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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Arrogance of Lies and Deceit

It's getting to the point these days where it's hard to even pick up a newspaper for fear that the third or fourth shoe might drop in Connecticut's ongoing epic drama: Scandals and the Scandalous.  The problem with the whole damn thing is that this isn't your typical Reality TV show which usually ends with a rags-to-riches multi-million dollar prize winner, or the princess winding up with the prince and living happily ever after.  No, it's a real story about how Connecticut residents aren't being served by either political party - one no better than the other, and which have lost - their way, and the public confidence.  In other words, those being nominated as Connecticut's alleged best are in actuality Connecticut's very worst, and the public is getting screwed.

Now, I'm not really concerned with the Democrat Party and what happens to its collection of retreaded has-beens as they crumble in the press.  One doesn't have to look very far to see their head of Party - Governor Dannel Malloy place politics over reason when he went out of his way last month to support ex-con Ernie Newton.  Governor Malloy could have saved face and elevated his office by standing up for public decency and declaring that there isn't room anywhere in Connecticut politics for corrupt cretins like Newton.  So instead of taking the opportunity to inspire and rise above it all by preaching that crime doesn't pay, our incredible shrinking Governor got up on his high horse and declared that everyone deserves a second chance - everyone except former Republican Governor John Rowland, that is.  Could Party or Politics have played a role in such an unwavering endorsement? Oh, of course not!

Then we have Connecticut House Speaker Chris Donovan's finance scandal which continues to rock the scene and fill up our newspapers with tales of corruption and shady dealings.  Boy, what a credit to the State of  Connecticut - FBI agents showing up on doorsteps to visit our politicians still in their bathrobes while they sip lattes from their golden mugs.  How quaint. Amusing stuff to yuck up on Face The State right Brendan Sharkey? Sharkey told Dennis House this past Sunday: "Hahaha.  Well... it was a little embarrassing, because they asked about this bill, this roll your own bill.. I thought there were talking about the medical marijuana bill.. hahahaha.  Not the actual bill".  What a knee-slapping moment to share with the peanut gallery.  I mean it was so funny, I almost forgot to laugh. 

And special thanks for Themis Klarides for doing such a nice job supporting Donovan on behalf of the CTGOP, "I agree with Brendan about how we feel about Chris, his character and integrity.... a man of his word and honor."  Hey, that's great! Why don't you campaign for him in CT-5 too while you're at it?  All week long, the Democrats shut Republicans out of the legislative process and our so-called leader just kissed the rear of the guy who helped orchestrate the shut-out.  Brilliant!  Republicans are self-checked with this kind of hair-brained leadership.  Amazing!

Connecticut Democrats can take pride in turning the Legislative Office Building into a scene from CSI.  It must have been a relief for the Democrat Party's key constituents - city dwellers, to see the cops crawling all over Party bigwigs instead of them for a change.  Of course, Governor Malloy couldn't keep his big mouth shut and let due process take its course - he had to run out and defend Donovan - "guilty until proven innocent,"  barked Malloy.  Man o' Man, this guy must have been some prosecutor.  But its no surprise to see Malloy defend bad guys like Donovan and Newton, because he repeated the same act a few months ago when he supported Komisarjevsky and Hayes - albeit indirectly through elimination of the Death Penalty.

The sad thing in all of this madness is that Connecticut Republicans aren't positioned to take advantage of Democrats getting pummelled on the ropes.  And that's because we're too busy bumping Democrats from the front page with our own own dirty scandals filled with tales of corruption and dishonesty.  Or we're too busy running candidates like the well-scripted Linda McMahon who can't even talk about - let alone defend - the dirty industry that she's made her millions from - which makes her a non-starter in the first place against even the worst Democrat the opposition might field in November.

