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Monday, October 22, 2012

Linda McMahon: Unforgiveable

My friends, for the past four years under the policies of President Barack Obama, the United States has seen one of the worst economic periods in our nation's history:  skyrocketing unemployment as high as 8.9%, trillion dollar deficits, climbing gas and fuel prices, rising health care premiums (thanks to Obamacare), and businesses closing their doors in every city and town across this great land.  It's been painful to watch friends and neighbors suffer under this inept administration - particularly in Connecticut where the crisis is compounded by a Governor and Legislature hell-bent on driving businesses out of state.

Back in November 2008, we at The King's View understood the excitement and euphoria of a historical moment come true.  The rhetoric of hope, and allure of promise was more than enough to convince even some of our closest friends that a new day was upon us.  Knowing that Obama's ideology was nothing but a pipe-dream, Republicans accepted this loss as a unique, hopefully unrepeatable moment in history.  We shook our heads, folded our tents, but recognized the obvious sociological impact of the election which at the time outweighed sound reason, and substantive facts. 

As the dark clouds gathered our economy went from bad to worse, but there were high hopes that Connecticut's Old Yankee Spirit might be awakened by the steadily soured course upon which we were treading.  Early signs showed a re-energized Connecticut Republican Party which - although out of practice - might produce a slate of charismatic candidates who Party minions could work earnestly for and help catapult over the wall to victory. 

During the primary season, many Republican activists like Joe Visconti, et al fought long and hard to level the playing field, and elect their candidates of choice; the manner in which some candidates won was highly suspect (which as you know, has been long documented in this blog).  Notwithstanding, some of our picks won handily, while others went down in a fiery defeat. But let the record show that when all was said and done, in the races where our preferred candidates lost, we grumbled a bit, but quickly swallowed our pride and came together under the banner of a unified Republican Party - more than willing to compromise our personal convictions for the greater good of Party and Country.    

But there comes a point when you can be pushed too far.  It's the point when a candidate does or says something that is so incredibly contrary to the core of your political belief system that you can no longer support or stand with them. 

Before I go further,  please view this Campaign Ad by Linda McMahon which was televised during the New York Jets vs New England Patriots Football Game on Sunday entitled "Independent".  This ad is still airing and is paid for by Linda McMahon:

Independent or Insane?  Have you ever seen a Senate candidate throw
a Presidential Candidate from their own Party under the bus?
If you're like me, you aught to feel pretty gutted about now.  In the first place, certainly, no one in The King's circle signed-on to trade our real deal Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney for a lackluster, imitation Senate Republican candidate like Linda McMahon.  And second, and for God sakes, Barack Obama is more ideologically in opposition to Mitt Romney and the Republican platform than anyone else in our party's history.  If Linda McMahon is willing to hitch her cart to a President who has lost 23 million jobs, quadrupled the deficit, and raised the misery index to an unprecedented level - can you imagine how she would vote if she were ever elected?  She'd make Olympia Snowe look like a Snow White.

And you have to wonder how former First District Congressional Candidate Ann Brickley, seen in the last frame laughing and smiling in the background, feels about being used in the closing moments of the ad as a tool to help Linda McMahon throw Mitt Romney under the Bus? It begs the question as to whether or not Ms. Brickley gave permission to be used in an ad as contentiously divisive as this?  Certainly her father, John Miller, a well-respected and admired, former RNC delegate must be scratching his head at the notion of seeing his legacy tarnished by this blasphemy.

You also have to wonder if the popular Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is expending his political capital and reputation to campaign for Linda McMahon is aware of this act of extreme treachery?  After all, as the RNC Convention keynote speaker, chosen by Mitt Romney, Governor Christie has been stumping all over the country.

