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Monday, February 17, 2014

Duct Tape Dynasty

Three Connecticut Jackasses; Exporting perversion through the flashing of Gang Signs; How Quaint
Taping their mouths is the best way to go!
It's not every day that your dream comes true.

And you get to see at least two members of Connecticut's maniacal Congressional delegation photographed with their mouths duct-taped closed.  I'm sure Nutmeggers were just as shocked to not see a drop of criticism from Connecticut's pro-Democrat press about their inappropriate behavior.  Given the plight of the U.S. economy (particularly in Connecticut), high unemployment rate, laughable healthcare reform, and inept foreign policy - you would think they'd be more focused on issues important to those of us right here at home instead of devoting energy to protesting social policy of a second world country doing its best to host the Olympic games.  But perhaps I missed it - did anyone vote to send any one of these three clowns to protest Russian domestic policy?  We think not.

All these three have done is to make Olympic-sized asses of themselves while embarrassing the State of Connecticut in the process. Perhaps that"s nothing new.

The King was happy to see such a positive response to my piece Barack Obama and NBCs Gaying of the Olympic Games which exposed the American loony left's tantrums as nothing more than an attempt to spoil the Winter Olympic Games over drummed-up gay-prejudice in Russia.  Sadly, few columnists, even those on the conservative side, have bothered to point out the fact that there's nothing implicitly anti-homosexual in Russian Law; it's simply that the Russians have been careful to not equate the definition of what comprises a traditional family as having anything to do with same sex partnerships. This is a stance that's been held and accepted globally since before Biblical time.  American pop culture enthrallment with reclassifying traditional gender identification is largely limited to those who were either sexually-abused, scorned for life by their opposite gender, or those looked to heighten their sexual experience out of boredom.

When it comes to liberal outrage over the Olympic hosting venue, one would think the International Olympic Committee would have vetted the situation in Russia ahead of rewarding them the games. If Russian domestic policy is good enough for the IOC, then it should be good enough for everyone else.  Based on gay demands, the Olympics should only be held in countries with perfect civil rights records (of course, the gay agenda has nothing to do with human rights - this is their latest angle).  But I guess this means that by this outrageous standard that the Olympics wouldn't be held in China, Korea, Russia, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Ireland, or any Middle Eastern or African country. Instead the Olympics would be held only in the United States and Canada where alternative lifestyles proliferate.  Well, good luck with that!

Liberals preach the bold-fast lie that somehow American culture has recently - as if suddenly over the last 5 years - accepted the homosexual lifestyle as "normal".  Of course this nothing short of pure nonsense.  What has actually happened over the past five years is that against the public will, liberal trial attorneys have successfully pushed their pro-gay litigation agenda in front of liberal activist judges who are eager to advance their causes.  Moreover, the White House has abused its power by using the Justice Department to take a pro-homosexual position or enforce pro-gay policies (very similar to the way Obama has squashed U.S. border security efforts).

The coordinated effort to contaminate our society goes well beyond the White House's relentless effort to revise American cultural norms. Both Hollywood and the television entertainment industry - aided by a willing media - have gone out of their way to introduce gay characters, episode story lines, movies, and variety talk-show hosts in order to paint gays as some type of religiously discriminated, woe is me, down-trodden individuals begging for every one's mere love and affection.

As if someone like Ellen Degeneres or Rosie O'donnell is just like you and me.

Of course, the truth is so different. The underlying goal of homosexual activists is to substantiate their their own perverse behavior by trying to convince everyone else that their abnormal behavior is perfectly normal.  In order to advance their agenda, gays work to weaken traditionally accepted moral values and the accepted catechism of mainstream society.  This is why they loathe both the mainstream Christian Church and The Republican Party - for both of these organizations stand between them and the free-for-all society they desire which they believe will somehow absolve them of their personal sin.

The victory for the homosexual community is not turning everyday Americans into gay activists, but rather to get them to passively accept homosexuality behavior as no different than any other traditional family.  The gay cliche "Silence is Acceptance" benefits the gay-perversion community particularly when Christians chose the path of least resistance and look the other way each time the gay agenda inches its way forward to equate itself with the traditional family unit.  Christians have an obligation to stand up for what is right, not sit quietly on their hands, or groan behind closed doors while gay perversion disassembles our society. 

The Family Institute of Connecticut was correct this week in taking Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Senator Chris Murphy to task for using her Congressional positions to demonstrate hatred for Russia and Traditional Family Values.  What The King worries about most is what appears to be an ongoing corrosion of our Republican Party by moderates who don't think social issues have any place in our platform.  Many of these people sit in CTGOP leadership positions, and they are the worst kind of collaborative cowards - they would sell us out to Democrats for a vote on a highway bill or to scrape a few bucks into their pockets for some pork program which benefits their district (people like Linda McMahon, John McKinney, Larry Cafero, Tom Foley and Chris Shays - to name a few).  It's no surprise that with leaders like these that bills like Transgender Bathroom bill and others pass with little or not resistance.

If the pro-family leaders have abandoned the Connecticut Republican Party under Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr (another silent accomplice of the left who leads from the rear), then at what point will Conservative Republicans abandon the CTGOP?  You have to laugh at liberal reporters from the Hartford Courant urging Connecticut Republicans to continue to move to the center of the road claiming that's where elections are won.  That's funny because it's not worked out well for rich social liberals like Chris Shays, Andrew Roraback, Rob Simmons, Linda McMahon, and Tom Foley.  From The King's experience - if you wander out in the middle of the road, you're bound to get hit.  Did anyone ever think it might be time to reverse the trend and give Connecticut a choice between Democrat and Democrat-lite?

If Connecticut Republican leaders try to tell you that championing social issues isn't popular, what they really mean to say is that fighting for traditional social positions isn't popular with them.  The best answer is to replace existing leaders, representatives, and candidates with those who might better represent the interests of their constituency.  Heck, we might even win an election or two!

While Democrats fan the flames of class, age, gender war, and push special rights for special interest groups - like gays et al, Republicans (especially those in Connecticut) retreat on Constitutional principles like second amendment rights, and run and hide when it comes to supporting traditional family values.

One Republican tried to take The King to task by arguing, "Well, this isn't North Carolina or Texas."  You know - they're right.  Both of those states have growing economies, low unemployment rates, and  laws supporting traditional marriage, and family values.  Strangely enough, they didn't give up social policies in favor of economic ones.

So, while Rosa DeLauro, Chris Murphy, and Elizabeth Esty prance around on the world stage with their gay pride flags illuminating Connecticut as a High-Tax, Anti-Business, Homosexual Haven, just keep in mind that our Connecticut Republican leaders are stifling any chance of reversing the trend because they don't have the moral courage to stand up for the principles which have always made our state and our nation strong.



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CT GOP is like a gerbil in a condom that makes the climb but can only go so far before they get stuck, suffocate, and need surgical removal.