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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Barack Obama and NBCs Gaying of the Winter Olympics

NBCs attempt to Gay the Olympics
is a disgrace
Most of us realize that in order to become a male Olympic skater that you probably have to have a little sugar in your tank to embark on such a flamboyant enterprise.  This doesn't stop any of us right-wing zealots in the cheap seats from cheering on our ice-fairies on as they go for Olympic gold.  But this piece isn't about sexual preference (what some deem "orientation" - depending on your politics), but rather the obsessive bombardment on the public by NBC aided by President Barack Obama to advance the disgraceful homosexual acceptance agenda.

From the beginning, NBC and other media outlets made a big stink about Russian President Vladimir Putin's position on gay rights which by all reports isn't much different from everyone's view on any continent, which is - I'm not a personal fan, but don't ask don't tell, and keep your bedroom antics to yourself.  Hell-bent on fanning the flames of phony outrage, the media aired a few videos of so-called anti-gay protests depicting violence which appeared on the surface to be not much different then behavior witnessed during any American labor union protest, or animal rights rally.  Anyone can take a few clips out of context in order to manufacture a fiction-based Godzilla-sized story.  Controversy sells, no matter how inaccurate or concocted the story may be.

Since most journalists aren't necessarily what you would call athletic types (most have deep resentment of all sports harking back to their grammar school days when they were picked last during gym team selection), it's not surprising that instead of focusing on the spirit of sports competition, that they've spent nearly all their time complaining about their Sochi living conditions, fear-mongering about an imminent terrorist attack, and painting Russian society as inherently evil because it's allegedly anti-gay. When questioned about this during a televised C-SPAN panel aired last week, a Russian official pointed out, "[American Journalists are spending a lot of time telling Russians what to think on a topic that America as a country is hardly in unison on.]"  He went on to say, "[I've seen no coverage regarding the efforts to bring the Olympic games to Sochi or stories about the competition between young people which is what the Olympics is really all about]"

President Obama, always the liberal ideologue, was quick to criticize Russia on it's lack of gay activism which by all reports has left most Russians baffled.  As a follow-up to verbal outrage, our finger-wagging President named openly gay non-Olympian Billie Jean King, and U.S. Hockey lesbian Caitlin Cahow to lead the U.S. Olympic delegation.  As gay activists, I'm sure both were more than willing to serve as living props to help Obama poke his finger in the eye of Vladimir Putin - who's clearly upstaged Obama on the world stage this past year a least a half-dozen times.  If Barack Obama really had gonads, he would have flown to Sochi to deliver the message himself.  But as a man who's already living his life as a lie, he's too cowardly to do anything that courageous.

It's bad enough that for the first time in recent history, our President doesn't have the class or patriotism to attend the Olympics in person to support our athletes.  I'm sure he has his reasons - perhaps he doesn't want to be seen as elevated President Putin by gracing Russia with his presence, or maybe he's still bitter with the International Olympic Committee for overlooking Chicago for the 2016 Summer Games, or maybe he, just like fellow racist Bryant Gumbel, doesn't see the need to support the winter games because in his view these games have the look of an Aryan Nation rally given the lack of African-Americans donning skates and skis. And I'm sure Obama's absence impresses America's best skater, Shani Davis, who also hails from Obama's most recent home city - Chicago. Whatever Obama's true reason, I'm sure it's between him, Michelle, and Reverend Wright.

President Obama and his boyfriend were quite an item in the 80s
Some have remarked that Obama's desire to push for gay rights expansion has roots in his personal past.  You can read all that here, here, and here if you're so inclined.  As much of the evidence appears compelling, its up to you to decide what makes sense. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - then it's probably a -----.   Based on all this, it should be no surprise that this week Obama went out of his way to praise NFL Player Michael Sam for telling the world he's gay, or for placing openly gay NBA player Jason Collins in the President's Box at the last month's State of the Union.  Interesting how the timing of Sam's announcement, Collins' reward, and the start of the Winter Olympics seem to all coincide together - or perhaps maybe it's not such a surprise after all but rather a well-orchestrated political scheme.  Anyone else see the trend?

