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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hartford Crime Fighter Rico Dence

Still think crime isn't rampant in Hartford? 

Then watch this video featuring Hartford Assembly District 4 GOP Candidate Rico Dence who discusses his most recent experience in Hartford's South End on Franklin Avenue.  Seems Rico was riding his bicycle home from a Breast Cancer Awareness event around 9pm on Thursday when he witnessed a man assaulting a woman; he stopped to help the lady, and the assailant and his friend's attacked him - giving him a shiner for his trouble. If that wasn't bad enough, the mugger's accomplice smashed his cell phone and then made off with Rico's bicycle.


And just to think - Hartford used to be called New England's Rising Star.  Now, you can't even get a slice of pizza in the Italian section without getting punched and robbed.  And city leaders wonder why suburbanites flee for their lives when the workday clock strikes five.

Thumbs up to Rico Dence for having the courage to stick up for the young woman.  We hope Hartford residents take a good look at this upstart Republican who cares deeply for the residents of Assembly District 4 (which includes all of Downtown Hartford), and puts other's safety ahead of his own.



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Anonymous said...

Mayor Segarra chased down a thief who grabbed 2 cases of beer and recovered it. Hartford criminals are hard to the core and Rico should have contacted authorities. He is lucky he was not really hurt. Hartford is corrupt with leaders who are all on the take and whose primary goal is to dish out social services. Keep em dumb, dependant, and poor. That should be the name of the city government agency, DDDP, Department of Dumb, Dependant, and Poor.

The King said...

Quick point on this entry: Obviously, The King's View is reporting the incident as an act of bravery on the part of Mr. Dence, but is not suggesting that residents should approach thugs in a similiar fashion. Mr. Dence was concerned for the woman's safety. It's true that had the assailants been armed the outcome could potentially have been tragically different for Mr. Dence.