So Lisa Wilson-Foley takes center stage as the CTGOPs corrupt candidate of the year.  Lisa Wilson-Foley told the press, "This is all a distraction.  I'm focused on the issues."  Yeah, well newsflash, BabeYOU are the distraction, and YOU are the issue!  You, Mr. Tuesday, Apple Rehab, and former Governor John Rowland.  It's sort of amazing to listen to John Rowland on WTIC these days - acting completely and utterly oblivious to all of this as he rages on against organized labor - he has some nerve.  It's like he's living in a parallel universe somewhere totally aloof to his role in helping the Wilson-Foley-Healy campaign crash and burn, and helping to create a level-playing field for Democrats in the Fifth Congressional District who should be sucking wind at this point in the game.  Can you imagine how many screeners TIC callers probably have to go through to get to The Guv?  I wouldn't be surprised if WTIC has a 4 minute delay just so they can beep out, or drop any caller who starts to go down the "wrong road" with unapproved questioning. 

A friend of mine called me the other day to taunt me over the latest Republican headlines.  He said, "King, you have to agree that your team isn't any better than our team.  And in a Blue State where Democrats usually win - you guys are screwed because the public doesn't see you as decent alternativeThey'll stick with our cronies over your upstart crooks.  And Linda McMahon - she's a real gas.  Good luck with that one. Hahaha."

"Look fellas, no commercials, but at least Chris Shays has
his plane in the air. Formica, Obstinek, you're next!"

You have to feel bad for our stealth Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr.  Here Democrats are coming apart at the seams, yet our ex-Governor fueled by our ex-Chairman turn our Party into a totally mockery, and a non-factor.  On the one hand, you have Mrs. 38%  running around thinking she's going to be U.S. Senator, Lisa the Millionaire Barbie pretending that no part of the scandal has anything to do with her, and the rest of Republican field seems to be bouncing on and off the ground at 15 mph in their biplanes as CTGOP's worst candidates scream by in Jumbo Jets showering manure on the frustrated public below.  The whole thing is a living nightmare. 

Just to think, tonight is the eve of the one year anniversary of Jerry Labriola, Jr. announcing he was running for State Chairman - if only he had crystal ball to see what fate had in-store for him: crooks, by-offs, bribes, and self-destructing candidates.  And party insiders who were willing to disregard polls prior to the State Convention, and then later buy-into polls showing favor toward their palm-greasing benefactor.  You can't make this stuff up.  And you can't prop up the unelectable either.  It's self-fulfilling prophecy - what has happened before will happen again.  And the Pat Sullivans of the world will laugh all the way to the bank regardless of the outcome while the rest of us can only dream of what might have been.

And one final note, The Norwich Bulletin's Ray Hackett surmised in his latest piece that that neither delegates nor voters care about the WWE.  It's not that, Ray.  It really isn't that.  It's that given the overall state of our political climate in Connecticut, and the pathetic and unqualified choices voters have been given to choose from - simply put - it's that no-one cares.  And that's a tough place to be in when you're wanting to turn a Blue State partially Red after nearly 23 years.

Someone remind me why I'm Republican again?



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Dan Reale said...

"Someone remind me why I'm Republican again?"

I'll take a stab, because I appreciate what you're doing.

Stockholm Syndrome. That's the answer.

Joe Visconti said...

Shame on Larry Cafero and Themis. How dare they defend Donovan unless they need him not to turn States Evidence on them. Hey Larry what's your line now " We don't do God,Guns, Gays or Goombas? Pathetic

Anonymous said...

Themis is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Here's where Themis made a massive error in judgement. First, The FBI didn't just wake up one day and say, let's ruin Chris Donovan. That's not what they do. There had to be some major accusations for them to get involved. Second, Donovan's claims he didn't recognize a 10,000 donation? Themis as an attorney could have taken the high road a different way by saying, I won't comment on pending investigations. Instead, she said things about the speaker in a way that would make Linda Lovelace very proud. Such political whoring cannot be condoned. It hurts our party's confidence. Weak leadership get's weak results. Do you think for a second the Democratic Speaker would be nice to The Republicans if we were in the same boat?