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Monday, February 24, 2014

Republicans Give McMahon Fake Fairytale Ending

How many disasters can we create in a month?

Last week Republican insiders were angered to read the headline that federal agents were swarming the capitol city, interrogating members for evidence that CTGOP officials directed candidates to hire a Clearwater, Florida direct mail and printing firm to the tune of nearly $2 million dollars with an alleged kickback scheme.  As if that wasn't bad enough, we heard the news that the Feds are working with Brian "The Rat" Foley (chief conspirator of the Lisa-Wilson Foley-Rowland-Healy gang) to help return ex-Governor John G. Rowland to The Big House.  The timing of these scandals couldn't be worse - as they come on the heels of Republican Candidate Tom Foley launching his gubernatorial bid by leveling ethics charges at Governor Dan Malloy's administration.  Now that strategy looks to be a hard-sell with the CTGOP mired in it's own mega-controversy.

All of this negative press is very frustrating given that Republican gubernatorial candidates had just finally begun to get their message out to eager constituents.  Well, at least there was some good news - as it turned out - neither John Rowland nor Lisa Wilson-Foley were going to be roasted recipients of this year's Prescott Bush Award.  For that would have almost been worth paying the outrageous $250 a head ticket to attend that media circus.

Knowing full well that two of the CTGOPs biggest stars were about to go Super-Nova, Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. and his near-sighted group of politicos decided to chose Connecticut's least-effective candidate - Linda McMahon to receive the Connecticut Republican Party's highest honor.  When announced, Republicans statewide shook their collective heads in unison, screaming: "Do we ever learn from our mistakes?"

The CTGOP has become a lot like Disney's Dumbo Ride:
It goes round and round and never manages to get anywhere

With many of the Party faithful calling for his head - Chairman Labriola, Jr. was quick to defend his selection.  In a rare statement to the press, he wrote:

"Linda McMahon has shown tremendous leadership, both as a candidate herself and as a tireless advocate for Republicans at all levels of local, state and federal government,” Labriola said. “Her experience creating, building and running a business has helped shine a light on the need for government to help, not hinder, the creation of jobs in order to help our state and our economy prosper.” 

Leave it to Jerry Labriola, Jr. and CTGOP to completely rewrite the historical fact.  The truth is that Linda McMahon only advocated for Republican Candidates and Town Committees which endorsed her candidacy over both Rob Simmons, and Christopher Shays.  Anyone else who was found supporting her opposition, or playing neutral, was isolated, ridiculed and harshly, and personally attacked from the word "go".  The only thing "tireless" about Linda McMahon was her campaign for self-promotion, and desire for adulation from her supporters who were all too unwilling to see both campaigns for what they were - pure political calamity; void of content, ideology, or ideas.  Her inability to communicate specific solutions on any issue during her many interviews and debates was enough to expose her candidacy for what it was - shallow theatre.

Moreover, it's very hard for us lifelong Republicans to watch our Chairman (who was punished by McMahon and her minions for quietly, but openly supporting her primary opponents) crawl on all fours, beg her forgiveness, and reward her after she's had a history of donating to Democrats, and spent millions of dollars on door hangers, mailers, and television commercials encouraging voter turnout for Barack Obama.  How humiliating for Labriola!  How humiliating for  Connecticut Republicans! Only the seal-clapping elite at CTGOP Headquarters would both excuse wholesale betrayal of our Republican Presidential Candidate, and then kiss her arse after the fact.  Has the Connecticut Republican Party lost all it's self-respect?

As for Labriola's comments regarding her business - Republicans have long established that the wrestling business it's not the kind of pro-family, pro-traditional values organization which our own GOP brand claims to champion.  It was tough seeing some activists at the Family Institute of Connecticut endorse a candidate who made her millions promoting a raunchy, anything goes mentality which the FIC purports to fight against. Based on the past two campaign cycles, its hard to determine if it was - as Labriola suggests - a shining light that Linda was waving, or a lit fuse of dynamite which twice annihilated our GOP Senate hopes, and destroyed the Party under-ticket.  If there's something the CTGOP does very well - it's that it has a habit of repeatedly rewarding failure.

It will take a cast of characters to explain how McMahon earned this award

Party insiders agree that handing the Prescott Bush Award to McMahon is pay-off for Linda's personal contribution of thousands, and thousands, and thousands of dollars to rescue CTGOP coffers from complete bankruptcy.  It's long been established that RTCs, delegates, state central members, convention votes, and now even awards can be indirectly purchased by those with the deepest pockets (Tom Foley's Convention is likely next). And sadly, now the effects of behind-the-curtain party corruption has been brought to public light; exposing that the CTGOPs internal battle with ethics is more than just a matter of 'inside baseball'.   

