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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why is Democrat John Larson Afraid to Debate?

Larson: Too busy, or too afraid to debate John Decker?

Before I communicate my thoughts on Sunday's disappointing, and anti-climatic debate between our two Connecticut U.S. Senate Candidates, The King's View thinks it's far more important, less than a month out from Election Day, to call attention a true travesty being made against residents of Connecticut's First Congressional District by Representative John Larson.

We suppose it's every candidate's right to run their campaign by avoiding confrontational questioning about their voting record, or by making carefully scripted speeches in fabricated environments filled with cheering partisan supporters, but that unfortunately leaves an entire constituency left on their own to ponder the merits of each candidate's qualifications.

John Larson is the fourth highest ranking Democrat in Congress, and he spends plenty of time bragging about his stature and level of influence to Democratic colleagues and Washington Insiders. What The Hartford Courant and other media outlets have failed to report is that this also means that for someone in his unique position, he has an even greater accountability for Washington's failures on everything from a massive expanding deficit, to staggering unemployment, to what's clearly a downward spiraling economy.  And while we're at it, would he dare take a question or two what about what his role was when President Obama's blew $90 billion dollars on Solyndra and and other Green Fuel companies, many which have gone belly-up? Particularly since he touts himself as a bigwig on the Subcommittee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

It looks for now that Representative Larson has it made.  He doesn't need to answer to anyone - because everyone is beneath questioning someone of such incredible self-importance.  It's bad enough that things are the way they are, but it's even worse that John Larson has ignored the dozen or more requests for a public debate with his Republican challenger John Henry Decker.  Decker has requested multiple debates across the First Congressional District, and was rebuffed by Larson who claims that there is "no time on the schedule."  But what Larson fails to see is that it's not about making time for his rival, its about making time for the public who deserve answers for his failures as their representative in Washington which have had a direct negative impact on their daily lives.

Our local press is quick to print carefully contrived photo-ops and feel good stories on Mr. Larson's behalf.  Everyone looks so nice wearing an expensive suit and a bright smile - but does such shallow coverage serve the public interest?  Since when did meeting face-to-face with your opponent become an unnecessary hindrance to a public servant's schedule?  We can see where it might interfere in his designs to help other Connecticut Congressional and State Candidates win in their races, but it does nothing for your own constituents who want answers or reassurance that you are doing the expected job on their behalf.

It's funny that while John Larson can't find time on his schedule to participate in a public debate, he can find plenty of time to host a $30,000 a plate fundraiser with Nancy Pelosi and the 1% in Hartford. And by the way, how many of those donors sit on Boards that were involved in that Obama $90 billion dollar green energy bonanza?  It must be nice to be Obama's number one bag man.

Going back to my main point, we believe there's a intentional, secondary strategy at work here.  Surely the reason that neither John Larson, or Rosa DeLauro (in CT-03 against Wayne Winsley) want to debate their opponents on television is out of fear of losing their races, but more likely they fear public scrutiny of the role they've both played in crafting and funding the failed Democratic Party agenda which would help tip the balance of statewide support toward Mitt Romney, and possibly even Linda McMahon in such tight races.

The King calls on Rep. John Larson to find enough courage and respect for the public political process to debate his GOP Challenger John Decker, and allow the public to appropriately vet their positions and records in order to make an educated decision.   And moreover, The King calls on the Connecticut Press to not endorse any candidate until the public via the Press has been afforded an opportunity to watch our candidates deliberate in a public forum.

It's a sad commentary that not only have tens of thousands of constituents in the First Congressional District  lost incomes, jobs, homes, and their dreams because of John Larson, but given the present course of things - it seems that they've lost their true Congressional representation as well.



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