4.    Provide copies of Board meeting minutes demonstrating that Mr. Rowland attended any meetings of the Apple Health Care, Inc. Board of Directors.  If the meeting minutes do not list the attendees I request that you provide a list of all persons who attended any such meetings including their names and business addresses.

5.    Identify any consultants ever hired by Apple Health Care, Inc. through Christian Shelton, Esquire or any other lawyer/intermediary and provide copies of any such contracts.

6.    Provide bank documents including but not limited to cancelled checks and wire transfer information that demonstrate how Apple Health Care, Inc. paid Mr. Rowland and/or Attorney Shelton.

7.    Provide copies of cancelled checks that were used to pay Mr. Rowland pursuant to his agreement with Attorney Shelton.

8.    Provide a copy of any and all 1099 tax forms reflecting payments to Mr. Rowland for 2011 and 2012.

9.    Provide a copy of the schedules from Apple Health Care, Inc.’s 2011 Federal Income Tax Return wherein any and all payments to Mr. Rowland and/or Attorney Shelton are listed.

10. Provide copies of any emails or correspondence between Apple Health Care, Inc. and John G. Rowland reflecting any work preformed for Apple Healthcare, Inc. by Mr. Rowland.  This includes any work that Mr. Rowland may have Performed for any subsidiary or affiliated companies of Apple Health Care, Inc.

11.  Provide a copy of any fee agreement or other documents that detail Attorney Shelton’s relationship with Apple Health Care, Inc and/or Brian Foley and/or Lisa Wilson-Foley.
12.  Request from Mr. Rowland his “work product” that was developed in performing his consulting services.

13. Provide a list of donations made by Brian Foley and Lisa Wilson-Foley to all candidates for Governor from 1994 through 2002.

It seems to me that although there are many questions, none of them appear to be out of line, or questionable.  You would think that after everything that has happened over the last few weeks that the Wilson-Foley Campaign would have gone the extra mile to assure committed delegates (and uncommitted delegates) that Lisa Wilson-Foley (and her husband) have been and are operating above board.  It seems that there are still more questions than answers.

Chris Healy's decision to pull Lisa from her interview on NPR's Where We Live with John Dankoski was not the confidence booster that people were looking for.  This hunker down and muddle through approach might be a great temporary political strategy, but eventually Wilson-Foley will have to face the music in real-time and there won't be weapon in Healy's bag of tricks to stop the damage to the CTGOP, it's brand, or her nomination should something come out over the next several months.

Thank you Mr. Dunn for sharing your concerns.

Dr. Petit's email

As everyone knows, I've been a very strong supporter of the Petit, Chapman and Renn families over the last several years given the horrific 2007 Cheshire Invasion Murders.  I've also made it quite clear that I'm in favor of the Death Penalty, and the repeal action taken last month by Connecticut Democrats was a violation of the public trust given the clear support that Connecticut residents have for the keeping the Death Penalty in place.

Prior to this year's vote on the Death Penalty, I was very critical of Andrew Roraback for his previous vote when the anti-Death Penalty Bill came up the first time.  I also took Mr. Roraback to task for a few other social positions he holds not in keeping with the expected Republican standard.  I don't make any apology for that post; my feelings remain the same.  But I also realize that - Mr. Roraback, regardless of his personal agenda, did cast a vote against repeal this year.  Now, I could speculate as to the underlying reason for his vote, but the fact is that Roraback voted against repeal and that is the fact.  He may be a hypocrite of sorts, but he did well by me, his constituents, and Dr. Petit whether they like it or not.  If he voted in support of repeal this year - I'd have a different opinion, I'm sure.

I was more than surprised to see Chris Healy (who is a personal friend of Dr. Petit's) use Dr. Petit as a political campaign prop to attack Candidate Roraback.  Quite frankly it was in bad taste to drag the Petit family into Republican Party politics, and to ask them to expend their remaining political capital to support Lisa Wilson-Foley - who is without a doubt, considered scandalous to the point where she is even afraid to answer basic questions about her past.  There was no need to turn Dr. Petit and Hannah Chapman into political hacks for such an important cause.  While I'm disappointed in Dr. Petit, my anger is with Chris Healy who cares only about himself and nothing about who he hurts while trying to achieve his status objective.  This is the kind of judgement that time after time Healy has made which has placed the CTGOP in a disgraceful light election after election.  And the mistakes continue to pile up on top of each other to the point were at times victory seems nearly unachievable.

Lastly, the Death Penalty debate will likely continue as we struggle through the repeal process for all of villains on Death Row eager to find a loophole by virtue of the passage of Gov. Malloy's new law.  I'm hoping that Dr. Petit and his family have not caused themselves any  collateral damage with the public by engaging in inter-party politics over a dirty federal office-seeker and an issue that has nothing to do with the outcome of the Convention or even the Congressional Campaign; the issue being strictly a State's matter.

Make no mistake, I still remain a strong supporter of Dr. Petit and have immense respect for him, his sister, and the entire family, and will likely be a supporter of theirs forever more.  I'm just a little disappointed. But I'll get over it.



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