There should be no mistake about what we're seeing because it's what we've already known to be true.  Slowly but steadily, Linda McMahon has moved from a pretended centrist moderate to a pretentious liberal over the past few months. Linda McMahon's operatives with a wink and a nod, politely begged conservatives to ignore her political rhetoric on homosexual marriage (DOMA), on Reproductive Rights, and even changing her position on Obamacare from Repeal to Repeal and Replace.  Even Peter Wolfgang had to scrambled to diffuse his outraged donors - not once, but twice. And moreover, Linda has hurt our GOP brand to the extent where other statewide Republican candidates will suffer because she's elevated the Independent Party by seeking placement on their line which in turn has caused additional independent candidates to gain stature. 

For now, one can argue rather strongly that Linda McMahon has been the Connecticut Democratic Party's most productive weapon.  After all, she deserves credit for single-handily taking out Nancy Johnson (via funding Rahn Emmanuel and DCCC), Rob Simmons, Chris Shays, and indirectly killing Tom Foley's gubernatorial race, and sinking our Congressional ticket in 2010, and now -  she's teaming with Barack Obama in her ad to to guarantee that Mitt Romney loses in Connecticut.  Where are the Boughtons? Markelys? Labriolas? Caferos? McKinneys? and Foleys, now?  

So now you ask, King, what are we to do? 

There is no lesser of two evils in this race.  Linda's quest to sell herself as an independent by damaging the Republican brand is clearly over the top.  And the emails I've received from readers have reached a red fervor pitch.  Yet, Chris Murphy is for raising payroll taxes on the middle class to continue social security, and is in lockstep with President Obama on pursuing class warfare, Socialized Healthcare, and pushing the rest of the Democrat Party's counter-productive agenda.  

While loyal Republicans like Joe Visconti have pulled their endorsement of Linda McMahon, The King does not feel comfortable telling Republicans to support either Linda McMahon or Chris Murphy, or any other U.S. Senatorial candidate.  Both candidates are equal, and neither is worse than the other.  And at this point, you can say that at least Chris Murphy isn't running any cross-endorsement ads featuring himself with Barack Obama. 

My friends, when it comes to casting your vote in this particular race, I'm afraid you're on your own.  After this week, no Republican hack would dare hold your decision against you.   

Part of me says that losing the U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut wouldn't be the most detrimental (or unexpected) outcome in this election.  It's far more important that we elect Mitt Romney to the White House to serve as our Chief Executive in order to restore a sound economy, and a credible foreign policy.  If it's Linda McMahon's decision to abandon the platform then I suppose that's one thing, but to abandon our Presidential nominee for her own self-serving interests is quite another.  And that is something, if true, is unforgivable.  Remember, Mitt has a track record of working across party lines to get things done, and we expect that after this election, it will be no different.

As an aside: we think there may be a Federal Election Commission rule that requires that if you mention another federal candidate in your ad that you must insert a disclaimer that there is no coordination with any candidate or candidate committee, etc.  The media can check this fact for federal election compliance. 



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Karen H said...

This is the last straw. I'm done. I'm sooooo done!!

I'm supporting Mitt Romney for President and the rest of you Republicans can go to HELL in this stupid state.

Anonymous said...

This is what CT GOP voted for. She is clearly targeting the independent line so she's convinced so many to join her on. It's a smart strategy but whorish, selfish, and alienating to her Republican base. At some point, polls, studies, and campaign managers can be wrong. I think the ad is overkill.

Anonymous said...


I plan vote for both Mitt Romney and Andrew Roraback on election day. I hope that others don't feel discouraged by Linda's lack of judgement and fail to come out and vote for other Republicans on the sheet.

Please use your influence to tell people to vote for Andrew Roraback on November 6.


Anonymous said...

Before you jump to conclusions, Corry Bliss didn't make this decision. He's not experienced enough or bright enough to know anything. He's a puppet, and just there to take the fall when the whole thing comes unraveled in a few weeks.

If I were Tom Foley, I'd be watching my back because her ego is too big to allow someone as small and unimportant as him to jump over her in the CT GOP nomination. Here's your newsflash, King... she's ALREADY won it 'cause the payments have already started.

Anonymous said...