Self-Righteous Bob Costas is making his bid for the Meet the Press job
He needs to settle down before the blood vessel in the other eye pops!
Maybe I didn't notice it before, and maybe it's always been this way but as of late Bob Costas seems to be over-politicizing every aspect of sports to the point where he's becoming excessively annoying.  Several weeks back, he went on a tirade about the Washington Redskins and claimed the team's name was racist - a far cry from the truth; had Costas done his homework he would have learned that the team was named to honor the bravery of Native Americans, not disparage them, and that there's widespread support for retaining the team's name amongst Native Americans.  For the rest of us, we saw that Costas was showing his true colors - another whiny liberal -  out to change the world for the betterment of liberal extremists world-wide.  As a result, Costas has become a laughing stock of the sports world.

But his lunacy didn't stop there.  On February 6th during the first NBC Olympics PrimeTime showCostas stuck again - instead of providing insightful commentary on forthcoming Olympic competition - he turned the first twenty minutes of the show into a drab version of Meet the Press. Along with editor David Remnick of the far left-wing elitist magazine The New Yorker, and Russian Journalist Vladimir Pozner, Costas once again went on a maddening tirade about his personal views about Russia and Putin's so-called anti-homosexuality laws.  This immediately caused the global Facebook and Twitterfeed to blow up in a fury of parental anger over how misplaced this discussion was given that children all over America were watching to see America's finest athletes perform their best, but not to be poisoned by Bob Costa's crazy political rant.  It's always been a unwritten rule that Olympics and Politics shouldn't mix. Costas and NBC broke the public trust - ticking off millions of viewers world-wide.

One tweeter boldly asked, "Is this Bob Costas' coming out party?"  Good question.  If he ends up in Obama's Presidential Box during next year's SOTU, then I guess you'll have your answer.

Johnny Weir 
Lastly, to make matters worse, NBC hired flamboyant homosexual activist and former Olympic skater Johnny Weir to make lewd jokes and provide live commentary on figure skating.  It's just another attempt by NBC to force viewers to endure overt gay behavior. Queer Weir makes the show unwatchable; moreover, he robs both the audience of the programming they desire, and the dedicated athletes from the attention they deserve. Cross-dressing Weir with his half-witted sidekick, Tara Lapinski, delve into bizarre on-air discussions of Barnum and Bailey proportion.  NBC should be embarrassed by the risqué commentary out Weir's mouth, hardly suitable for family programming. And since there's plenty of time left before the Olympic finale, there will be plenty of time for him to push the envelope of controversy which NBC executives will be only too pleased to defend.

Liberals and gay activists will argue that if you don't like it, don't watch it.  What these militants don't care to realize is that NBC has been given exclusive rights to air the games state-side, and it's not like us fans and donors have an alternative source for Olympic coverage.  That being the case, it's clear that NBC has done an extreme disservice to the American public by incorporating a social engineering agenda into their Winter Olympic Coverage.  Most of us know the difference between manufactured political activism and genuine sports coverage.

There was a time when exciting sporting competition was enough to carry The Games; probably back when ABC delivered a much better product via ABCs Wide World of Sports.  Unfortunately, the counterculturists at NBC see sporting competition as mere footnote to keeping their elite friends entertained, and their political allies happy.  Only at NBC, do they believe that a man dressed in drag speaking with a phony lisp is suitable viewing for American families.

If Congress is going waste it's time and our dollars focusing on the name of the Washington Redskins than perhaps it should look into NBC's use of the Winter Olympics to advance gay agenda.

The King's simple advice for those liberals blowing their stacks over this piece: Hate the sin, love the sinner, but for God-sakes - keep the sin to yourself.




Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!! Finally someone is describing the Olympics for what it is: a homosexual-love-fest disguised as coverage of a sports competition. Thank you so much for writing about the overzealousness of NBC in promoting homosexuality instead of sport on their coverage of the Olympics. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who noticed. I refuse to watch it. You can call it a boycott or whatever you want. It simply makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

Its not just NBC. Its all of corporate media. And state-run media like the BBC cannot help but have at least one gay headline every single day, no matter how obscure. This is the gay mafia gone haywire. Question is, just how far can these gay cadres chant slogans and wave the chairman's little pink book and denounce their parents and burn the culture of their ancestors before people just plain get sick and tired of the revolutionary insanity?