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Saturday, October 6, 2012

An Appeal to Heaven: Please support Hector Reveron

The King's View is passing along a request from our Connecticut First Congressional District Republican Candidate - the selfless and personable - John Henry Decker, and GOP Activist Joe Visconti.
Hector Reveron deserves
 his Party's support to get over
the threshold
John Decker writes:

I have met a lot of great people and wonderful candidates during my campaign. We have such a candidate in East Hartford that would help our entire ticket. He's a true conservative, and a leader in his community. We can't let people like this fall behind. So, before anyone else contributes to me, please consider contributing to Hector Reveron The max is $100/person and it has to be done by Monday. He's not that far away and he has already qualified for the signatures! 

Mr. Visconti writes:

Friends, it is imperative we get Hector Reveron for Connecticut State Senate fully funded to receive his $85,000 grant from the State of Connecticut Citizens Election Program. We have until next Wednesday and we are not that far away.

For all the reasons in the world Hector is behind in his fundraising so I am working with a few great Republicans like Congressional Candidate John Henry Decker who is so busy on his own campaign to help Hector reach his goal.

Folks, what does it say about the Quality of our GOP Candidates when it comes down to an underfunded Congressional Candidate like John Henry Decker fighting that arrogant and evil John Larson and in the heat of battle he reaches out to help another Republican in harms way on the field of Political Battle?

If I wasn't so angry I would cry, that's how great I feel about John [Decker]. Just last night when we were out for a drink regarding his campaign and the subject came up about Hector and what did John do? He forgot his own needs, he forgot his own campaign and said "It's not impossible, it's not a lot of money, we can do it".

Well from 11pm-1 am at Max's Burger we wrote names of folks across the state on the back of a napkin we thought could donate to save Hector, and help him obtain the financial power he needs to assist the GOP ticket in district one including Linda McMahon and Mitt Romney at the top.

"It is not impossible" - words that John Henry Decker said to me keep ringing in my ear, it's not impossible, it's not impossible. Right now I have a call into Senator John McKinney who is our minority leader in the CT Senate, he returned my call quickly but I missed it as did Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of Connecticut Action. Chairman Labriola is also aware of this dilemma and is on board to help but it is going to take all of our effort today (Saturday) through Wednesday October 10th to get this done. It doesn't matter where you live in America,you can donate up to the maximum of $100.

The possibility to take the Connecticut Senate and help stop the insanity that has been happening in our State Legislature is up to us and within striking distance. If it wasn't that important I wouldn't be panicking and begging everyone for help, but it is and I am.

Please Please Please get to Hector's website and donate up to $100 no at

Please Share this note and find the inspiration to believe, we are so close, PLEASE BELIEVE and DONATE NOW.  Go to: !!!

Adhering to the call for CTGOP Unity, The King joins the chorus in sounding the alarm for our Party faithful to support this bright and decent young man.  Please give liberally to Mr. Reveron and help him meet, or even surpass, his goal.  State Republicans must understand that in order for the CTGOP to turn the corner in Connecticut, we must take the good fight to those cities and districts that we appear to have abandoned. Further, we must support candidates like Mr. Reveron, who bring diversity and renewed spirit to our Party.

Please support our Appeal to Heaven, and help shepherd Hector Reveron across the finish line.  So we ask: Brother, never mind the dime - can you please spare a couple dollars?  As to whether or not the contribution has to be in by Monday or Wednesday - I'm hoping someone can shed some accurate daylight on the precise timing.  Whatever the case may be - please act now!  Thanks!



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Anonymous said...

Thank you sir for helping promote awareness about Hector. He is a man of integrity and principle. I pray to God that he will meet the required dollar amount.

Jen Harvey said...

We must come together and support Hector. I made my $100.00 donation on line. Can we get some people to help?

Anonymous said...

Wow, John Henry Decker's letter was a big, fat lie. Reveron wasn't even half way to the $15,000.00 when he made this appeal.

People shouldn't lie.