What a huge slap in the face to the party that nominated her! We have a standard bearer at the top of the ticket that is beating an incumbent president from pillar to post, yet her campaign thought it appropriate to air an ad that had folks alluding to a 2nd Obama term. Who in their right mind on her campaign thought this was a stroke of genius? What a collosal blunder on the Linda 2012 campaign. I'll see you all in 30 years when this seat becomes winnable again!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Chris Christie saw the video?

The King said...

One reader pointed out in a lengthy email that he found it interesting that Linda McMahon never once criticized Barack Obama by name in any of her debates with Chris Murphy, thus drawing the conclusion that this strategy of running co-operative ads with Barack Obama has been a long time in the works.

The reader could be right, or it simply could be the case that she's following the same strategy of avoiding issues and details as she has since the start of her campaign. Either way, running cross-endorsing ads like this will certainly fan the flames of conspiracy. I guess if we see Barack Obama running commercials endorsing Linda McMahon, we'll know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Thank you King for your blog on this, and thank you Joe Visconti for calling WTIC today & publicly speaking out against this ad, after watching the debates I've had this awful feeling about voting for McMahon, she's alientated the tea party & social conservatives & CT GOP & now the National GOP, I guess she "owes" no-body and yet "owns" everybody, in my comment to your previous blog I wrote that she has my un-enthusiastic vote because Murphy is a known threat to us, but now I am not so sure, McMahon's "independence" seems to me to be a cover for some "other" agenda, I just hope she doesn't cost the up-ticket Romney and the down-ticket Republicans any votes...
Thanks for the opportunity to share here... A Friend Of Joe's

Baby Pegasus said...

Perhaps the best thing is for her to lose than for the GOP in this state to compromise any conservatism left in its soul...if it hasn't done so already

Dan Reale said...

There is a Libertarian on the ballot for US Senate.

If you want the GOP to change (which I'm already damn certain it won't - and this ad would have convinced me if I already wasn't sold on that idea), park your vote with Paul Passarelli.

Also, yes, this is going to cost the GOP a ton of votes down ticket - and up. But the more it bleeds on the senate line, the better off we'll all be at this point.

Elliott said...

Well ,well,well....I guess the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost. Ironic that many of us tried to expose the real Linda McMahon, back when we had a choice....too late now. We could have had a man who epitomized character , integrity and AUTHENTICITY .....however, he had the misfortune of being a " career politician". apparently an unforgivable attribute these days in GOP circles. There are lessons to be learned in this folly of the McMahon candidacy...if only there is the wisdom to learn from them....sadly I highly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

We all have ourselves to blame for not taking the drastic steps necessary to truly reform the CT GOP.
The GOP is so convinced that moderacy and compromise is the only way to win in CT, that they can't find the courage to stand behind a conservative candidate. Here is proof positive that they maintain a demonic level of "crazy" by repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
And, I'm disgusted that I let Linda's campaign people convince me to write a letter of support to the Norwich Bulletin for her and then she sticks the knife in our back. Shame on you, Linda!

Angus said...

Are you all nuts? In a state where we are outnumbered 2 to 1 in registration and there is a sizable "independent" bloc that has served us up to the disaster of single party rule, and will go fo O again this time, you'd have McMahon ignore the few more independents that she might be able to peel off by promising she'll work with Obama if both she and he happen to be in power next year. Get real. O will surely win CT this year but he wont be president again. Hey "King" if Shays was doing this you'd find some conservative twist to put on it. Your hatred for McMahon has driven you around the bend.

The King said...

Actually Angus, we aren't nuts. In fact, we are probably the most sane group of people within the CT GOP. We defended Linda McMahon during her debates with Chris Murphy (better than she did).

I like how you phrased Linda's aspirations so well -- "be in power". Well, at least you characterized it right. As for her plan to attract Independents, did it ever occur to you that she could have easily done the same thing by being an 'attractive candidate'? She didn't have to go the route of filing on the Independent line to do this.

See, when you can't come up with a coherent message, or stand up at a podium and carefully layout your plans in simple English - well, then you're probably not much of a candidate. Does The King hate Linda McMahon - No, not really - but I do hate the fact that she's running TV ads that indirectly endorse Barack Obama. And that's unforgiveable.