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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jeb Bush Should Skip Connecticut Republican Prescott Bush Dinner

"Hold up there, Labriola.  Son, You're going to need an exit strategy about this big!"

They often say, "You should never abandon your friends in their time of need."  But what happens when your so-called friends use you to climb up out of a swirling toilet bowl, chock full to the rim, to deflect from present controversy, and escape from their own worsening, self-destructive behavior?

If former Florida Governor (and 2016 Presidential hopeful) Jeb Bush and his handlers are doing their job - they're asking themselves that very question right now.  Why would Jeb Bush align himself with a rudderless Connecticut State Republican Party mired in Grand Jury directed FBI investigations, alleged campaign illegalities, and in complete disarray?  Why would a legitimate Conservative Republican like Jeb Bush aid a State Party Chairman who refuses to come out from under his desk and lend his voice to fight Democrats on Second Amendment rights infringements ? Or personally fight the latest CT Assisted Suicide Bill 5326, or Common Core?  A so-called Republican Chairman who openly snubs his nose at the National Republican Party platform, and only pushes liberal Republican candidates for Public Office?

Who thought it was a good idea to run anti-RNC
and total phony Dan Debicella as a Republican?

Jeb Bush aught to know that "Chairman" Labriola has completely lost the plot when he throws his full support behind turncoat Republican candidates like Dan Debicella who appeared on Al Terzi's show and came off as an ObamaCare supporter, who attacked the Tea Party, and brags about his willingness to vote against his own Party as a "Fairfield Republican".  Boy, this guy is a real piece of work.  This is a guy that Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. describes as an "A-Level Candidate in the 4th Congressional District Race." Oh really?  This is a clown that Labriola will be spending Connecticut Republicans limited funds on in 2014. Funds raised via Jeb Bush!

The last month has seen an inordinate amount of scandal which has forced Connecticut Republicans to question what the hell is going on?   We've got former Governor Rowland in hot water over the Lisa-Wilson Foley scandal, our Connecticut Republican Chief of Staff resigned in disgrace, and the Feds setting up camp in our own State Republican office from which Grand Jury indictments are likely to come.  We all wonder how many people might be having their Last Supper in Stamford.

If I were Jeb Bush, I would think twice about tarnishing my reputation by coming to Connecticut and posing on the red carpet with potential future jailbirds at $5000 bucks a pop. You'll never know when or where those photos may surface, but it will probably be when you least expect it.  I guess, the only fail-safe is that not all indictments may result in convictions.

Perhaps one day, when the CTGOP can get its act together, and honor Prescott Bush by behaving true to his character, we won't be ashamed to call ourselves Connecticut Republicans.




Anonymous said...


Dan Debicella won't win even in a 4-way. He has an arrogance that makes him unwelcome everywhere he goes in CT4. It's not a surprise Jerry Labriola touts him - the two are just alike - useless.

Anonymous said...

King -

If Jeb Bush has good reason to cancel it's because he probably has close ties to Pinellas Direct Mail firm. Why come here and take questions from a hostile media which will make national headlines the next day, just to do Connecticut Republicans a favor. Not a very bright idea. Nothing to be gained.


Anonymous said...


Debicella is plain vanilla and will not win. His parted hair annoys me. He still has his House Republican training manual in his back pocket and it's the bible of failure. His stand for nothing and say yes to everyone is what everyone hates about Congress. Political unich's! Time for him to treat his chronic low T.