Handing the Prescott Bush Award to Linda McMahon is wrong, but its just another chapter in the CTGOPs endless identity crisis. The King supposes that this crime may seem minor when compared with FBI agents turning over Republican desks, or ex-cons acting as head of Party from the WTIC broadcast booth while our Chairman goes AWOL. At the end of the day, the problem for the Connecticut Republican Party is that neither principle, integrity or elections can be bought.  Until that lesson is learned, and we clean up our own house - it's very unlikely that the public will see Republicans as a viable option now or in the near future.




Anonymous said...

Mr. King
I am so embarrassed of my party right now that I'm seeing red, so much so that I'm changing my party affiliation to become an unaffiliated voter. I thought the Linda betrayal of Mitt Romney was the last time I would have to see or here from "That Woman" again. And now this? How dare Chairman Labriola and Connecticut State Party Leaders allow this, how dare they stoop so low. Jerry better not send me another damn solicitation or he's going to get one heck of a return envelope from me! I'm done with being a Connecticut Republican, I hope a third party candidate runs for governor because I will never vote Republican in Connecticut again !!!!!

Anonymous said...

King, Jerry Labriola should be fired. He has not done one damn thing his entire tenure. State Central meetings aren't worth the time to attend.

Anonymous said...

Linda McMahon ruined this Party and people like Cafero and McKinney sat on their hands, and jumped up and down cheering for that POS who doesn't know and economic policy from an insurance policy. She is as dumb as a rock, and Cafero tried telling us to back her. Now just like her that Tom Foley who makes a million dollars a day is asking people to contribute to his campaign.


Happ Turner

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a pic of Labriola that didn't include a scotch in his paw, and the meetings of State Central are reputedly the only dinner parties in Hartford where most patrons never get past the tumbler to actually eat dinner. These people are steeped in the Tennessee Corn Mash and, until they are ousted and their anguished livers are allowed to dry out, Connecticut will continue to suffer under the Blue Regime.

Anonymous said...

State Central meetings are a joke with Jerry telling everyone they have to raise money all the time. I can't believe I will be attending tonight, what a waste of life sitting there listening to him dodge his duty as our leader and putting the party fundraising responsibility on us. When I go out to my district and mention his name and ask for financial support for the CTGOP I am worried I will get egged by so many outraged RTC members in my district. The mention of his name is a reason to move out of Connecticut or join the ranks of the unaffiliated. I'm trying my best to help bring our party back to life but back to back CTGOP scandals just keep defeating all my hard work. At my wits end.

Not A Happy Camper

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,

You got it right. Fake wrestling, fake marriage, fake campaign, fake woman. Great leadership and helping others? Liars! The only thing not fake about McMahons are all the people worked for her who are dead in the ground. Linda and Vince didn't help the families, and now you people up in Connecticut celebrate her like she's some fucking superstar. Linda doesn't do anything not on purpose - it was always about business connections and making money. You are just dumb as a stump up there to not see it.

Anonymous said...

"Brian the Rat Foley" made me almost pee my pants, so God damn true, keep speaking the truth King !

Anonymous said...


The Dumbo Ride picture is Ace! I showed that picture to about 20 people today, and one guy spit his coffee up all over his shirt. Damn funny. Keep writing!

God Bless you. Keep doing God's work!

Karen V

Anonymous said...

There is no end to the dumbocracy purported by Jerry "Payola" Labriola, The House Republicrats, Larry "Caffone" , and fee hungry State Central members who need to get a life. The neon lights flashing fiefdom of failure is shining bright once again.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Labriola has the Potential…… get fired !!!

Anonymous said...


There are a lot of people in my district who won't give until Labriola either steps down or is removed. You can't have 82 people in a room at the Marriott and then tell them to "shut up". Everyone contributes time personal funds to attend all the party functions, and our Chairman treats state central members like they owe it to them. As long as Linda and Foley pay his way, he'll keep dropping $200 a night at the bar.

Anonymous said...

An outstanding piece that still only scratches the surface of the level of disgust toward the CTGOP. The leadership is pathetic and giving McMahon this award was the last straw for many in my District. CTGOP is a joke. Many told me they will never give another penny until they clean house. Rumor now is because ticket sales are slow, Linda will buy as many tables as she needs to, have the RTC's give them away, and get a full house that way. Is that what we have sunk to here in CT??

Anonymous said...

The State Central Finance Committee is trying to convince and shame Republicans into giving money to the party. For what, to pay Labriola's bar tab, is car payments and his health insurance? None of the money those suckers raise will go to getting Republicans elected. All the smart money is waiting for the clowns (most of the pathetic State Central members aka Labriola's Lackeys) to get out of Dodge.

The state party is a complete joke under this philandering drunken slob. He's got to stop playing hide the hot dog weenie with that skank in his poor excuse for a bar band. You'd think his second wife would have had enough of his nonsense by now and give him the heave-ho.